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July 8, 2012 at 12:47 pm | Posted in 6th Album, Pictures/Videos, Projects, Wonderboys | 4 Comments

Return of the Sexy, Free and Single Beautiful men, Want to show the boys your love for 6JIB? Here is a project that all ELF around the world are able to join, as long as you guy 6jib, so please read carefully

Who?: If you buy Super Junior’s 6th album and you are an ELF, you can join!
What?: Send in a short video clip (no more than 5 seconds) of you or a group of friends, with Super Junior’s 6th album!!
How?: Create a 5 second video clip (Don’t just stand/sit there in your clip)

Here are some ideas: Jump out from behind a tree ★ Dance with it ★ Do a pose with it ★ Film yourself showing it to someone ★ Hold it in front of a Super Junior poster

• ELF who join as a group will get priority in the video. Get your friends to buy 6th album too!
• Any noise/talk in your clip will not be used in the final video
• Make sure the lighting and quality of video is good, at least 360p
• Doing it outside with nice landscape is more interesting
• The album MUST be visible in the video clip
• Super Junior should be entertained when looking at your clip, be unique
• You have a lot of time to receive your album if it’s being shipped, so don’t worry!

Submit any time after you receive your 6jib by following these steps:

1. Upload your 5 second video clip to YouTube
2. Send the video link via e-mail to the following:

ELF America:
ELF Canada:
ELF Malaysia:
ELF Singapore:
ELF European:
ELF Japan:
ELF Indonesia:
ELF Vietnam:
ELF Latinoamérica:
ELF Brazil:
ELF worldwide:
Russian ELF:
ELF China, Taiwan, Hong Kong:

3. Subject: Super Junior 6jib project video

IMPORTANT: Please include city & country in the e-mail
Deadline: August 25.
May be extended depending on when Leeteuk goes to the army.

For more information PLEASE READ and for any other queries please ask @gracelulumango



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  1. Sounds awesome! I’ll get my sister since we both own a 6th album and my friends will order some soon too :D! Ooo I have many ideas for the video!!!

  2. COOL!! Sounds fun!!! I’ve been wanting to do something with other ELF!!! It sucks that I’m the only ELF out of ALL my friends though… :(( I’ll just get my sister and cousin then 🙂

  3. what the meaning of this project? i stiil not understand u,u

  4. what about Australian ELF??? Can we join? 🙂

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