120704 Super Junior Eunhyuk and IU’s Secret Romance?

July 4, 2012 at 2:53 pm | Posted in Eunhyuk, Pictures/Videos, Wonderboys | 146 Comments

Mnet’s Wide Entertainment News opened up the celebrity X-files to uncover the truth behind certain rumors and scandals floating around in the entertainment business.

Of one of those rumors was the possible romantic relationship between Super Junior’s Eunhyuk and IU.

Maybe there’s gold or money on her head, but Eunhyuk is always seen patting IU on the head very affectionately.

Not only that, they’ve already matched lips by singing a duet with each other – and what better song for lovers to sing than MC Mong and Lyn’s A Letter to You. IU had previously revealed that she loves people who look kind with smiley eyes. Does Eunhyuk have these features?

But the most suspicious thing about the two is that on his blog, Eunhyuk wrote “Right now, Eunhyuk is hurting, but now!! Let’s all cheer up. Yup!” which actually spells out the acronym of ‘Ji Eun-ah, honey’ in Korean.

Was this a cryptic love message to IU, whose real name is Ji Eun?

The problem is that when she named a few celebrities who she thinks of as her ideal type, IU mentioned Kim Tae Woo, Taeyang, even comedian Lee Jin Guk who is old enough to be her dad, but no Eunhyuk

Wide’s conclusion?

There’s a 50 percent chance that this rumor is true, but until they formally reveal a relationship, we guess they’re just good colleagues.

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  1. Apekah ini??oh nooooooo….

    • rumors..terkejut tibe tibe

  2. OuO

  3. can i dislike this article? where’s dislike button?? aarrrgghhh!! *flip everythings*
    sorry, i got jealous about this really T^T it ruined my mood ;w;

    • can i like your comment!! “where’s the like button??” 😉

      • seriously this article has broken my EunHae shipper heart </ 3 *crying in the corner of the room* TT^TT

        • And i’m hurt now… *CRYING*

    • same with me!
      oh no~~~~~~ TT____TT
      even I like IU but Eunhyuk is my bias huhuhuhu..
      I got jealous now~
      what should I do? TT_____TT

      • I like IU, but I’m not willing, if they are in a relationship. I really like Eunhyuk. very very love him

        • umm old news is so exciting. im an elf whose bias is hyuk.i know that he kept admiring iu since 2009.the patting head incident mentioned in the news is actually in 2010. Even on the 2012 Seoul Music Award, he is still excited while seeing iu getting prizes(he stands up and claps for her while everyone is sitting.except shindong).he dares showing this kind of support before cameras , so i dont think they are couples.
          If they were, i dont think iu’s company or sm would let eunhyuk to show his support towards iu in the public..before the camera.. and moreover, iu is the nation’s sister in Korea,im sure there would be a riot between elf and her fans if they were dating in the public in this obvious way ..LOL

          • really i got sooo upset because my heart is just crying out badily eunhyuk oppa is my bias and i am just arghhhh i guess he’ll be all right i wanna crush that person who reveal this scandal shit him 😦

          • i support this couple but Im so jealous T^T im having mental breakdown right now ;__;


      hahhaha i love E.L.F they really get mee!!

      i feel so jealous and heartbroken ,, I know i feel like a delusional E.L.F
      but I can’t help it HE IS MY BIAS

      anyways thank god there is E.L.F that get me 😀

  4. there is one time in SBS Heroes where IU revealed that her ideal type is someone who has a pretty collarbones. doesn’t eunhyuk has a pretty collarbones? lol

  5. Ouch, my heart x), haha. They would be a cute couple I guess T_T

  6. ;w; why does this get posted on MY birthday and MY bias Eunhyuk??!?!?!? .. The world hates me Q^Q

    • hey,, it’s my birthday too.. but i read this article.. how poor i am .. -_-
      i can’t believe it.. make me jealous.. T.T

      • it’s my BD too so let’s all be BFF
        but hyuk what r u doing plz say ur just her fan not love plz hyuk T.T

  7. Can I say, I ship this!!! Hyukkie has been having a crush on IU for quite sometimes now eversince she was their regular host for SUKIRA few yrs back! kekekeke!

