120705 Mnet M!Countdown – Super Junior Pre-recording From U [Fan Accounts]

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Compilation: 120705 Mnet M!Countdown – COMEBACK

From U prerecording; They recorded twice, KRY were wearing suits and stood on a higher platform. The rest of them were wearing a white shirt with jeans, Sungmin even had a tie and hat. At the beginning, Sungmin even stood with Yesung on the high platform XD Other than KRY, everyone started to pull up their jeans once they got off the stage XD At the middle, teuk asked the fans how they felt about not being able to watch SFS..everyone shouted “it was a pity”..he actually wanted to dance and show us but he was being rushed off the stage

Credit:  叮哆啦美_最後一搏 | Translation by: @teukables

Super Junior recorded From U twice. Today’s stage was very dreamy, the fanchants were loud. KRY stood on three steps on the stage. Kyuhyun stood in the centre, very proper, in between, he put his hands on his waist and even pulled up/ adjusted his pants, so cute!! When they began recording the second time they suddenly said to redo it, they were really handsome when coming down from the stage!

Ryeowook said, everybody didn’t see the main stage (Sexy, Free Single) what should they do? Then ELF started to shout for them to dance it, Leeteuk said if they can, they will dance after the recording. After it ended, the producer didn’t allow, so DOnghae & Shindong only danced a few steps for us.

Credit: 七七_FromU, cocokz | Translation by: @kikiikyu

Donghae wore a white shirt with green jeans today. During the 2nd recording he took off his tie and unbuttoned his top 3 buttons until his chest. Their choreography was good!

Credit: Coco/李东海后援会海世代

It was a lipsynced stage. Upon reaching, Ryeowook went near the fans and asked them if they ate and where did they come from. They rehearsed once and touched up on their makeup before they started recording. Because hyuk’s sunglasses flew out so they had to re-record. At the end, the boys thanked the fans and went off the stage

Credit: @nkh0625 | Translation by: @teukables

Ming came 1st with cordi still fixing his costume n then teuk n yeye
Somany eunhae moment while they dance together!!!!
At 1st half of song kry singing at stage behind while the rest dancing infront of the half end kry joining members n dance or waves
Kyu asked yeye bout the song bfore they prerecord^^
Kyu forever has problem with his belt…i think u need ur belly son…lol
Oh at the end kyuhae moment!!!!awkard laugh when they facing each other XD
Pd had difficulty ask elf to raise their hands at the end of the song.wookie took over the mic’sshh’ing elf n give instruction XD GOOD JOB!
Teuk ask elf how it felt cant watch sfs recording while gigling.elf shouted ‘SHOW ITSHOW IT!’ n teuk said they will show it But it’s a lieTT
Seriously hyukjae URE SO DAMN CUTE TODAY!!!!!!!!I CAN!!!!
Kyu waved alot bfore went to backstage XD but i was busy watching enteuk on stage as they did some movement from sfs
Oh!after teuk teased elf hyuk show dance from sorry2 etx n said’this one?or this one?’ while elf keep shouting ‘nooooo’ forever tease usTT
Kyu had prob with his voices n asked to re-do recording.1member tried to grab his neck,elf happily shout,while wook sang as example for kyu~
While teuk hyuk n dong teased elf kyu just stand in the corner shaking his head.his look’neup,not gonna happen guys’ damn it XD
Min seemed look tired 😦 or it was me who can see him clearly as i stand at the back TT n yeye…handsome yeye XD~~~~
Hyuk being sneaky staring at elfs while walking low to backstage.i waved him through crane camera n he looks surprise but waved back*happy*
Standing in front of camera is the best!!!giving u dellusional though that the boys smiling happily to u lol esp for teuk,kyu n hyuk part XD

Credit: @100pfan

Youngwoon and Siwon not in FROM U stage. 😦 KRY singing at the back while the other dance at the front.

Credit: @jwon0508 | Translation by: @SJia13

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  1. I heard that Siwon and Kangin will not appear in From U stage. Is that true?

  2. ” stage was very dreamy” *sigh* ❤
    Siwon and Kangin not on stage for From U… I knew that was coming 😦

  3. Why didn’t they perform sexy free and single?

    • they did ! there is even a photo on sup3rjunior from Mnet where we can see them dancing on SFS but i think SFS was recorded earlier and it’s not live, meaning in front of a public.
      Mnet Countdown is know for his MV-like-stages !

    • they did, but Mnet only allowed 15 ELF to watch SF&S pre-recording bcoz of the stage. n then they allowed the rest of ELF to watch from u pre-recording.

      • how do you get entrance/ticket to Mnet pre-recording? I will be in Korea in August. how do i participate and support suju’s activities then? i would really like to see them in person, but i don’t speak/read korean and don’t know how to find out this type of information.. please help?!

        • you have to line up, most likely the whole entire day. It’s honestly not worth it if your going for vay cay. but hey im going there in august too lol^^

  4. MC Ryeowook, i like it ^^
    Evil Kyu ^^
    poor Leeteuk, must have felt sorry not to have the time to dance SFS for ELF.
    i am so excited, still few hours before the broadcast ^^
    i want to listen to their voices so badly 🙂

  5. cant wait! i even skipped working today to watch mnet countdown! LOL!

  6. Kangin can be excuse for not being in From U stage but SIWON??? This abit ridiculous rite…’s a song for elfs how can it be like this???

    • Come on the guy has been working on a drama that doesn’t even take place in korea. Flying back an forth must be hard enough for him. Let him rest for few seconds. Why do i have the feeling you guys keep blaming him? You try not sleeping for days taking a flight and learning 2 choreograpies at the same time and then we’ll talk.

