120710 Super Junior’s Heechul closes his Twitter account because of his obsessive fans

July 10, 2012 at 4:45 pm | Posted in Heechul, News/Rumors, Wonderboys | 6 Comments

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Super Junior’s Heechul recently complained about his obsessive fans.

On July 9, Heechul tweeted, “Please don’t come to where I live and work. I thought I became nicer as I turned thirty, but I guess not. I’m still suffering from the car accident I got into, so I’m scared of running away from you when I’m driving a car. Even if you get disappointed at me or I have to realize that I have to be thankful to your love, I cannot take this anymore because my life is important. It’s all my fault because I’m not that considerate.”

It seems Heechul wrote the comment to his obsessive fans who follow him all the time by taxi. The obsessive fans are called Sasaeng fans, who stalk the celebrities they like. Heechul also left a message to the taxi drivers who drive the Sasaeng fans.

Heechul commented, “Don’t cheat on the foreigners with smiling faces because they don’t know anything. What you’re doing is so dirty. I wish there can be no more victims. I’m going to close my Twitter account for a year. See you after a year. Thank you so much for celebrating my birthday.”

Heechul has been doing alternative service in Seoul as a public service worker since September.

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  1. If saeseng crazies in taxis are a big problem and danger to celebrities in Korea, the Seoul authorities ought to get involved and pass a law: There needs to be huge fines levied against any taxidriver who pursues anyone…fines so large that it makes it not worth it for the taxidriver to do it. His license should also be taken away for a full year with any occurence. With such risk for him, he would stop. If there are no drivers willing to pursue stars, the stars are safer. Regular fans should help their idols by pressuring for laws like this. Working for this to happen would be a real example of loving their idols. Everyone would win.

    • Unfortunately, the one thing nobody really wants to discuss here is the extent to which the wider fandom is complicit in encouraging and rewarding bad behaviour. Nobody approves of the stalkers but they still want the zoom lens photos, the videos of people trying to walk away, the fan accounts of some poor sap being pursued at 5am during a private holiday. It’s difficult to get people to protest about the cooking when they’re waiting for the crumbs from the table.

      • It’s more complicated than I thought….and of course, only Korean fans could make this effort for Korean stars. Outsiders would be unable to make any difference, because the problem is in-house. I wonder: do you think any stars wish they had never gone for the interview with the big star-search companies if they knew it would be like this? I don’t think it’s about money: it’s my understanding that they are underpaid. It must be more about a personal drive to succeed and make their parents proud….an ego thing maybe. I am just curious what people think about it. I think I would do it, but would be like Chullie, and when I wanted to be alone, I had better have some way to do that.

        And of course I’ve heard about Korean stars who were suicides, but who is to say what their sorrow was really about? It could have been mental illness, or other causes, not having to do with stardom. Just saying.

        • I don’t think any of them truly realise what they’re signing up for, especially when so many of them are just children when they’re recruited. The fan attention is probably exciting to being with but then it just goes on and on and on…. I saw a video clip of some girl grabbing onto Donghae from behind when they were in the US recently, and I just wanted to ask her what the HELL she thought she was doing. If someone did that to me, my first instinct would be to turn round and deck them, and that would be if they just did it once. I couldn’t imagine coping with that kind of harassment every day for 7 years.

          • They probably all need therapy, and a fuzzy teddy bear to help them sleep at night. The thing is, fans really do want them to be happy, but then forget they’re just people who are doing a job. Some fans think that they own them….that part of their job is to be-all for everyone. It’s impossible to be *on* all the time….to be available. Fans eat them alive, bite by bite. Gad. It’s just plain wrong. Even good fans can forget they’re human. If anyone attacked me, I feel sorry for them. I am in delicate balance and am willing to right any wrong on the spot. But idols can’t because you can bet their companies would make their lives impossible. Also, they share a burden to make only good publicity for their group. I suspect that is why Teuk goes off on the deep end a lot with his pandering to fans….he does it for Suju, since he is the leader, and tries to leave everyone with a good impression of their polite worthiness of fans’ love. I bet that when he gets home, he punches pillows. I would. Yes, some are recruited as kids. Like SHINee’s Taemin…even now he seems nervous and high strung. He was a baby!!

            • I agree. I think heechul needs a hug, they all need a hug. If any “fan” really wants to get trough to them they surtenly need to at least be smarter about it. Because SO many fans simply DON’T KNOW how to approach them as people rather than “gods” or “aliens” of some kind, fans SEE them like something divine and un human… Wich is quite unfortunate. If fans (who mostly act like the un human ones) started to treat them in a humane way like you would treat your best friend then the members would I think most surtenly start seeing the fans like PEOPLE too and not just “fans”. Though i dont think that everyone would be able to do that, some people are just too immature for it xD. Anyway doing crazy, immature actions like these sasaeng fans is just simply gonna make the members become more Skeptic to what an unknown (fan) person is gonna say to them. So I understand heechul’s choice, too bad his twitter is locked but he (as well as the others) need a time off.

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