120710 Leeteuk announces he will marry the woman who waits for him to return from the military

July 10, 2012 at 8:18 pm | Posted in Leeteuk, News/Rumors, SBS, Wonderboys | 26 Comments

Super Junior leader Leeteuk who is counting down the days to his military enlistment has made a shocking announcement.

On the July 10th episode of SBS TV‘s ‘Strong Heart‘, guest Yoo Yeon Suk shared a heartbreaking story of how his first love broke up with him right before he had to enter the military.

Hearing this, MC Lee Dong Wook then jokingly remarked, “Leeteuk, you need to wrap things up with your girlfriend too before you enlist.”

In response to the MC, Leeteuk said something that shocked everyone on set. “I’m being completely serious right now, but since I’m enlisting this year, I will 100% find a girlfriend before I leave.”

If that girl waits for me for two years, I think she’s somebody that will wait for me for the rest of her life,” he said. “If I do end up beginning a relationship before I leave and she does wait for me, I will marry that girl within 5 years.”

Source: TVReport via Nate | allkpop
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  1. lol…Teuk, are you that worried you will be forgotten while you’re away? XD

  2. He’s going to be polygam because every ELF in the world will wait for him… xD

  3. Tsk, he is digging his own grave LOL

  4. Kang Sora perhaps?. 🙂

    • I would love that 😀

      • so would i match made in heaven!!

        • kang sora is definitely fit him!!

    • and i would definitely will support them… 🙂

  5. Lets see, she will wait 2 yrs while he’s in the military, and another 5 while he makes up his mind… he’d better find a 21 year- old (Is Kang Sora 21?) And that will make him 37 (practically ancient)

  6. Ahh I can’t wait for him to get married and have adorable little babies!

  7. somehow it seems that girl could be Kang Sora, i would root for them since i like the dimple couple a lot, they are really cute together (still hurts a bit thinking of Teuki, my bias, getting a girl, but i do want for him to find real love).

  8. Aww, so sweet! Things like this make me think that sometimes he’s very lonely…. The day he gets married will be so amazing. ^^

  9. He’s talking about ELFs :p

  10. Oh Teukie, you don’t realize what you’re getting yourself into xD

  11. I really hope it would b Sora 🙂

  12. he talking about ELF…:D
    we will wait for u…

  13. Teuk.. ur really digging ur own grave here.. But I really would like him to get married too.. Kang Sora is a nice choice~ She gets along well wif the members n matches with teukie..

  14. oppa I’m waiting for you here!

  15. i hope that girl is Kang Sora…

  16. Promises, promises…….

  17. I really hope it’s Kang Sora!! She’s such a nice girl, they’d make good couple 3<

  18. aaaah i do really wish its kang sora! she is so pretty, talented, down to earth and pure hearted!

  19. Somehow his statement “I’m being completely serious right now” make me think that he refers to Kang Sora…perhaps…

    • I think the same! of course we can’t know for sure, but to be in WGM you can’t have another “loved one”… and he is still filming WGM so the girl he is sending this message is probably Sora. *happy*

  20. kang sora oppa

  21. Aw I’m hoping he really does find the right girl. It’s about time! Same for the rest of them. They all need partners, so I hope they find their other halves, and that ELF will accept the chosen ones when it does happen.

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