120714 Star Life Theater – Super Junior With Their Moms [5P]

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120713 Star Life Theater Next Week Preview with Super Junior [ENG SUB]

Credit: TV Report
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  1. I like super junior very much they are a family even their families is friend

  2. The girl in pink, is she eunhyuk’s sister? She’s pretty

    • yes.. she so pretty 🙂

      • hey, can you tell me what kind of variety show is Saturday night live? Is it talkshow or what?

        • it seems that the show is about following an idol group for a period of time then showing their life on and off the stage and how hard working they are each idol group gets 5 episodes from monday to friday this time it’s sj’s turn and it seems that the first ep (the one that’ll air on mon ) is about eunhyuk and how he saved up money since before debut to buy a house to his family because their old house didn’t even have a bathroom and the mebers are helping him move out + the moms are doing a sort of a party so all the pics are taken in the nes house seems interesting there is yet no more info about ep 2 to 5 hope i helped

          • noo, I know about this one.
            I asked about Saturday Night Live 😀
            They said it’s NC19, so I asked what variety show is that.

            • sorry i didn’t read properly .. some ppl say that they’ll parody some SBS drama but that’s not only what they’ll do .. i didn’t get more info , it’ll air today any way so we’ll find out .. sorry for the previous /wrong reply ><

              • but then i went to ur blog and ur a 97 (so young ><) so u don't qualify .. well i'm older than 19 and i'm having second thoughts about watching the ep .. i think i'll wait till ppl comment to get what's happening than decide weather to watch or not or to skip some parts

                • no, this is not my blog. It’s my younger sister blog XD

              • ah okayy ^^ thanks for answering
                Woah, it’s like big bang secret garden, something like that right?
                Do you know how to watch the live stream?

                • the parody thing is just a small segment of the program the program has a lot of different things i don’t know how long it airs (how many ideas they can perform) .. don’t know about the live stream but there is always someone whom upload it minutes after the show ends


  4. Oh~~ such a cute big family <33
    I can't wait to watch it .. Kyuna picture with his mother is sooo Kyute <33
    thank you ^^

  5. i think it’s rare to see hae with his own mother.. he’s always with other members’ mother LOL
    sj said hyuk’s ugly but he n his sister are really look that mean she’s ugly too? no.. she’s really pretty..the prettiest among suju noona i think..
    is that mean hyuk’s face more “suitable” as a girl? LOL *what am i talking bout

    i just hope 1 day i’ll be in this gathering too as a daungther in law *keep dreaming

  6. WOW! They are really pretty! ^^ And Eunhyuk’s sister looks really nice and pretty too! 🙂 Can’t wait to watch this!!

  7. They are so cute!!! Wish I could see siwon and his mom too…

  8. I see my mother in law in colourful stripes polo tee!

    • is that teuk’s mom? they seem alike.

  9. happy family :))

  10. why does…Kyu look evil even when he sits beside his mom? XD

  11. Ah, it’s been a while i don’t see Sora.

  12. Donghae eommaaaaaaa
    I’m ur daughter in law
    Kkkkkkkekkkkke 😀

  13. What a beautiful big family~ SOOOO ENVIOUS!

  14. Ohh mi suegra! (La mamà de. Donghae) ❤

  15. Hae’s nose

  16. ahaha kyuhyun and his mom are funny in this picture.. looks like kyuhyun got his evil smile to his mom! just kidding^^

    • He does look a little evil, doesn’t he? Cute!

  17. Who are the other moms in the last pics?

    • i think that the one standing to the right (of kyu’s mom) is ryoeng mom (not sure i don’t think she ever appeared on tv + she looks so young) the one to the left is teuk mom and the one far away at the back i think yesung’s mom

      • Thanks for the reply! I can see that Teuk’s mom has his same smiley face profile, who is the mom to her right?

        • from left hyuk’s mom teuk’s mom kyu’s mom then maybe ryeowook’s mom

  18. Wow the mummies are wearing big diamonds! These boys are really filial

  19. Wow Eunhyuk again? Korea loves eunhyuk too much. Always covering his stories.

  20. i want to hug all .. Lee Hyukjae specialy..

  21. is it weird that i want to be friends with Sora sshi she is so pretty and she seems really sweet and nice hyuk family is my fav suju family though i’m a petal lol sorry HeeJin sister in law

  22. my mother in law… mrs. cho HAHAHA

  23. Hyuk’s sister is so pretty!! She should really marry Siwon as her brother wants and then they’ll be a family for real LOL

  24. kyuhyun and his mom, laughing together.. so sweeeeeeeeeet ❤

  25. huaaa!! really anxious with this program!!! >.<)o

  26. where’s ahra kyu’s sister ?

    • she lives in Australia

      • why?????? and how did you know? please tell me

  27. سوبر جونيور اﻻفضل دائما
    احبكم سوبروجونيور ♥

  28. واااااااقلبهم طالعين خقه 😍

    Aaah, and they’re beautiful😍

  29. Sungmin’s mother? Anyone know?

    they must be the cutest dongsaeng-noona ever!

  31. i like the third picture, somehow… make me bright smile.. ughh 😉

  32. Yeah, as expected, no siwon

  33. Kyuhyun with my mother in law. haha.
    Aww.. they have the same smile! 😀

  34. love our boys’ mom ❤

  35. Omg you can totally see Kyu in his mom (3rd ahjumma to the right). CAN’T WAIT!!

  36. sora is so beaauiful ;A;

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