[Date Unkown] Letter From Hyukjae to Sungmin (and Sungmin’s Reply)

July 11, 2012 at 2:26 pm | Posted in Eunhyuk, Pictures/Videos, Random/Other, Sungmin, Wonderboys | 42 Comments

Letter From Hyukjae to Sungmin :

And Sungmin’s Reply:

Source: shirley @hyukminbar
Shared at by Destinyhae 

Maybe its kinda old,but, i think its super cute,, so jus think its a random post ok,,enjoy  >,<



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  1. lol it’s an old news…..

  2. kkk~~~ Cute!

  3. LOL.Is this my oppa?!XD

  4. This is so adorable. xD These dorks are really brothers. So sweet, ah~~!!!! And Hyuk just implied EunHae, hehehehe..^^

  5. Eunhyuk is so funny:P


  7. soooo cuteeeee ><


  9. eunhyuk: if not, I will go out with donghae

  10. I find it hilarious 😀

  11. lol these cute kids. ^^

  12. The way eunhyuk complain was so cute..kangin is a cunning n scheming fellow??LOL..lee hyukjae u better watch out n escape.
    Sungmin-ah u have to spend more time w/ eunhyuk!!

  13. This must have been awhile age after intimate notes.

  14. oh my sooo cute ^^..pumpkinmin
    hyukmin ><

  15. hyuk-ah~..
    you’re sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute XDDD

  16. I really hope they are still like that but hyukjae ah is this why you go and play with your kangin hyung intead and your hae kkk

  17. this is sooo cute! ^_^
    “if not, i will go out with donghae.” Hyuk, even if Min will reply, u will still go out with Hae. hahaha!!
    “it’s better that you escape now.” Min, u are so funny!

  18. lol eunhyuk’s so random- from taking about pumpkins he goes to talking about eating with minnie then talks about kangin and ends with threatening minnie to hang out with him more. he’s so cute!!!!

  19. lol so childish ^^

  20. They are both adorable and funny..I think this article is old but what the heck it still made my day.I like the way they respond to each other u can see the bond between them, I just wish to see more HYUKMIN interaction (although i believe I saw some videos during their SS4 tour) I really ship HYUKMIN, EUNHAE, HAEMIN and KYUMIN.. love them.. oh LEE Brothers

    • i like kyuhyuk…;-)

  21. going out with donghae is hyuk’s threat.. haha..
    awhh. i ship both couples though.. hyukmin and eunhae~

  22. the cutest one ever.tks for sharing this.

  23. That the cutest thing ever kkkk made my day ^^

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  25. aigoo this is why eunhyuk is close with all members, he never abandon anyone… you’re so cute eunhyuk-ah ^^ i really like when eunhyuk and sungmin together, eunhyuk will turn into a cute dongsaeng…

  26. lol hyukjae of course he has to bring Donghae into this…but I thought Kangin and Sungmin are awkward? XD

    • They did Intimate Note, so I’d imagine they’d be a little closer.

      • LOL first all of the members are close, its just that some have clashing personalities. Kangin and Sungmin seems close tbqh, even at the press conference they were whispering to each other.. for 5!jib, Yesung and Sungmin were awkward… iunno

  27. Hyukmin so warm n sweet.

  28. ahahahaha reading this really reminds me of old time X3
    i just realized eunhyuk has this habit to write letter, that’s so cute<333

    • and he said he wants a love letter from his gf..

  29. He is saying Sungminnie is a fox! True! Just look at his eyes, his lips, everything! A cute little fox!

  30. this remind me of Kangin’s letters to Yesung xD with the exception that Kangin and Yesung’s curse so much lol

  31. Oh my gosh, this is soo cute! xD
    And, lol, Kangin read the letter, I could imagine him trying to hunt Hyukkie down~

  32. this is so cute!! >,<

  33. innocent Hae

  34. aigoo.. our boys will be forever cute dorks.. Hyukie jealous of KangMin and want more HyukMin !!

  35. lol found this so cute and what’s that he will go with donghae if ming didnt reply the message kkkkk eunhae is real right. and seemed hyuk really love his hyung ^^~~~

  36. LOL HAHAHA XD Hyukmin!

  37. Hahahahaha.. Hyukmin is sooooooooooooooooooo cute! ❤

  38. Just now I realized that Minnie and Kangin seems to have gotten a lot closer! ^^ 🙂

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