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DOWNLOAD LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/?t4h8amt50eds3tz (Reuploaded by: reneee)

Credit: :  

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  1. ahh finally…. like this!


  3. wooowww..

  4. I CAN’T BREATH !!!!!
    so SEXY and HOT >___<
    DAEBAK ^^

  5. It’s here!! I’m so happy! Love my Super Junior!! 😀

  6. OMG *sobbing* Isn’t Hyuk’s silver solo with the finger snapping at the end the coolest thing ever?? And Yesung is so beautiful!!! And TWO shirtless men 😀 And KANGIN!!

  7. I love Suju but everytime there’s a mv out by them I’m always like Yesung yesung! Gotta find/look out for Yesung. ❤ haha he looks incredible.

  8. Love it!

  9. They’re all so sexy and gorgeous, and the dancing’s so fluid, and omg… ;~;

  10. Donghaeeee.. u are so awesome and so haendsome..

  11. sungminsi ahhhh do not looked at like that i gonna dieeeeeeeee. You are so sexy and handsome. Good job oppa

  12. OMG OMG OMG it is out .. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay ..

  13. super happy! yeah they are really gorgeous… ahhhhhh……..

  14. loves my suju boys….super hot and sexy!

  15. finally…it’s out!
    i loooveeee it….!
    kyu,,you’re so damn hot!

    • i agree with you i want to kidnap hin right now

  16. Sungmiiin~~~!! Sexy & hot XD

    • min super hot here

  17. elf!!! i’m from south america, so i cant vote for them in mnet bugs or naver but they are really really low they are in position 27 or 24

  18. anyone here can hepl me ?
    how to increas the viewers ??
    i’ve already watch this mv in mny times but the viewers still 301 only :((
    how could it be ??

    • dont worry it’s YT error. it’ll update soon n your views will be counted 🙂

    • It’s like that because YT has to verify that the views are legitimate…they’ll update later

  19. They all DAEEBAAAKKK!
    Hey look viewers are not increase but dislikes are increase

  20. Absolutely amazing.
    Did anyone else notice that Kyuhyun’s shirt had changed in 2.42-2.45?

    • me!and i thought i the only one who noticed it.

  21. position 47 in mnet =(

    • Oh my gosh!!! What the heck r K-Elfs doing??? Like seriously?????

      • I wonder the same…tbh….the power of K-elfs are kinda weak this year…

        • It’s frustrating that I-elfs are kinda limited and can’t do much like k-elfs….but k-elfs aren’t doing well this year tbh…

  22. eunhyuk so cool…………

  23. I think everyone had a similar reaction to our boy’s MV..

    – OMG it’s here!!! finally YAY!!! XD –
    – click –
    – End –
    – OMG I just died!!!! –
    – click again –

    hehehe 😛

    Kyu so damn hadsomeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

    • Yes… Kyu looks super cool in the mv!!!

      • absolutely yes… he..he… He’s too hot…

      • Yes! Super cool <3…he is soo expressive *u*

  24. deabak!! the best comeback for me~^^
    keep playing the mv nonstop since its release,oppa gud luck!!

  25. Is it just me or there’s a point where Hae looked a bit like Hanggeng? Hehehe

  26. siwonn!!! shirtess amazing ^^

  27. Oppa Yesung luce tan bien en este video… No me canso de ver el video una y otra vez! Son los mejores! ^^
    Fighting from HONDURAS..!!

  28. Donghae, i’m in love

  29. *Drooling*NoseBleed*… 😀

  30. I LOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! The song is great! They sound more…mature. No longer trying to reuse repetitve verses! Love love love!

  31. Leeteuk oppa is reaallyyy hawt~~
    lee brothers always dance infront~

  32. I’ve posted this in teaser thread, but I’ll do it here as well, just in case 😉 It’s about increasing YT views:
    “There are different theories about the views: some Replay, some Refresh, press F5, play Playlist, don’t wait till the video ends, clear history/cookies and so on. What we DO know is that Replay doesn’t count for sure; Some think that Refresh/F5 counts, but the chances are slim; Playlist also causes some doubts because of history/cookies stuff; and it’s been said that you have to at least watch 30 secs for it to count as viewing.
    That’s why, to be 100% sure that it counts, I propose watching the video from start to finish, closing the browser, clearing history/cookies, opening browser and repeating the process. I know it’s tiring and annoying process, but if every person who liked the video (the teaser has about 70 000 likes) does this at least 10 times, we’ll have the guaranteed views of (on teaser’s example) about 700 000 in less than half an hour!! Doing the same with teaser will take only a few minutes! After that you can all go back to your favorite method: refreshing, playlisting or which ever
    Anyway, it will only take 30 minutes, but the results are worth the try! “

  33. Alright ELFs we got the best song, best MV and return of the KINGS!!! Let’s top the charts now!!!! 😀 let’s go go!!!

  34. Holy crap, Donghae at the beginning of the video. I’m totally love how much Donghae appears in this music video. He looks ridiculously handsome.

