120711 Radio Star with Kyuhyun [TRANSCRIPT]

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Kyuhyun: You said you were nervous when you meet Victoria this time. Why you pretend as if you didn’t see her for a long time?
Nickhun: It’s really long since we last met.
Kyuhyun: Well, is it one day or two days?
Nickhun: No, we have busy schedules, therefore we couldn’t meet for a year.
Kyuhyun: Are you a wild goose husband? (In Korea we called wild goose couple > couple couldn’t meet for a long time)
Nickhun: This time it’s long. (He misheard it)

MC: What do you think of Kyuhyun?
Victoria: Handsome… Smart… He’s a good friend.
MC: How about you (Nichkhun)?
Nichkhun: He looks like a princess!
MC: He’s pretending to be a prince?
MC: Nickhun is Thai prince!
KH: Korean prince and Thai prince meet today.

Kyuhyun: Do foreigners take shower often?
Guest: Yes
Kyuhyun: I was wondering about this. Our SJM member, Henry who was born in Canada. One day he said he’ll take shower. But he brought a wet towel and only wipe his skin and said: “I’m showering now!” He did it once a week.

MC: Kyuhyun, Your wish is to buy your own building?
Kyuhyun: When did I say that?!
MC: *teasing him*
Kyuhyun: Please! It sounds real.
MC: It’s true.
Kyuhyun: NO!! I also wanna help people.
MC: Your mother?

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MC asked Kyuhyun if he knew about SJ’s individual incomes?
Kyuhyun: Roughly I know. First is Siwon, family background No.1, income No.1, Face also No.1, Height also No.1…
MC: Kyuhyun where do you rank? Did Radio Star let you earn more?
Kyuhyun: I can’t even earn much here can!? Radio Star seem to be not paying any money can!?

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    you can vote at least 100 times
    elf fighting
    suju fighting

  2. kyu is a princess??????

  3. I think the “smart” was actually “kind”? :p

    • or maybe she said both… hmm I definitely heard “kind” anyway :p

  4. thanks for the transcript

  5. lol “Korean prince and thai prince meet today” Since when is Kyu a prince? lol XD

  6. princess? lmao XD

  7. Did Khun just say that Kyu looks like a princess? LOLOL!!!
    Maybe unrelated, maybe not but my WonKyu feels have been activated haha.

  8. korean princess… LOL

  9. I am a little confused with regards to Nickhun. I have heard many times that he is a prince. Do people say this in a metaphorical way ? Or does he really have a nobiliary rank/title in his country? It may sound stupid, but if someone knows please, do tell.

    • i think since he is the only thai idol in korea it kinda become his nickname thai prince

    • He’s not a prince.
      It’s just metaphorical.

      And yeah, I know ’cause I’m Thai (:

  10. Nickhun said Kyu looks like a prince… don’t think he said princess lol

  11. There is something fishy don’t u think?? In the second cut they ask Vistoria wich guy she choose Nickhun or Kyuhyun..and she only looks at Kyuhyun with apologise look saying what should she do..

    In my opinion..she should have asked Nickhun first or both in that case right?? ..I mean Nickhun was his “virtual husband” after all he is “suposed” to be more jealous with her answer like any least in front of Kyuhyun is just her friend so he is suposed to understand if she choose Nickhun right??.. like play along with it..

    Then Kyuhyun reply to Vic..”is up to you right”..with sort of kind of cute/sad voice and look..thats why everyone was so shocked..OHH!!! (whats happening between this 2??!!) ..but Kyu managed to change the subject really quickly like 2 secs by saying something maknae..

    hmmm…don’t know what u girls think…for me its kind of strange..

    Also thought Kyu got a girlfriend now cause recently he looks really “happy” and “alive” don’t u think??.. hmm…

    sigh…aww i know im just a fan..but still jealous hehehe…

    • I know! I noticed that moment, too. The exchanged looks between them.

  12. Prince korea & prince thailand meet? No no no… Evil prince & price thailand meet hahaha lol

  13. LOL at the siwon and henry mentions.

  14. hahaha evil Kyu 😛

  15. Kyuhyun you can be no 1 in indonesia,someday i dream kyu become indo-korea artist like eru or tim hwang who has making debut in indonesia and korea

    • setuju… Kyuhyun has a big fanclub in Indonesia.. I’m one of sparKyu.. 😀

  16. “First is Siwon, family background No.1, income No.1, Face also No.1, Height also No.1…” —> LOL the way he says it makes me laugh xD

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