120709 Eunhyuk at Running Man Filming [8P] | Part 2

July 9, 2012 at 8:13 am | Posted in Eunhyuk, Events/Concerts/Perfs., Pictures/Videos, SBS, Wonderboys | 30 Comments

Compilation: 120709 SBS “Running Man” with Eunhyuk

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  1. whoaaa..
    that must be really awesome..
    highly waiting for this episode.. XD
    if only all member can join as the guest on Running Man, then it’ll be legendary and hillarious..
    since bigbang appeared as team in RM, I always have a hope that someday our oppa will come as a team too.. 😥
    but, eunhyuk oppa as a guest still worth for waiting.. 🙂

    • yeaah me too TT^TT if SJ has super power, bigbang was so embarrassed doing it, but i have this feeling SJ’ll be happy filming it. they have no any embarrassment after all LMAO omg hahahaha

      • hahaaa.. agree.. ^^
        they definitely will be happy doing that,, since they’re always liking childish stuff like that.. kkkk
        I always imagine that if they appear, they may be take the role of Yoo Jae Suk as the MC and will be a lot funnier that the cast member.. >w<
        and RM can't be more fun than that..

    • YEEEES!!! CANT WAIIIIITTT ITT ^^ *so excited

      • agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  2. lol.. he only stands on the side kkkk o the last pic he is in the middle of everyone XD cute<3

    • lol..if he only stands on the side he like a coach…haha… 🙂

  3. why always eunhyuk? he already got so many shows

    • the ep is abot the olympics .. sports if it’s not him then hae (who is filming ) or siwon (whom i think is also don’t have time since he couldn’t join some of the music programs ) it would make since to choose him .. again the RM production team is the one whom choose whom they want to attend the program so go complain to them

    • what do you mean by always him? It’s obvious that the rest have even more schedules now. He only has strong heart which he just sits there bascally. I don’t know why is everyone targeting hm. I only heard complaints when he appear on shows, seriously, if you are a fan of SJ, you wll know their schedules. STOP TARGETING HIM!

      • lala : yeah i’ve noticed that also always targeting him , there is this girl in youtube calling herself yesungwife (or something like that ) complaining that eunhyuk has more camera time than yesung .. ppl like this should just be ignored if they can’t tolerate all the members in the group then what are they doing in an sj blog

        • Thank you fr understanding me, I am seriously upset when I saw comments like that. It’s not even his fault that the rest have schedules and cannot attend, but yet they said it like he had spoil the chance of SJ appearing on running man.

    • are you seriously didn’t know why -_- are you even an ELF?

    • Ikr. he is so overrated. SMe should let the others guest star too. Eunhyuk always gets the most popular shows and He is not even entertaining.

      • if all the members are busy and he is the one whom is free + only appears in one show per week how is he overrated ? ppl like u should’t be visiting this blog

      • k if anyone else, ANYONE but him goes, they will most likely fail miserably js. Hyukjae is their Ace for sport shows. Just be glad they are going on the most popular show, doesnt matter who it is, he still reps for SuJu^^

    • why do so many ppl not like him.. i’m sure your bias loves hyukjae and he did not even do something major-ly wrong to receive hate

      • why hyukjae is really funny and entertaining to watch if i would have been in rm ,i would have doone the same…stop talking abt overrated or shit

    • Appearing in different shows every week. That means he is demanded by people. He actually is working hard for the promotion of SFS. why hate on him? He is one of the most hard working members together with leeteuk, siwon and shindong.

  4. Wah eunhyuk!♡

  5. Should be Running Man Special with SUJU, like SNSD before the realease new album, Big Bang, JYP Appear on Running Man During Album promotion… We Want SUJU on Running Man, badly >o<

    • i totally agree~~!!!!

    • Totally agreed..

  6. oh i am so lookin fwd to tis a fan of tis shw n i usually enjoy it when yonghwa comes 9n n tis ep has all my fav ppl.cant wait to see hw eunhyuk stir things up!

  7. it’s such a pity!! this should be suju special T_T why cant them……………………………..

  8. almost all the smtown artists have gone filming for running man!! shouldn’t it be sj’s turn alrdy 😦 come on even your sunbaes dbsk have gone too!

  9. he definitely had fun… does anyone when this ep will air?

  10. Reading a few of these comments makes me disappointed. Can’t some of you guys be happy that a super junior member in general is even on the show. Maybe the RM PDs considered having all the members guest but time conflicts get in the way plus there are 10 members, some with fixed schedules. This episode is an idol Olympic episode so they are going to cast someone who is athletic and you guys should all know not all of the SJ members are athletic. I would love to see Yesung or Ryeowook on the show but do you really think they can keep up? There are plenty of athletic idols. I wouldn’t even surprised if they tried to get Minho but SMent said he was too busy how about Eunhyuk instead. Running Man is a variety show that seems to be able to get all kinds of guest, even people who usually don’t appear on variety. So I’m just happy that have a Super Junior member on the show.

    • I hv a feeling those ppl who complain are the same person! I’ve been noticing there are ppl who are supposedly an ELF but hates Eunhyuk!! It’s ‘different ppl’ but I’m sure it’s the same person cuz the stupid thing is that those who complain always says the same thing (1st says I’m ELF, then said EH is overrated)!! First I saw that person on youtube, allkpop, and now this fansite!! I’m 100% sure they’re the same person!

      • i’m about to say it too.. it’s obvious that those are same persons..just like in youtube,made multiple accounts and pretending as kyu’s fan,ye’s fan, wook’s fan even dbsk’s fan n kpopfan in general but always bash hyuk with the same excuse..meh !!
        the irony.. she/he really works really really hard spreading her/his hate but noone listens to him/her n hyuk keeps get his popularity sky rocket 😀

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