120704 Sexy, Free & Single 6th Album – Text colors with Preview! [INFO]

July 4, 2012 at 1:03 am | Posted in 6th Album, Albums, Updates, Wonderboys | 20 Comments

There will be text colors: Black, blue, brown, gloss gold, gloss red, matte gold, matte red, orange, white, silver.

Credit and posted by: PhungELF (



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  1. That’s so cool!!! can’t wait to get it!!

  2. OMG THAT SEEMS REALLY COOL! I really want it but i dont have a credit card to buy it! 😦

    • Which country are you from?

    • You should buy it through sj-world. They do bulk orders. You can buy them through other people from your country.

    • just go on there u can buy it!!!!

  3. I love it! I preordered 2 from yesasia :)! It is very beautiful!

    • it will not be counted. sadly… T_T if u buy from yesasia. it will not be counted it Hanteo chart

      • Its counted in the Hanteo chart now. It used to be not counted though. So you can still order from Yesasia and help SuJu at the same time (:

      • Sigh please do not say lies. If you go on IT SAYS THAT SALES COUNT ON GAON AND HANTEO. AND HAVE YOU BEEN IGNORING ALL THE POSTS ON THIS BLOG THAT TELL US TO ORDER FROM YESASIA!? Please do not lie! People will see and believe you! Are you trying to lower sales? Are you an anti?

        • Wow, calm down, don’t need to overreact. They probably didn’t know, don’t just call somebody an anti because they have been mislead.

        • cant u see my DP there? can u read it? n my name there got ‘CHO’ which refer 2 CHO KYUHYUN, my bias. as far as i know b4 this, they didnt counted it. im not ignoring all the posts here coz i just follow this this blog. pls dont easily call someone an anti here. im not bashing them. i just posted something that i knew b4. thanks to others telling me that now it will be counted. regard~

  4. I want gloss gold text,,^^

  5. I’m fine with any colour.. They’re all beautiful.. 😀

  6. it seems like a book ! i like it ^^

  7. waahh.. soon i’ll have it !! have preorder it, now just have to wait 🙂

  8. can’t wait to receive it. I don’t mind with any color. ^^

  9. I wish i could buy it but it costs a lot more in my country. i have to wait until it gets cheaper. 😦 i´m sorry

    • Where are you from? I can’t buy it because in my country we don’t have credit card! è_é Even if I have the money for buy it I can’t buy it at last! è_é

  10. i dont care if i get red, white or whatever as long as i got hyuk’s photocard.. LOL

  11. Just as a meaning of photo album..ohh i loved
    So..can i buy it from kpoptown..?
    is kpoptown buy the original album?
    is it count in the Hanteo ?
    I want to support super junior not just buy album
    please teel me ELF

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