120711 Radio Star with Kyuhyun [Cuts]

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120711 Radio Star with Kyuhyun [TRANSCRIPT]

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  1. eng sub please

  2. i hope there is a full edition,,not just a cut edition..eng sub please..i want to watch this episode badly!!thanks to update it!

  3. MC: What do you think of Kyuhyun?
    Victoria: Handsome… Smart… He’s a good friend.
    MC: How about you (Nichkhun)?
    Nichkhun: He looks like a princess!
    MC: He’s pretending to be a prince?
    MC: Nickhun is Thai prince!
    KH: Korean prince and Thai prince meet today.

  4. There is something fishy don’t u think?? They ask Vistoria wich guy she choose Nickhun or Kyuhyun..and she only looks at Kyuhyun with apologise look saying what should she do..

    In my opinion..she should have asked Nickhun first or both in that case right?? ..I mean Nickhun was his “virtual husband” after all he is “suposed” to be more jealous with her answer like any least in front of Kyuhyun is just her friend so he is suposed to understand if she choose Nickhun right??.. like play along with it..

    Then Kyuhyun reply to Vic..”is up to you right”..with sort of kind of cute/sad voice and look..thats why everyone was so shocked..OHH!!! (whats happening between this 2??!!) ..but Kyu managed to change the subject really quickly like 2 secs by saying something maknae..

    hmmm…don’t know what u girls think…for me its kind of strange..

    Also thought Kyu got a girlfriend now cause recently he looks really “happy” and “alive” don’t u think??.. hmm…

    sigh…aww i know im just a fan..but still jealous hehehe…

    • yeah that part kinda makes me curious too! I mean it would be safer if she just pick Khun since he was her “husband”..but she even ask Kyu what to do instead of asking Nichkhun!! And the way they look at each other is just..different! oh well Im glad its Vic lol..I like her

    • i think those two, kyu & vic are just really close friends. that’s explain the guilty look from vic becoz she & nickhun only knew each other from wgm but she & kyu have been together as friends for a really long time.
      it doesnt connect when kyu is dating someone when he was the one who trying to sell out his hyungs when he revealed that half of them are dating. if he’s dating, it wont be him telling that. dont u think..
      my 2cent..kekeke

  5. eng sub and full version please

  6. I really love this show and would like to watch everytime it was posted…but I cant because there isnt any sub. But this time I desperately want to watch! It’s Vic and Nick as guests!! This will be so interesting.


  7. full version with eng sub is on dailymotion!

    • google radio star ep 288 eng sub

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