120712 Super Junior ‘Sexy, Free & Single’ Album Version B [1P]

July 12, 2012 at 7:10 am | Posted in 6th Album, Albums, Pictures/Videos, Wonderboys | 72 Comments

Credit: @eKOREA2
Reupload & Posted by: supergirlRain (





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  1. omgee…..shirtless donghae *nosebleeds*

    • yes,, nosebleed too….i want this version so bad…. arghhh…T___T

      • Me too….my bias..I received my Version A today and now launch Version B….headached!!!

        • OMG HAE *dies*

          • wow !! i think this is the first time i see a shirtless picture of donghae ! i want this 😀 and i want a more closeup pic 😀

            • me too,
              Fishy zaaa

        • My Bias is Lee Donghae, I’m in love with him ❤ *-* He so dang sexy lol & Such a sweet person..

  2. WooooooooooooW.. why!! the guys are so damn hot

  3. oh my God..they’re sexy O.O

  4. *gilps* They always make ver B covers sexier than A! But this is just abs overload *drools*

  5. I hope the photos in the album are like that too ~ Omg XD

  6. ..i knew i should have waited…now i need to find a way to convince my parents again 😦

  7. HOT!!!


  9. The more I stare the more I like it! SHISUS, you’re so fine here!! Can’t wait for HQ version of the photo!! 🙂 🙂

  10. ooh! yeobo! you look so good here good thing that youre not showing any abs 😉 kamsahamnida

    • BTW is that a green sleeveless t shirt

  11. My jaws just dropped for 5 seconds. I’m speechless. Wow.

  12. FML. i seriously had a heart attack when I saw this. omg this is SO SEXY!!!! I need to buy thissss.

  13. Oh my god! Finally I saw Donghae’s abs!

    They’re so SEXY !!

  14. Um… a little bit to strange for me… sorry. But I honestly don’t really like it with some of them shirtless… Not that it’s a bad thing… it’s just… uhh… I don’t think guys need to be shirtless to be sexy. Cause they all look sexy, ALL the time even when they have a shirt on. LOL. I’m probably the only one to think this… Sorry

    • I totally understand your point of view. There’s one side of me that thinks the same way. The boys are so precious to us, we all know they are sexy, and there’s really no need to “show” everyone. However, there is that pervert side of me that really likes Version B (hehe).

  15. Shirtless Eunhyuk, Siwon, Leeteuk, and my bias Donghae… These boys/men are killing me with their sexiness!!

  16. WOW sungmin looks like a doll, don’t you think so

    • yes so agree he looks like a bijin doll! awww they should have made him pose with only a see-through top on and cargo shorts on!!! … that is “sexy” for my yeobo Ming! keke

    • NO I am not, in the first version i was shocked cause he was beautifull i didnt understand why did he look like a pretty girl in this album. i miss manly minny not pretty minny.

  17. Woahhh… my hyukhae so sexy.OMG..OMG..OMG..>_<
    eunhae lalananananaaaaa…..

  18. I want it too, is it released ?

    i soooo freakin need this version xPPP
    can’t wait for the preoder to open!!! x))) <333

  20. omoooooooo,*im not breathing…
    no words to describeeeeeee..

  21. The album isn’t released until the 16, available for purchase 17th and onwards. It’s about 17,000Won (14/15 USD), discounted price about 15,000Won (something like that, I can’t remember >.<)

    I'm going to assume it doesn't have a photobook and that's why its so cheap.

    — Info not mine, I just read it on twitter and tumblr.

    • Mr. Simple (Type B) $13.99 and photobook, and this album (200g) is heavier than a-cha (110g) and MR Type B (140g), so maybe there is photobook

  22. Actually, i don’t really like the idea of SM to release ver B..just stay with ver last year we all struggling when we know GDA won’t count ver B..only ver A..such a wasteful..the important thing to win daesang is to buy ver A..but if we want sj to win on music shows for next next weeks we need to buy ver B (but still need to buy ver A)

    • Unfortunately, according to the GDA, SJ can’t win again this year :/

      • Why???

        • they don`t give the daesang twice in a row for male idols, they did though with snsd (they won it 2 years in a row) and they explained that since they are female idols its okay (although i still don`t get it -.- !)..that`s why they didn`t get it with bonamanna album, snsd won it that year instead, and that was very surprising since everyone assumed that super junior would win, and the fans went crazy..thats why the GDA announced they don`t give the same award 2 years in a row to male idol groups :/ !

          • Got this statement?? How can I missed it?? This really unfair!! What mean that male idol grp can’t get award for 2 years in a row??? This is based on their popularity and how the fans support them lor….its really cheating!!!
            Really unbelieveable!!!!! So angry!!!

          • i also heard that after suju didn’t win with bonamana…that’s why there’s rumour said suju already predict they will not win….also,during sfs interview,suju said they didn’t care if they didn’t get any award (most likely they know they will not win daesang this year) =(

          • Where did you get this from?
            I dont think SNSD has won GDA Twice, the only GDA-Daesang they had was in 2010..
            Please check your source carefully, as it could start a fanwar..

            • they won the digital daesang on 2009 and then the disk daesang on 2010 so it`s 2 years in a row (doesn`t matter if its digital/physical albums, its still daesang)..u can check that on the internet..i don`t intend to star any fanwar at all! both groups has wide fanbase, i`m just stating wt i heard back then about why suju didin`t win with bonamana, i saw an article saying that the GDA explained that by saying that they don`t give the daesang twice in a row to a male idol groups..

