120706 Super Junior’s 6th Album, already ahead.

July 6, 2012 at 3:57 am | Posted in 6th Album, Albums, News/Rumors, Wonderboys | 7 Comments

The Album Eater Super Junior’s sprint in the beginning is overwhelming.

Super Junior’s 6th album, which was released on the third, has reached the top of album sales charts.

This album ranked 1st and 5th on the daily chart of album sales chart. Only in two days, 20,000 copies were sold. It seems that Super Junior will continue its streak.

The demand for Super Junior’s 6th album is not only in Korea but also in Japan. This album ranked 1st for reservation demands. Even though it is not the Japanese version, the demand is still high.

Super Junior recorded 500,000 copies for its last album, Mr. Simple. It is anticipating to see what bigger records they can set for their new album.

SMEntertainment stated that it is hard to expect the sales and that it had started to make more copies.

Source: hankooki
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  1. Is that a good number? How many were preordered? Weren’t about 200 000 preordered for Sorry Sorry?

    • There’s news mentioned that there’re 220.000 PO for this 6jib already.. Hope it’ll increase continuosly.. ^-^

      • Aaah, nice, nice πŸ™‚

      • are you sure cuz I didnt see that news anywhere. We are not doing well on charts, so must keep ordering and buying:)

  2. not a good number at all.

  3. great news ^^

  4. suju ara defenittly the best of the best i sure did like their 6 th album

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