120701 FAN ACCOUNT Kyuhyun Filming 1 vs 100

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For the challenge Kyuhyun didn’t do that bad, he danced to Sorry Sorry, sang Sexy, Free & Single. He also showed his stocky thighs because people were teasing him about it. Kyuhyun said:”I have to do well, if not I will embarrass my father’s tuition institute.” XD

Except the 8 male singers, the other 92 are all girls! Policewomen, students, doctors all kind! Kyuhyun was so happy hahaha! XD The host asked him to pick his ideal type among them, then later they also picked a dermatologist (skin doctor) to examine is skin condition XD

There was one question, if there’s a 3 to 3 blind date, who will he choose to go with among SJ? Kyuhyun picked Shindong first, the host said that that’s a clever answer. Then he picked Siwon….. Because….. Siwon can pay for everything XDDD

And when the MC asked if he can ever go back to school life, what is the thing that he wish to happen?
Kyuhyun’s answer was: School couple……….. ==”

Credit: 楓葉之國的BB兔
Translated by:  @paperheartsMIN
Shared on by myuchullie



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  1. his choice for the blind date is just so clever the engaged member and the richest member lol ^^

    • LOL Exactly! That’s our clever evil maknae 😀

  2. makna is clever like always lol

  3. YAK evil magnae how can you be evil like that !? =.=
    but if you didn’t be like that, its not you XD

  4. Always is doctor….

  5. LOL he picked Siwon… just so he could pay? lol but isn’t that like bad choice for competition? sounds like a very very fun episode! Can’t wait for the broadcast!!

  6. My fangirl fantasies say that Kyuhyun wants Siwon to pay for their date and Shindong is their chaperone *slaps self* O:-)

    • LOL XD

  7. Does anyone know what’s the concept of the show? It’s the first time I’ve heard of it.

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