              • maybe they meant we cant win the same daesang category twice in a row..? I mean that makes no sense tht its okay for girls but not for boys

            • Hajzzz it’s a big problem in 2010… many scandal released…but i think that year SJ can win the GDA… T.T

          • gee gender discrimination~~ so not on gds’s lost it

  23. eunhae’s same pose… wohoo

  24. OMG,, Sungmin is so pretty ,, ^^ and Leeteuk is hot like that ^^ I hope the album will contain beautiful photos ^^

  25. o MY GOD!!!!!
    sexy sexy sexy SEXY!!!

    S’bout time, I’ve been missing them since SS3. I don’t mind the abs showing, the boys work hard to get their muscles, so showing them off isn’t a big deal. it’s not like they do it every. single. day. And honestly, Suju guys, when they show off their abs, it’s quite tame compared to the rest of kpop. So just enjoy what the boys have to offer ^^ Some member are more reserved about showing their bodies, others aren’t. They are all MEN now. and the concept of the album is sexy, free, & single. It’d be weird if only Siwon and Teukie were showing off abs of steel xD

  27. Maybe if they had waited a tad longer for ver B , then Shindong could show off his body as well… he’s been working so hard for it ^^

  28. eunhae same pose and half naked.. *w*
    yesung sleeveless..
    this photo is abs overload..
    I kinda don’t really like it when the boys showing up abs like this, even thought they’re all sexy..
    but it’s a lil bit too much.. i don’t know..
    I like the sexy feel in it.. but can they just wearing a clothes bcoz they already hot without taking off clothes.. ><

    maybe I'm biasing but Sungmin really satisfied me.. he looks awesome and sexy and beautiful and manly and hot at the same time without half naked.. 🙂
    I think I can't take it if Sungmin take off his shirt.. *~*
    and I like Shindong's too.. 🙂

  29. my lord I’ve died and gone to heaven T-T

  30. plus,, am I the one who feel that they release ver.B a bit too fast?
    I mean, the promotion of ver.A just barely started and my album haven’t arrived yet.. and then they already have the ver.B coming soon? :/

    • yes, 5jib ver B after 19 days. 6jib ver B after 13 days.

  31. EunHae are seriously killing me. Those Sex Gods. Damnit their even doing the same pose, across from each other and UUGGGHHH my mind is going crazy!

  32. *dead*

  33. boys in boxs Y_Y
    My sexy Hae,
    but that is not a nice pose
    but still like it

  34. OMG! TOPLESS?????!! *dies*
    HYUKIEEEE~~~~ DONGHAE~~~~ *nose bleed*
    oh my~ my 6jib version A is not coming yet but there’s already version B!!!
    gimme MUCH MONEY GOD! >,<

  35. OMG!! Hae’s abs! where have u been all this time?! i hope there’s a bigger version of this (and more shirtless Hae). Sexy Sexy Sexy!! ^_^

  36. OMOO! super COOOOL!
    argggh! ><

  37. the comeback of the box in a new way… and omg eunhae right opposite each other!!!!! love the pics

  38. Something i hope, they can be performing together like this. And they didn’t being separate like when Siwon didn’t attend in a lot of A version promotion. -_-” It’s so sad when there was a hole between them. Something will be missing when it happened. Like in “From U” song. And, is anybody knowing? Where is Siwon in this several days?

    • Siwon is yet again filming for a drama ^^

  39. holy fuck!! that was hot!!

  40. I KNEW IT! I knew ver B’s cover is gonna be waay much better than ver A, that way fans would hv no choice but to buy both ver! Ckck SM are indeed smart!
    Good thing I havent order ver A yet :/

  41. WOW!!!! *dead*

  42. OMG Oppa Leeteuk is so hot ^^ Oppa Yesung te amo ❤

  43. WHY did I buy ver. A?!!! I WANT THIS ONE. And omg I’m not Hae biased whatsoever, but DAMN HIS ABS ARE YUM. We don’t get to see Hae abs all that often, so this is a pleasant surprise. I just wish Ye and Ming would have shown theirs too >.< And Kyu, we'll see them one day. I'm convinced.

  44. plz some one answer me TT<TT i feel like i've been decived cuz every body was saying I Elfs should wait ,,now ver B is gonna be out and ver A is gonna be no longer counted ,,i wanted to help suju REALLY with buying the album and posponed that ,,,now every one is saying 'buy ver B …..not ver A" so plz can u give me a link to buy ver A and it is counted ,,i've been wasting time then ..i feel bytraied T<T plz ,,,and dose anyone know if ver B will have a new songs ,,,,??

  45. Sh-sh-sh-shirtless!! Four shirtless men! My nose! *dies of severe blood loss*

  46. No, there was a bit of a misunderstanding. ONLY Ver B will be counted for 3rd week, but Ver A will still be counted after that, just not the 3rd week. And the info about GDA is just unreliable.

  47. oh my.. I love the 2 maknaes.. they wear shirt yet still very adorable~~ (kangin is cute too~) I think if the album cover is exactly like this I can’t buy it… my mother would smack me if she finds pic of 4 half-naked man displayed beside my bed XD (I even have to switch my 5jib display to a-cha ver, lol)

  48. does sj world will be having bulk order for this version??

  49. What’s the difference between SFS VersionA and SFS VersionB?

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