120702 Super Junior 6th Album ‘Sexy, Free & Single’ Poster [11P]

July 2, 2012 at 11:28 am | Posted in 6th Album, Pictures/Videos, Wonderboys | 21 Comments

All Images Reupload and Posted by: reneee (
Please credit ‘SUP3RJUNIOR.WORDPRESS.COM’ as well. Thank you.

Credit: 寰亞唱片 Media Asia Facebook

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Credit: 赫王爺的藍小魚

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  1. Is this the poster that is included in the Album ?,, x

    • If you ordered the poster and the CD set but if you just ordered the CD then no

  2. Hae Min

  3. well, ehm, I hope this isn’t the poster included to the CD… cause I like only 3 photos there (and my bias Ryeowook is not among them, unfortunately his photo here is weird)… hmmm….

    hopefully there will be some nice Ryeowook edition of this CD ^^

    • i agree ! Ryeowook is my bias but i don’t like the photo neither TT
      but i love the photo where he is standing up with black and blue shirt !
      Sungmin and Yesung are breat ! i prefer this photo (the last) of Yesung ^^

  4. seriously yesung like a forest prince..If there is different poster in each cd..i will be confius whether to buy his version or my biased version.

  5. I could’ve done without the green flower ring. And Yesung and Sungmin look incredibly beautiful!

  6. Seriously, is it just me or these photos are awful… I like Leeteukie though~

  7. Is the first pic the poster? or are there the member versions now? Seriously I’m confused..someone please help~

  8. Honestly in this poster only hyuk, hae, teuk n min looks good the rest I think they should choose better pictures especially wookie…. The photo teaser looks much better than this dont u all agree??

  9. my BabyYeye’s eyes… omg… he’s so beautiful >//<

  10. K-ELFs help us. we are from Myanmar. We can’t get the original CD. How can we?
    Thz alot.
    Very very nice posters.
    S,F&S l like that song so much. Give a new feeling.
    fighting my boys.

    • buy from yesasia or dvd heaven

  11. Now I understand why Yesung has not had a close-up of him yet until now. They save the best for last! Haha. But I like Yesung’s and Donghae’s the most. Donghae’s photo is beautiful and I also like how there’s at least one prop used in each photo.

  12. OMG!!!! I like all the poster teaser of min, there are look so beautiful and sweet….ahhhh minie’s eyes is powerful and melted me.

  13. isojggod;fsjgkdfsgiodfsj;gk,dfsoigdksg,dsiogj;k I AM DYING OMG THEY ARE PERFECTION AAAAGH

  14. Yesung’s picture is very sweet. And Kyuhyun has the most perfect lips on the planet.

    • I know! His lips are beautiful!

  15. I like Donghae’s photo!!!! is awasome, Kisses!!!

  16. Oh, oppa Yesung luce un rostro muy inocente, me encanta su mirada… Yesung mi oppa te amo ❤
    Fighting from Honduras ^^

  17. GOD! this is why its called SEXY free and single

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