120713 Transformation into female + prisoner, Super Junior SNL.

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Compilation: 120714 tvN Saturday Night Live Korea 2 with Super Junior

Picture of Super Junior on tvN SNL Korea 2 has been revealed.

On the 13th, SNLKorea2 staff revealed a picture of Super Junior’s parody of SBS Couple, ‘Clap’. Shindong fits the look of a prisoner, Kyuhyun transformed perfectly into a woman and Ryeowook now had long hair. Super Junior showed of its talents as the original Variety Show Idol.

Staff said, ‘It was fun to see Super Junior’s members work very hard and not be afraid of breaking down. The members have enthusiastically contributed ideas, so new characters kept forming.’

When the fans heard the news that the episode of Super Junior’s SNL Korea 2 was going to be rated as 15 years and older, the fans expressed their dissapointment. Before, Shin Dongyup, Park Jiyoung and other star guests presented sexual humor.

To this, Jang Jin director, the director of the show, tweeted, ‘Wow! I didn’t know so many people would be against 15 years and older rating. (These guys are really popular). Then, I shall just make it 28 years and older, get a warning, and quietly dissapear. (Do I eve have that kind of power?’

Meanwhile, this episode of SNL Korea 2 will air on the 14th at 11PM and finish its season with Super Junior.

Source: sports seoul
Translated by Jee (@jeee54) at



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  1. Omg Wook hahahaha! I did not recognise Kyu lol!! Can’t wait for the broadcast!!

  2. mamamma~lol 😀

  3. kyu is the most beautiful and cute woman I have ever seen

  4. hehe, a parody about prisoners finding their partners. why Min and Ye not there…. that would make 2 lovely couples.kekke 2 males vs 1 beautiful but evil female there…ok i can foresee the plot, wookie and dong will fight for ‘Kyu-soon’ heart by doing various of challenges 🙂 another season of prison break would be the best

    • Btw, anyone pls help me tmr how to watch this show or tvn channel pls pls pls….

      • lol at prison break …. “The members have enthusiastically contributed ideas, so new characters kept forming” i could see that happening it seems that they always have millions of ideas

  5. I really can’t wait to watch this and I can’t get rid of the shock when I saw Kyu. How can he be more beautiful than me? When they do cross dressing I lose my confident as a girl lol.

    • I know right??I feel the same way…But its hard not to laugh when I see FemaleKyu!!I never imagined him like this!XD

  6. Oh, that’s dumb. Just because they’re an idol group, the rating ends up being lowered for that squeaky clean image?

    • wait, the ratings got lower? how did u know? O.o

      • this show will be aired tomorrow. =.=

    • LoL the show hasn’t even aired yet and the ratings got low?? wow can ppl foresee things now 😛

      • I believe they’re talking about the censorship rating not the number of viewers. They can foresee this because it’s announced in the actual article.

  7. I can’t stop laughing when I saw Kyu’s pic. xD OMG.. He is prettier than I’m. LOL

  8. Haha..kyuhyun look like moon geun at ryeowook expression..

  9. Kyuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!
    Why are you very beautiful? o_O

  10. yes do it !!

  11. at first, i thought the girl is Han Hyo Joo, but i just realize, that the girl is KYUHYUN!!!
    and it’s HE NOT SHE!!! XD

  12. LMAO!!!
    Have you been taking lessons??
    Wookie, so suave with long hair and Shindong,YOU ARE DA BOMB!!
    Watched it and I loved it!!My fav of the whole show!
    But why would fans disapprove??We know very well that our oppas are hilarious comedians who are willing to throw their idol image out if it means putting a smile on our faces!!:)
    Their 20++ so I think its ok for them to do so right?? I loved every moment of it!!XD

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