120710 MBC Music Show Champion – Super Junior Cut

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Sexy Free and Single 1280X720 HD

Part 1
Part 2

Win 1280X720 HD

We won! Congratulations boys~^^

Credit: Exentrique1106 @ youtube
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  1. where’s Siwon oppa ?

    • Back to Taiwan?

  2. YESS!!! I didn’t even have a hope anymore! 🙂

    • Really? I thought true Elfs don’t lose hope in SJ at all??

      • lol it’s not about being ELF but seing the truth. They are not doing well and we are againts one of the best in digital sales. So yeah I didn’t have a hope too. But now I have. It’s not that I love them less. I freaking love them so much. lol why does someone always have to bring up the true ELF thing? We are all ELF/fan here. ^^

  3. WOOOTT!!!

    Daebak. Continue Please!!

  5. YAY! Our first win!! SO HAPPY ❤
    But where are the other members during the announcement?

  6. Is this a new show? cuz what I know about mbc show is mucore that aired on saturday, right?

    • no lol, Shindong hv been hosting this show for a long time XD

      • how can i don’t know, I only know this year…
        but last year they didn’t participate in this show, right?

        • show only started a few months ago, you can google it… a few other music shows started ard the same time but those didn’t make it, already cancelled.

        • oh… Exo M appeared on this show once.

  7. Oh my gosh! Congrats Super Junior! Our first win! I was in shock. Now I’m so happy!

  8. So happy! First win for Sexy Free and Single!! Let’s keep supporting our boys! 🙂

  9. Congratulation to suju oppa..i hope they win more in music show..

  10. For Music Show Champion digital sales count as %50. Maybe we can make it for Music Bank and Inkigayo. But this depends how much we get from other categories. I’m sure we can get awards from Mnet M!countdown too.
    This cheered me up a lot. 😀

    • And Congratulation to our boys. ^^

    • inkigayo no longer give out awards… it’s quite a good news for suju who is not quite strong @ digital….. but other than that, i actually prefer those music shows do not have any awards…. just one award per month or per year maybe to reward those with biggest sale of the month or whatever… lol… anyway congrats suju… though why there’s only two of you

      • Yes, if the music shows don’t give any awards, it would be better. The award thing cause many fanwars and sometimes we can’t enjoy the songs because of competition. I think it will be enough if there is only big year-end awards like GDA, MAMA etc.

    • OMG thats amazing!!! OFC can do it, ELFs dont lose hope! Other shows are only 40% GRATZ ON OUR 1ST WIN!!

  11. where’s siwon???? he is not in taiwan he finishes filming

  12. hmm~ they not perform From U?

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