120711 2PM’s Nickhun, Super Junior’s Kyuhyun, and f(x)’s Victoria in a love triangle?

July 11, 2012 at 11:59 am | Posted in Kyuhyun, News/Rumors, Pictures/Videos, Wonderboys | 17 Comments

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun and 2PM’s Nickhun recently formed a love triangle with f(x)’s Victoria.

Victoria and Nickhun appeared on MBC’s Radio Star with Robert Harley under the theme of ‘The Second Home.’

Since Victoria and Nickhun have appeared on MBC’s We Got Married as an imagining married couple, their appearance drew a lot of attention.

Victoria also received considerable attention by saying that Kyuhyun and Nickhun have started a war of nerves over her.

In addition, Victoria showed how to act cutesy and surprised the cast members by talking about her favorite part of chicken.

The show will air on July 11 at 11:15 p.m.

Source: Xportsnews,
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  1. Really??

  2. no . .
    its just realty show

  3. nyampah….lalalalalala~~~

  4. oh my god , pls tell me is that true? what’s mean it’s just realty show? if so it that real?

  5. don’t worry folks… these articles that are released before the broadcast of the show are always misleading….

  6. victoria is one of kyu close friend and maybe more…

  7. “surprised the cast members by talking about her favorite part of chicken.”

    Haha Victoria ^^

  8. just reality show,but im so happy

  9. Aigoo Kyu they are not disturb again, Okay hehe ^^

  10. since Kyu calls her Qiannie dongsaeng on his thanks note, I think they’re bothare really just friends…

  11. i’m not worried ! if they were going out they wouldn’t have done WGM both of them !
    they are friends since many years so even if there was originally something fishy why would have they shoot WGM ? they had plenty of time to confess their love to each other.
    plus Kyu is really obsessed by meeting his girlfriend thanks to destiny ^^ and he surely didn’t meet Victoria like this.
    i will rather bet on a romance between Changmin and her.
    AND he belongs to Wookie hihihi 🙂

  12. elf vote for suju in the link below they are the 4th place behind cnblue , bigbang and snsd
    you can vote at least 100 times
    elf fighting
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  13. KyuToria ❤ They seem comfortable with each other, but I'm sure they're just close friends..and Kyu likes girls who reveal her forehead right? XD

  14. KyuToria is a much better couple. I hate the other guy, he is not even in SM ._.

  15. LOL they are really good friends, but thats just about it. and Vic is friends with like.. all the guys in SM. LOL only thing true about this article was her perference in chicken

  16. oh.. OMO there will be kyutoria vs khuntoria then.. I ship them both…

  17. hahaha :p hi kyu, you’ve got ‘your someone’ out there, right?

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