Heechul Leaves One Last Tweet Before Closing his Account – From 120709

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120709 Kim Heechul posts about sasaeng fans before closing his Twitter account


Super Junior’s Heechul recently deleted his @Heedictator Twitter account, much to his fans’ disappointment, but before doing that, he left fans with some of his hidden thoughts.
On the 9th of July, Heechul wrote:
“Please do not follow me to my house or to my ward office. I thought that I became a bit more good-hearted now that I’m 30, but I guess that’s just not for me. I still feel the after effects of my accident, and it’s frightening to put my life on the line and drive away as if I’m running from something. I know this sounds arrogant, and I know people may be disappointed, but I only have one life to live. It’s my fault for being unable to be more understanding. And to all you [taxi drivers], please don’t rip off foreign fans who don’t know any better. Taking advantage of young kids with smiles on your faces make you guys look like thugs. In closing, I just hope that victims like this will not arise again. I will live quietly for the next year, without tweeting anything. I will see everyone in a year. Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday.“
This post left many fans with a sour taste in their mouths, either from concern or from the fact that they will have no contact for an entire year. What do you think of the last Tweet? It’s sad to know that he is going through this while the rest of his Super Junior members are enjoying a successful comeback…

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  1. well, i hope he’ll come back healthily….appreciate his frankness and i think fans sometimes shud give their idols some space. …thats the least we cud do for the ppl we love… they say absence make the heart grow fonder… 🙂

  2. Im really sad, i feel like crying…i already miss him so much and now this..</3
    I really wish i can give him a pat in the back, other member are busy with their comeback n yet heenim can only watch from aside 😦 those fans are over the they should regret their selfishness causes other elf to pay as well X'(
    Oppa, as someone whose existence u dont even know..i can only wish n hope you'll lead ur life n serve ur duty ..i can only loving u from afar, fighting heenim!!
    and.. Happy birthday .. :')

  3. BTW can somebody help me explain exactly what is a sasaeng fan? Does constitute waiting at inkigayo to see them perform live consider as a sasaeng fan? Or how about if you’re walking down the street, you happen to see SJ in front of you and ask for a picture/autograph? Or if you see them go in a restaurant and follow and ask for picture/autograph? Are those considered sasaeng fans too? Or how about the fans that wait for them at the airport?

    Cuz we get to see so many fancams and fantaken pictures of the boys after a performance or at an airport … aren’t those then taken by what the boys might consider as sasaeng fans then?

    • No, Sasaeng fans are more like stalkers in a sense. Waiting in appropriate venues like in front of a music show or at the airport is fine. They expect to see fans there. There’s security and often times lines for them. Also, randomly running into them asked for an autograph is also fine. But, following them at high speeds in taxis, showing up at their house, trying sneak backstage, and so on is not ok. Also, Heechul is technically a normal citizen now, in a sense. Following him to his government assignment is not ok. Showing up at an Idol event is expected because that’s what it’s for. Showing up at a military office is not. Do you understand now?

      • Personally,I would add following someone into a restaurant to the list. It might not be stalking but it’s still rude and intrusive.

  4. Does he still lives in the dorm? I actually is afraid that he would prefer to be individual after his army. Sorry but I had this feeling after reading his last message. I hope that my thoughts is wrong.

    But it’s really sad that he kept having bad expereinces on the road…. like in Sinapore and Taiwan and now……. He was tramuised before and I am sure there’s after effect on that ….I am sure Kyuhyun might also had the after effects.

    Please be a sensible fans that truly loves your idol T_T

  5. hope oppa watch this video from petals indoneisa

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