120705 6JIB Sexy, Free & Single – Kyuhyun’s Thanks To [TRANS]

July 5, 2012 at 4:00 am | Posted in 6th Album, Kyuhyun, Wonderboys | 92 Comments

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120704 6JIB Sexy, Free & Single – Leeteuk, Eunhyuk, Donghae’s Thanks To [TRANS]

Suddenly 6jib.. and 6 year debut.. how time flies…^^ [something about the Lord] Mother, father, sister, I love you!!

Kangta hyung who always appears as a role model. Minjong hyung who is raising, Boneunim (BoA) who needs a lover, Yunho hyung who is still becoming my goal, Changminah you are mine, no matter how it is, our minho always looks like Jung Yunho-line. (CNBLUE) Jonghyunnie who suddenly starts to act in drama kk, my dongsaeng Qiannie, the KYU-line wannabe Taeminnie, kindhearted Junmyeonnie (Suho) it starts from now on, the cool hoobaes SNSD, SHINee, f(x), EXO! The one who suddenly become my best friend Jaebummie, changed after being famous Huhgak hyung, the one who I lost contact with G.O. (who doesn’t contact me).

Lastly, the nest that I love, Super Junior: 30 year old Jungsoo hyung, Heenim, the much missed Hankyungie hyung, Yesung hyung, the returned Kangin hyung, Dongguri Dongdong, King Sungmin, armpit Hyuk, our Donghae, Bossman Choi, Ryeonggu, Kibummie, Henry, Seasoning hyung, E.L.F. that show us miracles, we will always be together. As always, thank you and I love you.^^

Credit: @zhouminews 
Shared at by supergirlRain

Our maknae will always have unconditional love for his hyungs :’D



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  1. I love how he had to include Teuk’s age lol

  2. “my dongsaeng Qiannie” Qian is Victoria f(x) right? She is 87line, why kyuhyun call her his dongsaeng? maybe this mean is hoobae (junior).

    • because at the first time when Vic joined SM, she didn’t know that kyu is 88 line, so she called him oppa, and from that kyu also often calls him dongsaeng

    • Kyu calls her dongsaeng because when Victoria first join the agency, she was really politely to everyone and called everyone oppa, even Kyu. Later did she realize that Kyu is younger than him. Due to that they came good friends and Kyu became her oppa.

    • i heard some where.. kyu likes to be called eventhough vic is 1 year older than him or maybe same age as him in vic calls him oppa

      • in korean age, kyu really one year younger than vic….kyu feb 88 and vic feb 87… =)

    • bcoz when first come to SM Qian called Kyu “oppa” and later she find out that Kyu actually younger than her. SInce then they always joke Like that.. ^^

  3. King sungmin..kyu, always witty, cute and evil..^_^

  4. armpit Hyuk LOL

  5. i love it when he mentioned hankyung..the much missed…..

    • Yeah, me too ^^

  6. kyuhyunnie…… always cute^^

  7. king Sungmin??mwoayo??jinjja,,,,Sungmin is King in Kyuhyun heart,,,hehehe,,,

  8. Who is ‘seasoning hyung’?

    • I think it’s Ryeowook,, because he always cooks to the members.. hehee ^^

    • Zhoumi.. i think.. but ive no idea why seasoning ^^

    • aaah.. ryeowook already mentioned as ryeonggu..
      so it must be zhoumi,, hehehe

    • seasoning is one of Zhoumi’s nickname~^^

      • seasoning is Zhoumi’s nickname given to him by heechul

    • its zhoumi. jjomireo in korean means seasoning, so zhoumi is seasoning hyung since it sounds alike 😀

  9. So sweet! But question… did he mention Zhou Mi?

    • ooh yes (Seasoning hyung)

    • seasoning hyung that’s lovely zhou mi

      • Ahhh okay! Thanks guys!