    • I ship them too!! High five!

    • I ship them too!! x)

      • me toooooo ^^
        even though EunHyuk & KyuHyun (KyuHyuk) is my bias xD


    • i ship them as well.!!! not bad!!! 🙂

      • i ship them too 😀 *crying in the corner….T.T

    • If they ship themselves, then I ship them. (;

      • me too!! I like them! 😀 kyaaa..
        sorry about that, but i wish they’re can be together..

        • Waaah! Me too! XD
          They look cute 8D

    • If they like each other, I’m soo gonna ship them too!! But tbh I dont its true tho, I feel like Hyuk seeing her as his adorable little sister!

    • If they’re real, I ship them too!! And ELF PLEASE, if you’re a real ELF you should be supportive of the boys dating relationship…don’t you want to make them happy?? and don’t bash anyone in any way! It will only hurt more people including the boys themselves and it make ELF looks bad!!

    • I ship them too!!! eventhough my love for Hyuk is so damn much!!!!!!!
      n its hurting me… but still, IU is a good girl.. she has kind heart, smart enough, and cute of course.
      I’ll love the fact if they really have true relationship :’)
      n the most important is, there’s no reason to mention or hyoyeon anymore!!! holly THANKS!!!!

  8. Omg

  9. Omo… I hope this is true. They’re cute together! \^o^/
    just be realistic, they can’t live forever in false couple. They need real love-live. Just grow up and think guys.

    • Totally agree with you. To tell you the truth, I think this rumor is true 🙂

  10. What? How older is she?
    I do not think that is true!
    Sorry Mnet!

    • IU was born in 1993.

      • actually, IU is pretty young. Younger than him, like 20 i think? Eunhyuk is 27.

  11. actually I ship this couple…. they look so cute together.


  13. Actually i love This couple…, i hope they Will become real.. Because eunhyuk is really really love Lee Ji Eun.. Ji Eun Hyuk hwaiting..

  14. kyaaaaa~ is that true?? i really love it >.<
    ::EunIU shipper::

  15. I also think they are cute together. But we will never know…

  16. To me he looked like and older brother when he patted her head…As hyuk get hotter, rumours are gonna surface…

    • As hyuk gets hotter. LOL i like that!

    • I agree with your every word 🙂

      • yes he is her No.1 fan that’s it

    • hahaha so true…but i mind them as a couple…they both are cute nd they have every damn right to like anyone

  17. Some plz say its not true:(:(:(;(

  18. …………………………… (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ ┻━┻

  19. *someone

  20. If it has to be someone, at least i’m fine with IU compared to some other idols. Since no matter who it is, it will be hard for me to accept but i can at least feel better sicne we know how IU is right?

    • I agree with you! Because Super Junior is our idol, it doesn’t matter who they date, ELF won’t fully accept it. There’s always going to be that little spot of unacceptance in our hearts. However, I really like IU, she’s sweet and modest. She’s a pretty, talented girl with, most importantly, a good heart. In fact, I’d be glad if they really were dating. Suju’s getting older, I’m sure they want to find that one companion for themselves. 🙂 So since that’s the case, it’s best they find girls like IU. Since of course, we only want the best for our beautiful oppas ^ ^

  21. this is waaaay a very old rumors about IU and Hyukjae… but love them both though… but what’s with the last photo? is that hyukie and IU hugging???

    • i think apic he used for his cyworld (random pic) but very old

  22. Isn’t the 2nd picture is heechul oppa?he likes to do that..=)

    • no, it’s eunhyuk…you could watch the video and clearly see its him…it was during sorry sorry era when he had that dark red hair.

    • yes that’s heechul

      • no,that`s eunhyuk.i remember i saw this fancam.this is 100 %eunhyuk.

      • that’s not heechul lol, i’ve seen the video clearly. kyuhyun even teased eunhyuk about patting her head that day. and heechul is not close to IU.

        • Actually Heechul is close to IU. IU was a regular guest on Youngstreet for a while.

