120709 Eunhyuk Nickun Lee Joon.. Idol Stars will gues on Running Man Olympics Special.

July 9, 2012 at 7:00 am | Posted in Drama/Film/TV/CFs, Eunhyuk, News/Rumors, SBS, Wonderboys | 14 Comments

Compilation: 120709 SBS “Running Man” with Eunhyuk

Popular Idol group members will guest on Running Man.

On the 9th, a representative stated that Super Junior’s Eunhyuk, 2PM’s Nikhun, Z:EA’s Lim Siwan, MBLAQ’s Lee Joon, CNBlue’s Jung Younghwa, Beast’s Yoon Doojoon and others will gues on SBS Running Man. The only female guest will be T-ara’s Ji Yeon.

This episode is a special of 2012 London Olympics. The recording will take place on the 9th at Olympic Park. Guests will compete against the Running Man members in various games and sports.

On this day, the representative said that this news spread among the fans who have been wondering who the guests would be. They have been excited that Hallyu’s representative groups will be joining the show.

Source: star mt
Translated by Jee (@jeee54) at



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  1. how I wish there is a sj special on running man…

    • me too!!

    • me too..i’ve been waiting for a long time for Running Man Super Junior Special…

      • Me too!!! I wanted it so much, that I am not AS excited for Hyuk’s appearance AS I could’ve been… I still had hopes for the Special, but with this they are almost gone 😦

    • me too..
      it kinda upset me.. since bigbang appeared, I am really hoping SJ will be a guest as a full team..
      imagine how legendary it’ll be then?

  2. I want a SJ special instead of an Olympic special! But i guess i will still anticipate it cuz Eunhyuk is in it!! Wish more SJ members were in it too!

    • I agree .. when the show will be aired? I can’t wait …

  3. can’t k-ELF make request for SJ SPECIAL on running man homepage?

  4. Whoever wrote this article could have at least spelled Nichkhun’s name right…
    Anyways, I cannot wait to watch Hyukie 😀

  5. Can we write letter or petition to running man PDnim to request for Suju special…”Kings of Hallayu Special”…haha…i would love to c them all together…they bring so much laughter…when they r together….:D

    • If there’s a project like that.. I’ll definitely join the project, hhe ^^

  6. fyeah running man!!!!

  7. Yes, maybe we should make a petition for SJ to be in Running Man 😀

  8. Im happy enough that hyukjae is on running man ❤ ^^

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