  10. Kyu is the best he mentioned all the members and I like that 🙂 …

  11. Omg!!!! how sweet :‘) as expected from our maknae!!! rofl at armpit hyuk and bossman choi though xD
    Much missed hankyung-Ah, kibum-ah!! Dongsaeng is calling!! maaan when will come that precious moment when i ll get to see them all together !! 😦

  12. I LOVE THIS! >,<

  13. Thanks for translation I been waiting thanks again

  14. This is just amazing!

  15. yeah, he mentioned zhoumi as seasoning hyung

  16. baby Kyu is so sweet! i like how he called his hyungs & sunbaes like:

    “BoA who needs a lover”
    “Changminah you are mine” –> love this! ^_^
    “30 year old Jungsoo hyung”
    “the much missed Hankyungie hyung” –> aawww how sweet! ^_^
    “King Sungmin”
    “armpit Hyuk” –> LMAO!!
    “Bossman Choi”

    his message is sweet & funny. not too serious. i love it!!

  17. “who suddenly become my best friend Jaebummie” now Jaebum is your best friend?kaaka
    “30 year old Jungsoo hyung and Bossman Choi” lol he had to include Teuk’s age!bossman choi!!!

  18. Hehe our Evil Maknae! “who needs a lover” LOL! “Changminah, you are mine” Love their friendship! And Jaebum, too!!! Tsk, G.O. that’s not how it’s done 😀 30 year old 😀

    Now that I’ve laughed so much, can I cry my eyes out at “the much missed Hankyungie hyung”??? 😦 😦
    BTW has Hangeng ever mentioned anything SJ related in his Thanks To?

  19. He may not be my favorite member, but his album “thanks-to” always puts a smile on my face. Lol, Kyu…Do you have Mi’s permission to call him that? XD I thought only Heechul could.

  20. Kyu definitely has the BEST “Thanks to” ^_^

    • agree with you… he’s really a sweet dongsaeng for his hyungs… i would definitely love him more…

      • the most evil yet sweet thanks to note:0
        it reminded me of his secretive notes in a TV prog:P

        • Those ‘secretive’ notes made me laugh like a mad man…just saying xD

          • True… It makes me like him more:))))

  21. omo~he named ALL 15! Love it! makes me shedding my tears…
    and he said “needs a lover” about BoA! kekeke evil magne is always evil~haha

  22. aww.. he mentioned hankyung T.T

  23. Is seasoning hyung zhoumi? Why? Keke kyuhyun always being his cheecky self! kyute!

  24. ❤ He mentioned so many people ^^

    I love how close he is to everyone ^^ Hehe, Vic, Suho, Changminnie, Yunho, BoA, etc and all of Suju <33

    KYU<3 ;D

  25. Hehe, he didn’t say Donghae ‘hyung’. And so is Heenim. 🙂

  26. I always love Kyu’s thanks to……. always making fun of everyone in his life all at once :p

  27. hankyung is mentioned. TT will hankyung mention them in his new album? i’m hoping to see that…. TT

  28. Hankyung >.< the maknae loves his hyungs sooo much

  29. My Kyu always has the best thank to… Kyu daebak….

  30. Lee Sungmin’s thanks to’ please???

  31. Kyu is so sweet <333

  32. lol…the wannabe kyu-line taeminnie..
    i think suho will be join kyuline coz during 5jib thanks to, kyu also mention suho (joonmyun if i’m not mistaken)

    • Kyuhyun has also mentioned him in Sorry Sorry and Bonamana, too, they are quite good friends, it seems.

      • SuHo has always said that he looks up to Super Junior as his role models. The other members of EXO-K have never said such things. I think it’s cause SuHo is closer in age with them xD

        • Suho trained in SM for the longest out of EXO, so he’s closer with them

          • he has been a trainee since 2006 so that why they r good friends

  33. My Kyuhyunnie is just so sweet т.т I love Changmin x Kyuhyun friendship & Joonmyeon x Kyuhyun friendship, they are just so adorable т.т Kyu never fails to move me, ah, this boy

  34. thanks for the translation

  35. the much missed Hankyungie hyung :’] so cute
    king sungmin ♥ hehe

  36. ohh i always love this man!!!