  35. ELF fighting for our boys!!

  36. Guys vote for Super Junior on facebook(.)com/RunningmanReonn­ingmaen!! They might get a chance to join Running Man.

  37. i. am. disappointed.

    • why ?

      • i don’t why many people don’t like the mv if you are turly elf you should cheer them not be disappointed at them

        • Someone always has to dredge up the “if you are truly elf” rubbish. It’s okay to just not like something, even if you are a fan.

  38. Simply DAEBAK!! My Gosh, the dance is HOT!!
    and eunhyuk with that snap snap thing… droolss…
    off to repplay it


  40. ELFs, we are lost in the music chart… T-ara be on the top of all the chart just after their song is released, they also get no.1 on soribada…I just getting worried with this situation… : (

    • me too

    • Sadly but yes….it’s been hard for Suju to claim first place ever since the album was released…and It’s gonna get harder with T-ara and 2NE1 releasing this week….sorry for saying this but I think the digital sales are a lost battle. Last year T-ara were crowned the queens of digital sales, and 2NE1 are also known to do really well at digital sales…:((( Let’s just hope that Suju will do better at physical sales….(I’m sorry but I wonder what’s up with the k-elfs….I mean..usually we don’t do well on the charts, but not this bad 😦 )

      • we can beat them if we co oprate right? the elf has so much power
        let’s gooooooooooooo

        • I know that T-ara n 2ne1 do well in digital sale n I also know SJ usually don’t do well in digital sale but at least we still do well in mr. simple, right… not like SFS…
          Yes, we can do well if we cooperate but from what i can see it become worse day by day…but I still 13elieve with ELF power!!!
          sorry if u think i only complain but I just worried SJ can’t win against them in music program…

          • i understand you but the important thing that we love them right?

            • I’ve been having that battle with myself ever since I realized that we weren’t doing well on the charts, like I do every time they release something new haha. I care because I want them to win, I want people to shut up and stop being so against suju, but at the same time…I shouldn’t because our love should be enough right?….:P

              • Of course our love to them is the most important…I just scared that SJ title as Leader of Hallyu will be questioned by antis if SJ lose in their comeback… I don’t want them to shamed…

  41. looooove hyuk’s part.. esp the clapping ? part… he did it the best..

  42. I think I’m gonna be a Sungmin slave for the rest of my life haha….
    Btw did anyone notice that Shindong didn’t have a line? :(( And that his “close up” barely lasted for a second :(((

    • Maybe because he’s not “single”…? I really don’t know -_-

  43. super junior forever
    kyu is soooooooooooooooo dammmmmmmmmmmn hooooooooot

  44. absolutely cool!! dance,song and our boys are perfectly match together.DAEBAK^^

  45. job well done oppas… ❤ ❤ ❤

  46. suju fighting !
    We must get GDA,MAMA,SMA awards 😛

  47. Isn’t anyone asking K-Elfs why are they doing this?????? Why r they dead?????

    • feels like they didn’t do anything at all…

  48. i like this mv a lot.. perfect upgraded box.. dance is really cool..

    and the video starts with handsome Donghae and my YeHae ❤ is happy troughout this video.. 🙂

  49. OMG.. the dance is so AWESOME….
    it’s totally hard to cover..
    btw, i read somewhere in twitter that in Korea students are having exam this week.. so thats why our digital sale so low..
    but im not sure either since i didnt live in Korea..
    im so worried about their comeback this time..
    aish, why i don’t live in Korea…!!!

  50. Elfs Plz do something abt the charts!!!! Why is this happening!!!! U know the world knows that we r better than this!!!! Plz get up and get Ur gear on we can’t and won’t let SJ loose to their juniors!!! So Plz Plz do something!!! I am soo tired of going on every SJ video asking Elfs do something but All they care abt is the mv!!! I even on twitter tweeted every single sj fan sites to contact k-elfs or lets donate money to them if they dont want to spend money but no reply! I have posting msgs on fb as well but no reply!!! Now i just wanna cry seriously! This is not the end or farewell any group would want no not any legend of kpop would want! Plz for the last time do something!!! SM is not going to do anything and its not something new to us right?? U know SJ relies on us!!! Although i am literally tired of going to yt, twitter, fb and other SJ sites asking Elfs to help SJ!!!!! But even then i am not gonna give up!!! And I dont wanna believe that there r no more k-Elfs bcuz they were there 11 mnths ago! All of them just suddenltly vanished???

  51. thank you admin for link download ^^ {}

  52. lots of thanks for the DL Link!!! you guys are awesome! SJ Daebak!!

  53. leadeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrr!!

    SJ’s “Sexy, free and Single” MV!!! DAEBAAAKKK!! :DDDDD

    been anticipating to watch this since the teasers were out!!

    Leeteeeuuukk!! HOTT!! EVERYBODY IS!!!!

