120710 Super Junior at Music Show Champion Pre-recording [Fan Accounts]

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120710 Donghae after Music Show Champion Recording [1P]

Prerecording for show music champion just ended.they just recorded SFS twice,no siwon so teuk replace him for 1st line.
Min being so pervert today!he rubed hae butt slowly,elf shout 야해 (pervert/dirty?) n he continue rub hae butt n waist *A*
Min came unexpectedly,elf shouted,min surprised n go back to back stage.late he went in again with members and wave to elfs.
While teuk busy talking kyu walk to hae n give him a look then he n kangin bullied hae thoroughly…
Yeye busy with himself at the back,at one point looking t the floor like following something then he seems like daydreaming
Min takled hae’s angkle n gigling over,then hae clap his hand so elf clap too then kyu yelled at hae to stop coz they about to start.
Kangin also tickled hae chin like doing it to cat *A* n wook hugged n but patted yeye after 1st recording.
Kyu always looked to 2nd floor 1st but he waved at standing area at last XD infront of my Area!!!the power of forehead?3kyufans?idkIMHAPPY!!
N now i can handle kyu grabing himself n shouted my fanchant out loud XD but omg the 1st moment…his expression was like “UGH!!!”
Kyuhun & yeye waved to fans from car window!!!!!!!asdfldlkajajsldlfhakalakdjjd n min looked behind yeye.hae also waved^^
Kangin,wook n teuk also wave.teuk n wook was in the same car
teuk asked if elf feel sleepy, did they stayed overnight.min asked with his cute expression to standing area.CUTENESS OVERLOAD>_<

Credit: @100pfan

No Siwon today SF&S at Show champion ><

Teuk sang Siwon’s part during pre-recording ~
Teuk sang Siwon’s 1st part, and Wook sang Siwon’s 2nd part >< SF&S pre-recording has just ended ~~
Black Junior today! I love today boys’ outfits & hairㅠㅠ♥♥ esp Hae’s black suit!♥ and Hyuk Hae Teuk let down their hair ㅋㅋ
B4 recording, Hyuk kept kicking Hae’s butt ㅋㅋ Hae suddenly grap Hyuk’s ankle, so Hyuk balanced himself on one leg ㅋㅋㅋ

Credit: @the_Chess 

Leeteuk sang Siwon’s part. During rehearsal, he almost knocked into Kangin. Kangin pointed at Leeteuk and said something for ignoring him. Then Leeteuk just shrugged his shoulders and laughed. Leeteuk said he didn’t expect all the big supermarkets to close on Sundays. But since everyone came (for Inkigayo) for the ice cream and he already made a promise, so he ordered for an ice cream truck specially for the fans!

Credit: TeukBar | @SJia13

Donghae let his hair down today, wearing a black suit with white shirt and tie, the most formally dressed member. During the 2nd recording, he came out and hugged Kangin. Kyuhyun ran over to compare his height with Donghae. He kept blowing his nose during the recording.

Credit: Coco/海世代 | @SJia13

Because Siwon wasn’t there, there were some slight changes to their ending positions. Jongwoon was standing beside Hyukjae at the end. Jongwoon was taking off his jacket as he left the stage. -> you tease ❤

Credit: woonbar | @SJia13

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  1. everybody loves Haebutt lol

  2. whyy no siwon???? he is still in koreaa??

  3. will they do an interview in the show ??

  4. my baby Hae… ♥♥♥

  5. I feel like Siwon is slowly slipping through our fingers like Kibum 😦 😦

    • No no no!!! Shhhh!!!! …. with Kibum that I still keep faith in his return but every day I see a picture of him I see this idea the furthest, I seems to like acting more than singing.

  6. ohh noooo =(

  7. Where is Siwon? Didn’t he finished filming already? 😦 He doesn’t even has that many schedule!
    Btw, what does it mean pre recording?

  8. Hae’s butt so attractive, isn’t it ? haha, Huyk and Min rub his butt, i wanna see them

  9. Siwon been slipping out a lot for their promotion from bonamana mr.simple whole ah cha album and now SFS…..I don’t understand why. It is he himself of sm wanted him to do that? Although he is not my biased but still I would like to see all of them together. Of cos all members can have own activities with no doubts but i am sure not during this time especially SFS critical promotion period.

  10. I don’t think we can be greedy this time, i’m already grateful if i can see them once in a while..maybe Siwon has his own reason or problem that make him didn’t come to the show…we just have to support them no matter where there are now…

  11. Hae **

  12. Yeah, it sucks that Siwon can’t be with them in this performance, but there must be a reason. I thought he was finished with filming his drama, but I guess he must be still flying back and forth between Taiwan and Korea? Or maybe not. If not, he must have had his reasons, let’s not jump to conclusions so much. It sucks, but all the members have their individual activities. As long as Siwon can make it for the comeback performances and stages, it’ll be fine. IMO, music show champion isn’t as important as inkigayo, mnet countdown, music bank etc. It’d been nice to have the whole group show up for it, but that’s what makes SJ so strong. They were able to cover Siwon during A-Cha promos while Siwon was filming, they can do it now.

    I hope Donghae hasn’t come down with a cold, if he’s blowing his nose T__T take care of your body, Hae. I know you’re busy with drama filming too, but take care!

  13. I don’t think he’s slipping out like Kibum cause like other members, he has this extra activities outside SJ, and it just so happens that it’s acting. he cannot just postpone filming cause a lot of scenes will be delayed and he’s filming now in China/taiwan so yeah let’s not be understanding, at leas, he’s showing up from Thursday to Sunday 🙂 Let’s also give him credit cause I think he’s one of those members who are always giving their all whenever performing even in concerts when some members are slacking off. even if dancing is not his forte, I can see hi hard work

  14. I also wondering what makes Siwon’s busy lately, He’s last tweet was about 5 or 6 days now and no update about him, no news that he’s leaving for taiwan so there is something that he’s busy for, maybe a new acting project or commercials.

  15. ever since siwon got back from taiwan.. i noticed he got thinner and looks tired because of his schedules… maybe he tried to rest or “cross fingers” he is at the hospital.. but i don’t believe he would slip just like kibum he said that performing with his hyungs is his happiest moment and always want to perform with them.. 😀

  16. What is it with everyone and Donghae’s butt? Hehe :p

  17. Do you guys really get ice-cream??? That would be soooo coool!!

    • yes ELF, and even other fans that came to inkigayo got ice creams from Leeteuk!

  18. hae’s butt!!!
    i read so many fanaccount about hae hugging kangin
    wanna see the pic!!

  19. Jajajajajaj pants are putting it to Donghae lately making you more attractive is its butt while members are not to resist its charm.

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