  37. loving the dbsj love. Kyu’s not an evil maknae at heart :’) what a sweet boy ❤

  38. always best ‘thank you message’ ever.. ahahhahaaaa..
    LOL.. evil maknae is really cute.. ><

  39. he even mentioned Immortal Song 2 members.. haaaa.. how cute?
    and the way he called his hyungs and Boa,, make me lol.. hha
    and of course the best part is when he mentioned 15 members altogether.. even hankyung oppa.. TT

  40. “30 year old Jungsoo hyung, Heenim, the much missed Hankyungie hyung, Yesung hyung, the returned Kangin hyung, Dongguri Dongdong, King Sungmin, armpit Hyuk, our Donghae, Bossman Choi, Ryeonggu, Kibummie”
    Love it!

  41. Wow. His thanks to is the best! Even mentioning Hangeng. So sweet of him, even making fun of other hyungs, by calling them weird titles hahaha. 🙂 Hope Hangeng will be able to see how Kyu misses him… 🙂

  42. his msg is at once sweet and evil! haha just so like him. Seriously I think there is something goin on between him and Qiannie.haha. He almost mentioned everyone in sm family! haha. Love him

  43. why you didn’t mention “weirdo yoona”…. xP

    • yes… i’m a musketeer for evilligator couple…and absolutely have the same question too… from bonamana till mr. simple he always put weirdo Yoona on his thank to… seem there’s something bad happened between them.. and I felt there’s something missing..huh…

  44. what’s with that “armpit hyuk” ROFLMAO
    and the reason behind KING Sungmin, please??? xD
    kyuhyun’s thanks to is so solid, fun, but meaningful too =)

  45. “The nest that I love..” really sweet and cute maknae behind his evilness, I think he’s really has pure heart…

  46. kyu ah…this note make me like you even more:)

  47. boa who aneed alover XD agh kyu thats so ssweat and evil..

  48. i want to see their respondance toward Kyu sweet witty evil message.
    I laugh so hard becoz he thank message.

  49. Kyu, i like the way you call your hubby is Bossman Choi
    The thank note is so sweet

  50. Kyuhyun always has the sweetest and longest thanks to. His little nicknames for everyone are so snarky and just like him. And he mentioned Hankyung ❤ and I think he accidently forgot Zhou Mi.

    • Unless Seasoning hyung means Zhou Mi…… XD

      • yes that’s him

  51. LOL His thanks to is definitely the best..he pretty much being evil yet sweet at the same time! You just cant hate him despite all the jokes he said XDD
    And can I just said I cried when I saw hankyung’s name?? ;_____;

  52. I like how he mentions EXO! ♥ Kyu is so sweet (giving nicknames to everyone)!

  53. so sweet and snarkly at the same time ❤ totally sums up our maknae~~ ❤

  54. Kyu’s thanks to make me jealous. Qian? hiksssss….

  55. this thanks to make me cry n lol at the same time T^T
    Hankyungie please read this and see how much u’r magnae miss u
    hope,SOMEDAY they’ll be at one stage, again
    let me copy Cassie’s quote, Always keep the faith ^^
    Kyu mentions a whole SM artists,. So, Minho looks like 86-line? ah,evil…
    and yes, Changmin always belongs to u, whatever u want…
    does it means Suho become Kyu-Line member??
    Kyu don’t mentioning ‘hyung’ after Heenim, wait till Heenim read this n let’s see how his respons >,<

  56. kyu is super sweet!! he mention everyone
    our donghae?? ahahaha my kyuhae!!

  57. always love his thanks to.. >.< both witty and sweet.

  58. my dongsaeng Qiannie ?? that’s victoria??

    kyu .. you have a good heart,, i always love u..

  59. thats why i very very love super junior brotherships…they are very very awsome…hwaiting super junior^^

  60. he is close to many people
    but why didn’t he mention weird yoona

  61. kyu so sweet 🙂

  62. kyu, how sweet of you.. i even cried when i read the last part of his “thanks to” message wherein he mentioned all of SUPER JUNIOR’S members with different nicknames. but what made me cried most was when he mentioned “the much missed Hankyungie hyung”. it’s just so touching..

  63. i’m always eager to read Kyu’s “thanks to” coz it’s really fun to read, sadly there’s no KyuNa, BTW armpit Hyuk LMAO xD

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