[Transcript] Sukira (KTR) Sungmin & Ryeowook mentioned Kyuhyun! – From 120704

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Sungmin: Lim Chang Jung’s Long Time No See (오랜만이야). I really like this song. [Sungmin sings a short verse of the song]
Ryeowook: I’m thinking of Kyuhyun-ssi. Kyuhyun-ssi really sings this song so well.
Sungmin: Yes, truly. It is especially captivating when he sings it. I’ve heard him sing this several times since we’re roomates…
Ryeowook: Then, next time when Kyuhyun comes, we should let him sing it!

*Kyuhyun sang this song on Star King once

And duet with Kangin here

Chinese trans by: RUI伊密达
English trans by: @scarkyu
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  1. The duet was so beautiful.. Kyuhyun’s voice is so captivating..

  2. Ah, our Kyu’s voice is indeed beautiful and I always liked how he sang that song! One small thing though, he sang that on Star Golden Bell and not on Star King 🙂

  3. That song is very beautiful but Kyuhyun just makes it a million times better. I have the video of kyu singing it on SGB and I’ve always wanted to hear him sing a full version. I hope he gets to sing it in Sukira soon.

  4. lol it’s like Sungmin is fighting with Wookie ; as soon as Ryeowook mentions Kyu Sungmin always reminds us he is his roommate ! jealous ? hihihi
    but Kyu belongs to Wookie !! ^^

  5. kyu sing this song better than the real singer.

  6. I want to see kyu in Sukira with minwook

  7. aku benar2 ingin melihat merka bertiga

  8. hmm.. the first video I think it’s not a Star King but it’s Star Golden Bell, am I right? 🙂

    • yes, you are right!
      When they promoted “Sorry, Sorry”

  9. Kyuhyun…you’re the best…i love your voice…I LOVE U…

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