  23. wow..i hope its true.they will make such a beautiful couple.i remember hyuk said that she is the most beautiful girl in the world and he wants to be her husband in future lol

  24. Siwon will not like this.

    • why ? 😮

      • donghae will not like this..

      • Cuz she’s a sihyuk shipper(like me)?

  25. its not true, right?? TT.TT

  26. noooooooooooooo 😀 but, as long as eunhyuk oppa is happy for being relationship with IU,it’s alright i think :’)

  27. Eunhyuk always cheer for IU since her debuted I remember that, if it really true we can’t do anything,but to congrats them T^T

  28. speechless…….

  29. actually the hurt part in his cyworld i think if i’m not mistaken was written in 2010 during the kangin issue (i know it was in late 2009 but there were alot of articles at that time ) if it wasn’t kangin then something else but i do remember it’s old .. if i’m not mistaken the same site did post an old article about eunhyuk & G.NA … they seem to post a lot of speculation and not even recent news i just hate ppl making things up if he is dating IU then that’s fine but to make news about past things and making it seem recent is just kinda a desperate measurement from the news site to get comments

  30. Actually…. I ship this couple 🙂 Hahahahaha they’re cute anyway! Guys, get a life. They need real couple. They only human, they need LOVE (I mean real love from girls)

  31. No!!! I can’t accept it! I’m going to cry if this is true… I have nothing against IU but… I don’t like the idea of her and Eunhyuk getting together…

  32. i suddenly remember what my sister told me weeks ago…
    her friends on kakakotalk was saying that hyuk’s gf is iu while hae’s gf was yeeun…

    • why both of them have Eun in their name -_- Ji Eun and Ye Eun…

      • LOL

        • hae with yeeun,???nope.its another person

  33. kindaaaa sad T____T but as long as hyuk happy, i’ll always support youuuu Hyukjaeeee >o<

  34. Would actually ship this but I think it’s someone else named Ji Eun.

  35. agree with you 😀

  36. All these rumors floating around.. I don’ think it’s true. If it is, all the best I suppose. Everything is just speculation though ;P

  37. Hahahahahaha xDD i ship them!

  38. IU is a really great girl. She’s extremely down-to-earth and very friendly and sweet, that’s why everyone loves her. I would totally 100% approve this and Eunhyuk is my ultimate (i mean really, really ULTIMATE bias).

    He is really affectionate towards her. If you don’t believe that’s Eunhyuk patting her head, then go to youtube and personally watch them yourself. It is him.

    I think it would explain why he was so freaked out when his ex-crush came to Strong Heart to talk about him, when IU was there at the same time. Even though they never aired the part where IU talked about her story, her board said “Oppa! I’m here again~” or something along those lines. And Eunhyuk’s board was also said something very similar about a girl. If you put the titles of their stories together it seems like they were directed towards each other.

    It also explains why Eunhyuk is so attentive when watching her live performances, and he (playfully) got angry when Yoseob came up to the stage to sing with IU.

    And who knows, maybe IU doesn’t name him as her ideal type because they actually are dating and it’s too obvious? When you think about it, it does line up to match him though.

    Then again, Hyukjae is a really flirty person, so we’ll probably never know. He’s still flirting all the time with Hyoyeon and Tiffany and other girl idols. Anyways, I ship Eunhae, Hyohyuk, and EunIU!

  39. No way!
    hyuk is already taken by Hae! 😦
    Hyukjae 😦 😦

  40. I can’t even consider these, um, ‘evidences’ brought by this article as basis for rumors, let alone something as serious as a real relationship. Especially that obviously brotherly pat on the head from someone who’s 7 years older. This article has nothing for me to even doubt about.

  41. Hyuk is already taken by Hae! 😦
    this article make me sad 😦 so sad 😦 i feel like i can’t breath now 😦
    Hyukjae 😦

  42. I don’t think it’s true. It would be really nice though. Hyukjae likes IU very much!

  43. NO Doubt. It’s RUMOR!!! 😉

  44. nahh its brother and sister love keke. i cant ship these two, bcs im a hyohyuk shipper 😀 but hyuk looks so sweet+macho the way he patted her head aww. love u hyuk. hmm if it true,age doesnt a matter then…hyuk lets get married!

