120705 Mnet M!Countdown – Super Junior Cuts

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Compilation: 120705 Mnet M!Countdown – COMEBACK

Sexy Free and Single 1080

From U 720

^^ thanks to Memories♡ (taiwanluvsj) on Twitter




Credit: bluebirdsfly9; namchn09; blueprincez8; Exentrique1106 @ youtube
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  1. they are so cute but
    is this the dresses they will perform in?

  2. they are little kids

  3. It feels so weird to see them like that and knowing that it ain’t even live 😛 They’re not even in the building 😛 Yesung are always so adorably quirky 😛

  4. where are kangin n siwon???? anybody know????

  5. yes they perform “From U” in these outfits. 😀 they are so cute

  6. where’s siwon and young woon? T_T

  7. where are siwon and kang in???

    • i want to know this too T_T

      • i watche now. in from u they are 8 ,but sexy free& single all of them are here ^^

  8. its their outfits for From U, kangin and siwon didn’t appear in that performance. but they appear in SFS. that’s why there’s no kangin and siwon.

  9. i love them 🙂
    always love them..

  10. i need the HQ one T_T

    • 1080P

  11. love their live performance of SFS!! ^_^
    i so looove their dance routine for From U! sexy Hyukkie & Donghae! OMG! ^_^

  12. I love ‘From U’ performance…

  13. from u perform, really make me cry
    sexy, free, and single… AWESOME!!!
    love the all

  14. they lipsynced both performances? o.0

    • i think they lipsynched sexy free single, but every mnet performance is lip synched on the show i think. but KRY didnt lipsynch (obviously because they are flawless and perfect)

    • They sang live in From U performance

    • Only Sexy, Free & Single

    • SM’s artists always lipsynced on their first comeback stage..but not after that^^ Idk, why SM wants it like that..

  15. I was seriously in the verge of tears watching these performances. So perfect!
    The stage.. it looks so much fuller ^^
    These boys, how can I not love them?

  16. Truly don’t understand why Mnet &/or SM continue to treat them & ELFs this way; limiting fan entrance and etc crap. Yeah because you all well know the SJ live performance + ELFs chant will blow your mind and rise above the competition!

    • Why do you guys always find a way to blame things on sm? Before? yeah I agree but look at the attention and money that they have placed on the boys this time around. Stop blaming things on others, stop whining and moping around. SM said it themselves they”re confident on SJ and ELF despite the strong competition this year. Instead of wasting time looking who’s the one to blame let’s try our hardest. That’s what SJ has taught me all these years..

  17. Proud To Be ELF

  18. i love how EUnhyukie always remain the front possition when it comes to dance =)))….Really love his movements in From U, i bet that he is both the sexiest and skinniest male idol. Still….love his figure!!! =)))

    • i also love his dance in From U. sexy Hyukkie! ^_^

  19. i love their performance!!!!=D but why is that i cant hear any fanchants on their sf&s performance?=<

    • because the mnet crew didn’t let elf in when they did the recording. they only let them in for the from you performance thats why you could only hear the fanchant for from you.
      don’t understand what’s up with mnet. it feels weird without the fanchant, though i got to admit it’s still great.

      • oh thats why=D i really am wondering=D is it the same for all the comebacks of other groups? but anyway their performance is still daebak… though they look happier during their from u performance..=D

  20. i don’t get it why mnet didn’t allow ELFs to watch the live performance of SFS. but they allowed them to watch From U performance??

  21. I hate lip sync :-/ Hopefully they’ll perform live on other shows.


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        • think*

      • we have to send her a message sid..i already send her a mention on twitter and try to ask her on kakaotalk..hope she see it…

        • Ok let us know if and what she replies 🙂

  23. I’ll never ever get tired seeing their smiles ><

  24. OMG eunhae!!! i love their moments in From U. ahhh SJ daebak(:

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