Super Junior releases compilation video highlighting all the tracks from 6th album, “Sexy, Free & Single” – From 120630

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Prior to releasing their 6th studio album, “Sexy, Free & Single,” Super Junior continues to tease fans and has released a compilation video highlighting each track on their upcoming album.

“Sexy, Free & Single” has been named the group’s title track, and is a track that mixes R&B and house music that includes a catchy lyrics and chorus.

The album will include a special R&B track specially for their fans, E.L.F, titled “From You.” Member Eunhyuk’s creativity will also shine with the track, “Gulliver,” a track that uses the novel of the same name to describe Super Junior’s characteristics.

The track “Someday” was originally sung by Lee Sangeun and will be remade for Super Junior’s album, which will show their mature vocals. Additional tracks for the album includes “Run,” “Rockstar,” “Bittersweet,” “Papillon,” “Lingering” and “Breakup Day.”

Overall, Super Junior’s “Sexy, Free & Single” album will convey a variety of genre and show the group’s many different sides.

Super Junior has already released image teasers starting with member Eunhyuk last week, who was followed byDonghae, Leeteuk, Ryeowook, Yesung, Shindong, Kyuhyun, Siwon, Kangin and Sungmin.

Meanwhile, Super Junior released their music video teaser for their title track, which has achieved the half million view mark in less than 24 hours after it was released on June 29th.

Source: SMTOWN and Koreaboo
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  1. Not that I’m complaning but why are there so many kyu parts on the album? Don’t get me wrong I love the guy. I was really disappointed with “From u”, because I only heard KRY voices…It’s a song from suju to elf, shouldn’t all the members sing except for the chorus? -.- They all have such unique and amazing voices….and I have to admit that even though i love KRY, I got so disappointed because I heard more of KRY than the rest of the members….haha gosh I’m complaining XD

    • Don’t get me wrong, I love the album, I think it’s one of their best ones, it’s how the parts are divided that I’m apparently whining abt 😛

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