    Guys, just think positively about this! We are here to support them, right? 😀

  54. i keep replay it i can’t get enough of kyu
    oh my gosssssssssshhhhhh he is very hot

  55. kyu love you very much

  56. Dear elfs, whatever you do don’t lurk around AKP….those netizens aren’t nice…I just read the T-ara MV release article…people are comparing and saying bad things about Suju’s MV being cheap and all. Totally killed my mood, giving you guys a heads up so it doesn’t kill your mood 😉 What is it with fans having the need to bash other groups in order to feel better about your own favorite group? At least bash sophistically with good arguments instead of “Cheap” “Hate them” “they suck xxx group is better”….Honestly…I hate those fans…

    • seriously…akp have been biased since the very start. i know for the past years Suju have been doing the same concept for mv’s and me myself demands a better one. but how immature to compare them to other group so that you can feel at least a bit confident and secure of your own fav group. it reeks jealousy.

  57. woooooowwwww….amazing!!!

  58. i want to ask something !! , how to incrase the digital sales ??
    those who live oversea can they do something ??
    i really dont want our SUPER JUNIOR to lose to 2ne1 ot t-ara !!
    they arent better than us in anything !!

  59. and where can we find k-elf ??
    so we can talk to them !!

  60. Ok girls putting aside our crazy fan exciment we have a serious issue here..
    T-ara and 2ne1 are really competitive..and if we even want our boys to get a better treament from SM and other fan groups and for ELF too because they deserve it we cant let them look us like a small thing..look down on us like last time..
    So I .Have another question..how do we help with the popularity votes or global fans votes since digital album sale it’s quite hard we should try other means too right??

    Help someone I’ll vote a million times hehe ❤

    this time they even create a song specially for ELF..we gotta do something girls!!!

    • I keep waiting for the Mnet music countdown global fan voting but there is no SJ. I guess they are waiting for the release of album. Maybe there will be tomorrow.
      We were really ban on mnet. But we keep going up right now. I hope this goes like this. ^^

  61. AGH I loove Sungmin’s blond..but I think Shindong needs more line 😥
    And ELF, I think everything depend on I-ELF now…we need to stream, download from soribada (the only one) and buy the album..I think we need to work harder than last year..the digital sale is doing soo bad 😥

  62. Awesome, lovin’ it!

  63. Hey guys…. How to put Sexy, Free & Single MV on loop.
    1. Use Google Chrome.
    2. Go to http://bit.ly/KRquJX and download the Youturn app.
    3. Go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWIkiI_UmeE and click the circle (which will turn green) beside the star-shaped button at the address bar.

    For more info.. http://www.madrasgeek.com/2012/01/how-to-put-youtube-videos-on-loop.html


  64. It’s a great mv and has a catchy chorus! 😀 I’m so glad this was released! Yesung and Kyuhyun are SO cool and handsome in this mv! They both look awesome! I noticed Donghae has a lot of parts in this song; he sang often. Can’t wait to see them perform in music shows!

  65. and now i can’t find the mv on youtube, what happens here, no ELF seaching SFS or YT hidden it, how annoying!

  66. this is awesome…6th album is daebak…all song is the best…donghae oppa fighting…

  67. siwon is so sexy and hot
    suju daebak

  68. its good, but i still prefer bonamana dance.. hohoho…
    its not better than bonamana dance..no one can change that, its very2 sexy.. XD
    and than the music is not easy listening, i think..

  69. Hey ELF! I think Youtube is checking the official mv for counterfeit views, that’s why we can’t find it when we search for it, nor is the views updating. So what we should do is to go to SMTown then click on the video instead of just refreshing.
    So please search for SMTown and then click mv from there so that the views look ‘legit’. If we keep refreshing, YT might take longer time to check which are the counterfeit views :/

  70. Adorei>>>Brasil

  71. wow.. the dance is daebak, better than mr.simple I think,, the song idk, but always support our boys ^^ they’re so hawt in the MV >.<

  72. dear all,we cannot find the mv unless you key in ‘single mv’ in the search column, please kindly help to spread, thanks

  73. http://blog.naver.com/elfsj040416/130141762856

    This site was mentioned earlier but Im posting it again (and in numerous places) so more people can notice it. From what I understand the Korean ELF of the blog can help give us an ID/account and we can also help them by sending in money. It has tutorials for the 6jib streaming/voting/downloading. Although the link given is only part of it if you scroll to the very end there is a link that say super… Im pretty sure its the only english of the bunch so it was easy to find once you click on it theres the rest of the tutorials ect..Please check it out (the tutorial is in english and japanese)..This is what they/she/he says——-

    Hello, I’m korea ELF (twitter : @Korelf_b)

    we need ur helping for SJ

    in Korea, many ELFs have examination this week.

    So they can’t stream well T.T

    If you coment this post, I will reply that. So u can help us! (u don’t have any ID this site, u can mention to my twitter too.)

    ——-We can’t lose hope, its never too late so please spread this site so more elfs will find out about it!

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