Compilation: 120705 Mnet M!Countdown – COMEBACK

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the SIXTH jib compilations BEGIN wuhahaha !


120705 Mnet M!Countdown – Super Junior Cuts (includes download links)

Mnet M!Countdown Comeback – Super Junior ‘Sexy, Free & Single’ | From 120704

120705 Mnet Wide – Super Junior’s Comeback Story


120705 Mnet M!Countdown – Leeteuk [7Caps]

Mnet M! Countdown Official Update – Super Junior [42P] – From 120709

120709 Mnet Kakao Talk Update – Super Junior [4P]

Mnet Kakao Talk Update – Super Junior [4P] | From 120712

120705 OFFICIAL, Mnet M!Countdown – Super Junior [82P]

120705 OFFICIAL, Mnet M!Countdown – Super Junior | Part 2 [19P]

120705 OFFICIAL, Mnet M!Countdown – Super Junior | Part 3 [19P]

OFFICIAL, Mnet M!Countdown – Super Junior | Part 4 [24P] – From 120705

OFFICIAL, Mnet M!Countdown – Super Junior | Part 5 [61P] – From 120705

120705 Super Junior Official Facebook Update

120705 ELF in line at Mnet waiting for SJ’s pre-recording comeback stage!!! [1P]


120705 Mnet M!Countdown – Super Junior Pre-recording From U [Fan Accounts]

Mnet UPDATES (Twitter/KaKao)

120705 MNet Twitter Update: Super Junior and their ELF’s are here early for their comeback stage of doom!

120705 Mnet 신형관PD Twitter Update – Super Junior

120705 Mnet M!Countdown Official Update – Super Junior [1P]

120705 Mnet K-POP Kakaotalk Updates – Super Junior [5P]

120709 Mnet Kakoa Talk Update – Super Junior [4P]


120706 Super Junior to Comeback through MCountdown

120705 Super Junior’s Kangin finally shows up on TV

120705 Super Junior performs comeback stages of “From U” and “Sexy, Free & Single” on M! Countdown

120705 Super Junior Makes Their Comeback On “M! Countdown”

120705 Super Junior makes a comeback on ‘M! Countdown’ with “Sexy, Free and Single”!

Who Looks Hottest with Shades: Super Junior’s Yesung, Donghae, Kangin or Eunhyuk? – From 120706


120705 Shindong Twitter Updates

120705 Shindong me2day Update: Today finally…

120705 E.L.F Japan Official Update – Message from Ryeowook & Shindong

120705 Ryeowook Twitter Update: Today is 6jib comeback day><

120705 Kangin Twitter Update: ELF who waited for us, i sincerely thank you once again

120705 Leeteuk Twitter Update: I’m a pretty good guy~~~^^



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  1. who won ??

    • f(x)

  2. I wish SuJu won… But congrats to f(x) 🙂

    • Suju can’t win the 1st week of their comeback stage..we have to wait till next week…

      • OHHH! Really… Sorry, I’m actually kind of new to KPOP. LOL. Then I can’t wait for next week! xD

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