    • You don’t know how much respect i have for Siwon dancing so well in Sf&S despite getting sick and ill because of overworking at ShenZhen and Taiwan. Please be more understanding.

  7. BTW Will they already be competing in the Countdown today or do we have another week to change our not-very-promising situation? 😦

    • Usually the first week of comeback doesn’t count (but I’m not sure anymore, the music shows, especially Mnet has been so eeeffed up lately…) and one week or not…to change the situation, the K-elfs need to do their best and start buying and streaming like crazy…and if they wanted they would’ve already done so 😦 I heard that Suju aren’t very popular in korea therefore not doing so well with digital sales 😦

      • Yes, I know we’re in a dire situation and these past few days I’ve been trying to get used to the idea that we probably won’t be getting the first place 😦 I just don’t want to see the boys sad and disappointed expressions on the very first day of their comeback… I know it will break my heart 😦

        • I know 😦 I feel the same way. That’s why a part of me is so pissed at the k-elfs. I mean…we weren’t doing “this bad” last year with Mr.Simple…but this time…seriously…what’s happening? SFS aren’t even on the top 10 on some of those charts 😦 The boys performing without their fans, and not being seen on charts….that’s…just too much 😦

          • i know i’m not the one who need to judge k-elf but they r freaking bad this year what the heck is happened to them, did they go to other groups or they just dont care anymore? i dont get it i’m so worried about first places, of course boys say they dont care about getting 1st place but deep down everyone wants to win badly, especially when Kangin comeback with the group…

      • actually for mnet countdown, the artist can win on their comeback stage (suju win last year)..meanwhile mubank and inki can’t

        • Oh I see =/ But I’m streaming right now and they already gave out some award at the beginning of the show to FX…what award was that? 🙂

        • nope, you cant win on comeback stage…and SJ didn’t win on their comeback stage with Mr Simple O.o

          • I’ve check my mr simple collection….last year suju make 1st come back with mubank (5th Aug 11) ryte? they didn’t perform on 4th Aug mnet but perform on 11th Aug and they win their 1st music show award on mnet….or am i missing something?…i’m confused now… @_@

        • but it’s because suju comebak in week 2 🙂

          • so, although suju didn’t perform, it still considered as comeback since they performed their comeback on other music show…ok, now i understand….thanks for correcting me… =)

  8. Don’t artist usually get an awesome comeback stage? Mnet pisses me off right now….and why weren’t Siwon and Kangin there? And I still stand by my opinion that From U should’ve been the whole group singing and not just KRY, I’m absolutely positive that the rest of the members have the voice ability to sing it….Comeback stage and it’s not even live? My god….The times were so much better back in the days….Mnet has been deteriorating faaaaast.

  9. after i read some comments here, i just realized “from u” is kry’ voice..
    why did kangin not perform with them? if it’s siwon, i think he’s busy with his schedule..but kangin? why 😦

    • i more question.. did they perf full song.. i know the possibility the perf full song is near impossible.. just hope they include the rap part

      • I was really happy at first, but then, like you, I realized that From U only had KRY’s voices. Disappointment. It’s a song to elfs…and the rest of the members have great voices too…wouldn’t the impact and feelin be greater if all of the members would sing it? I was hoping that they’d at least sing it with all of the members live, but I guess that won’t be the case…-.- 😦

        • I agree. Even though Kyu, Wookie and Yesung sound amazing, From U should have been sang and performed by all members, just like Superman. From all members of Super Junior to all E.L.F.

          • I feel relieved that someone agrees 🙂 I felt bashful for a while…KRY have amazing voice, no doubt abt that…but it’s a song from Suju to elf so everyone should’ve had a line or two…^^

  10. so they sing From U live or not?

    • it’s live but mainly by KRY

  11. wow thank you for your reports..seem to was here 🙂

  12. Why does they always have to face so much obstacle…..

  13. I don’t know but I feel their comeback in Mnet is not too spectacular as I hoped it’d be.. and I’m really sad because of no “all-kill” for this album.. I don’t what’s wrong with that seriously??? 😥
    I don’t know what happen with K-ELF 😥
    I hope we, ELF, can do better before our leader going army..
    yet, I really want to be there to support them and have a moment with them when they need it the most..

  14. Someone please tell me why many ELFs couldn’t watch SFS performance?

    • it’s said that Mnet prepared a large stage for their performance so the no. of elfs to be admitted to stay had to be limited (insufficient space???)

  15. The performance was great! 🙂 Also guys, I-elfs can only do one thing and thats to search for super junior thats all but every little thing can help them right now and im sure that probably after performing each comeback, fans will slowly gather and go streaming/downloading the song after seeing the awsome stage! plus on the albums charts right now. hanteo, hottracks, their album is #1 on real time chart!! 😀

  16. I dun think people should blame K-ELF completely! Think bout it, this comeback was such a rush, ELF doesnt hv much time to prepare unlike last year. Also, K-ELF just spend their money on SS4 encore, which is like a month ago..I’m pretty sure they’re still broke right now! And so you know, other groups did well on digital cuz the PUBLIC buy their songs and not only their fans (thus why groups who are less popular than SJ manage to get higher in charts), and as we all know Korean public aren’t so interested in their songs sadly! I’m not a K-ELF, and I’m not mad but cmon we should work harder instead of blaming each other!!

    • THIS! that’s what I’ve been trying to explain to some on youtube for a while now.

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