120701 We Got Married – Dimple Couple Ep. 24 [ENG SUB]

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Watch all the episode here –> Dimple Couple also for other SJ dramas ForYou

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  1. when SoRa said “I want you to teach me driving ”
    I was like “Oh No!! you’re asking the wrong person”
    Thank you ^^

    • LOL!!! I was thinking the same!! X°°D

    • hahaha I just remembered King Saturday Driving School’s Teuke driving…hahaha

  2. wooooooooooooow you are super fast 🙂 .. Thanks a lot 🙂 ..

  3. thanks for upload ^^ thanks a lot >//<

  4. Those who got mad at Leeteuk should watch this.
    He and Sungmin were laughing when Leeteuk said “fail your musical” because he was just joking and he even said “do your best” at the end.

  5. Thanks a lot ❤

  6. thank you so much for upload this video 😀 🙂

  7. very cute…teukie very cute when he is jealous…and from the way i c it, sora is simply teasing him becoz she noticed his jealousy. love the way she glance over him when she told sungmin that she like musical n stuff. but my most fav scene was when she was softly tugging on his shirt sleeve n teukie took her hand…aish! seems like real couple…..think they r getting comfy with each other already……
    im sooo not jealous….*___* haha

  8. Yesung ost song at the end <33 ^^

    • may i know what song is that? 😀

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