  45. erm, can anyone tell me exactly what BLOG of hyuk is this article talking about?…

    • probably cyworld or minihompy

  46. truely i’m jealous

  47. Didn’t Eunhyuk say that he would never date anyone born in the 1990’s because it would be too awkward?

  48. Wait ! eunhyuk has all this rumors with such beautiful girls. IU, Uee, Suzy etc. All this korean’s ideal type.
    I am so envious of hyung.

    • Omg jealous fanboy LOL

    • Uee? Suzy? I never heard of that rumor O.o
      The only Eunhyuk rumor I know is IU and G.Na

  49. im crying so much rite now!!!

  50. Lol wait is she even legal?

  51. IU is too young !
    whoah 51 comments !! lol

  52. As I didn’t know who IU was, watched some vids of hers. She’s very cute and has a cute voice.

    • lol you didn’t know ? she’s like the superstar in Korea, the nation’s sister as they call her.

  53. I dont think its true knowing that IU is 7 years younger then Eunhyuk.
    I think Eunhyuk is more like a big brother to her o-o But if it is true… Im sad Q^Q but i wish them the best :3

  54. its better IU than anyone older than her kkkkk
    actually I ship them kkkkkk

  55. lol the second picture doesnt feel like hyuk. -.- but anyways, if this is true, i wouldn’t be sad. especially since IU is one of my faves plus she’s really cuuuuute :3

  56. Player Eunhyuk strikes again…
    But I don’t think it’s true. Neither of their public images could take the revelation. She’s the nation’s little sister, he’s a Suju member.
    And that patting on the head does not look romantic to me.

  57. i hope it’s true…k k k k k k
    *don’t kill me jewels* ^_^

  58. I seriously ROFLed at this…….

  59. Prefer not to know….but….if its true, then, good..

  60. LOL I ship this. ELFs should calm down whenever Suju members are shipped with people -,-


  62. OKay i honestly i doubt that’s true judging from the evidence of this article. And i mean if they actually were, they would NOT go on shows (strong heart) together much less say he likes her publically, previous example of hara x junhyun. But if they are, well then he’s happy and if hes happy then

  63. andwae~…

  64. lol maybe it’s b/c eunhyuk is not my bias so that’s why i’m laughing at this article. honestly, the article even said that its’a 50% chance. haha there’s 50% chance in all relationships! it’s either a YES or a NO! xD

  65. no no no no no no no no no no

  66. i hope its not true
    I always to ready to accept sj’s love relationship but it doesnt come
    Remember when hyuk n iu’s similar clothes in strong heart ToT

  67. look
    eunhaeee it has to be eunhae forever /slapped

  68. Aku suka klu Lee hyukjae sm IU…

    Author traslt ke indonesia dong

  69. sabar Jewels..
    I’m just a little jealous because he is a member of Super Junior Eunhyuk. I’d be very jealous if it was Kyuhyun .

  70. heeeyy..
    The second picture does not look like Eunhyuk

  71. i ship iu with kyuhyun.
    i want iu with kyuhyun ;___;
    this rumor sounds too stupid. eunhyuk is iu’s fanboy, the same case goes to heechul towards sohee, i think it’s not that kind of relationship. plus both of them have bunch of schedules in different country. iu is busy with her japan activity, and eunhyuk with his fellow members. so i think it’s not like that.
    and iu has lil amount of sm boys on her friend list kkk

  72. LOOOOOOOOOOL no Hyuk loves Gyuri! & they were together! He’s just a big bro to IU..

  73. Well even if they are dating, I’ll be happy for both of them. 🙂 IU is a good girl, and as long as Eunhyuk oppa is happy, all is good. However I’ll die in the inside too TT^TT, but I don’t think they are dating? I just have the feeling that Eunhyuk is like a big brother to IU…….

