120712 Super Junior at Mnet M!Countdown Recording [Fan Accounts]

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1elf keep shouting kangin names n he just smiling,then he said “hajima” with his lips n finally immitate the funny XD
Sungmin looks so tired elf said why n he side his throat is hurt (sorethroat?) while pointing to his neck
Hyuk n hae playing with this hand,did a move like spiderman shooting his web.
Sungmin ‘shoot’ fans with his hand n kyu watched & pointed at him then look at fans as ‘what is he doing?’
One elf keep shouted “규현오빠 힘내세요!” n kyu said “아니요 힘들어요” with no expression.neah he smiled a bit.
Yeye seems had problem with his mic he keep holding it during some time.
Before they stared one of the recording min acted really tired n leaning on hae back n started playing around.then kyu shouted ‘앉아!’ (sit)
I think kyu still stuffed from ytd his pants n shirt looks bit tight :p

Credit: @100pfan

Siwon didn’t go for today’s MCD recording…
Fans shouted “Prince!!” at Kyu then Kyu looked at them with big eyes, then he pointed to Sungmin.

Credit: 范萌静_我爱李太利的男秘书 | @heequeenTing

Hyuk and hae kept doing the spiderman hand motions and then hae pointed at hyuk n motioned he’s crazy
Teuk wore a vest inside his jacket and during his sexy sexy sexy part he kinda took his jacket off a bit and armssss
Teuk was asking fans if we had eaten n fans said no and Kangin asked again and when we said no he was like “aigooo” ㅋㅋㅋ
Some one yelled that they really missed Kangin and he shyly said 나도 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Ming looked really tired and he coughed a bit 😦
At one point the stage director lady went onstage to give Kangin a tissue and hyuk used his hands like a gun pretending to shoot her ㅋㅋㅋ

Credit: @eunteuk

During the 4th recording, Hyukjae was imitating Spiderman’s action and teasing the fans. Donghae was laughing at the side and made a sign saying Hyukjae has gone silly. And they started pushing each other. XD

Credit: @witheunhae | @SJia13

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  1. there’s a lot of eunhae moment n kyumin moment..
    so glad..
    am i insane if i hope they’re a real couple?

  2. again no siwon, where is he???

  3. ishhhhhhhh….I want siwon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. What do the Korean words mean?

    • if I’m not wrong, elf told kyuhyun to be strong but kyuhyun said it’s hard.

      • Oh, I didn’t expect them to be sad 😦

  5. noooo siwonn WHERE ARE U

  6. kkyyaaa eunhae and kyumin moments…. ♥

    aaww poor bb ming, i want to comfort him…..

  7. Thanks for the fanaccount! ^^

  8. Siwon 😦 I hope he’ll be n Korea from tomorrow til Sunday

  9. Oh my KyuMin feelings…. >o< *w*

  10. KyuMin ❤ ❤ ❤

  11. sungmin oppa seems need a day rest.. lately he is not well.. ;____;

  12. Fan: 규현오빠 힘내세요! (Kyuhyun oppa be strong!)
    Kyu: 아니요 힘들어요 (No, it’s hard)

    He said it as a “joke” but it’s so sad 😦 plus it says he didn’t have an expression just smiled a little so really it makes me feel sad poor babies having a hard time.

  13. really want to be there too. so fun.
    ge well soon, sungmin oppa. ><

  14. prince kyu stay strong please

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