  74. just be rumors please please just be friend hyuk & iu

  75. I don’t think its true lol him patting her head shows brotherly affection methinks.
    He probably treats her as his sister.
    Or maybe I’m just a butthurt jewel.?

  76. for me, its mybe they in a relationship or just brotherly love 🙂

    but i think 98% they are like brother-sister relationship just like heenim and sulli ^^
    the way hyuk patting IU on her head is just the same as what heenim always do to sulli ❤

    so relax JEWEL, its nothing ^^

    • I always thought Heechul was dating Sulli. Perverted and weird, because she is a lot younger, but I think Korean guys like younger girls.

    EUNHYUK & IU cuteee

  78. How come i miss out this article???!!!!!!
    Hyukjae ahhhh…u r mine….

  79. And now it all seems relevant somehow…. 😛

    • lol I agree… I mean, I’m a huge fan of SJ, but I’m not crazy to the point I’ll hate whoever they dates, so I’m fine with them together. I’m just worried that fans will attack both iu and eunhyuk because how they see it is more of a controversy because eunhyuk looks shirtless… I mean, overseas fans probably accept this more, but in Korea everything is quite strict…

    • lol yeah… I’m fine with them together but I’m worried fans will attack them both because K-netizens see this as more of a controversy because of the whole shirtless and bedgown thing….

  80. This rumor will not stop me from shipping Eunhyuk and BOA! I honestly prefer HyukBOA couple. hahaha (and my bias is Hyuk)

  81. I wish heechul oppa and teuk oppa are here to cheer our eunhyukkie

  82. Hello ELFs, Eunhyuk is NOT shirtless :

  83. ugh guys you should respect whatever their decisions, i mean if its true that theyre dating then just support them.. Hyuk needs us in this kind of condition, if you keep bashing their “relationship”, it doesn’t guarantee you’ll marry hyuk one day. So please dont make things worse for them

  84. Actually, i seems to realise long time ago about this two..but, since SuJu members always says that Hyuk was a big fan of IU, so i don’t care much about that. But, after this picture and scandal spread, now that i look back at the old show, it really make sense that they really dating back the. As you can see in strong heart, when Hyuk classmate came and read that love letter Hyuk really seems deniable about that and camera always shows IU face the whole time. Hyuk also didn’t seems to talk much that day and every time he talks, he always mention IU. And also when IU said that phrase “oppa, I’m here” was for Dong Wook, Hyuk seems to whisper something to Teuk.

    For me, even if i’m really sad right now. it not because the dating things, i’ll always give my 100% support to them if they dating or even married right now. because i always want their generation (kids) to bring SUPER JUNIOR name even for 100 years from now. the sad things is that this happen just after Teuk join army, and they have to solve this without Teuk presence and that will be tough for them. cause they always said that if there are problems arise, Teuk always resolve it. but now, i don’t know their situation and that really make me feel worried a lot.

    I hope that they can get out of it clean and i’m always support them..ALWAYS.

  85. Hey. sorry, its out of topic but I just really want to share *the possible * truth about IU-Eunhyuk photo. *its from IU’s fans prospective* Please read it to help the misundestanding.

    so maybe Loen is telling the truth

  86. oh my gosh !!

  87. i kinda prefer he’s with hyoyeon than with iu.. for me they’re more match each other, well everybody have their own preference right? i just wish the best for oppa

  88. Yup i don’t think they suit each other. IU is too young to get in love with EUN HYUK who is 8/9 years older than her. i think eun hyuk should go for a girl with more matured character than IU….

    • Wartaean tuh emng kadang bener aja…
      Buktinya iu ungkap sndiri kedekatannya sm uri hyukjar…
      *ikhlas ga ikhlas sih,,tp mai gmn lg 😦

  89. i like eunhyuk… my first bias in Suju.. then, after the rumor, i knew about IU.. and don’t know why, i like IU too now.. hehehe… i support them, if the rumor truth.. thats what a real ELF should be, isn’t it?..
    btw, they don’t have a large age gap after all.. 🙂 peace!

  90. toh ini akhirnya benar ;((

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