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SORIBADA http://www.soribada…./?TID=KA0048057
OLLEH MUSIC http://www.ollehmusi…bum_id=80299658
NAVER http://music.naver.c…?albumId=324538



The Complete Guide to Online Sales Support for SJ’s 6jib

SUPER JUNIOR 6JIB_Sexy, Free and Single [ORDER]



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  1. omg! i want to stream too… but how come cannot~~ huhu

  2. It’s already out! At first, I thought the song is going to be fast beat (from the MV teaser). The song is really cool and smooth. Donghae, Hyukkie and Wookie’s voices are awesome. And I can still recognize Kangin’s voice after all these years 🙂

  3. i don’t understand a word!!!! please help me!!! i really want to listen to the song!!! T.T

  4. I’m trying to sign up to mnet to stream the song but, it’s only letting me listen to a minute of the song. is that counting. I made an anccount under the english site of mnet but it won’t let me log into the korean site. And on the english site the album isn’t listed yet. can someone please help. I tried to follow the directions from the post about plan on how were supposed to download and stream the songs but I’m not getting the same pages shown in the instructions. Please Help!!!

    • how about soribada, it is already listed. u can download there

  5. Do we have to log into these sites to stream??

  6. kyuuuuuuuuuuuuuu><

  7. ‘Gulliver’ is an amazing song! 🙂

  8. please help ! do we have to log in/sign up in order to stream?

    • if we really have to, how should we do it???

  9. I love FROM U!!! DAEBAK!! <3<3<3

  10. ahhhh……… i don’t understand a single word….. TT how should i do to download it?

  11. I just went to Daum site and click on the headphone icons 🙂

  12. por favor ya quiero que salga el mv no puedo mas me estoy comiendo las uñas

  13. ahhhh….. i even can’t stream it……… help me please TTTTTTTT

  14. I don’t know how to do this… Every sight is in Korean… 😦 I want to listen to the whole song, but all the sights only allow for 1 minute… 😦 I’m like lost…

    • yes, it’s only a review.. full song is for the one who buy it 🙂

      • why isnt the soribada in english version have full album and full tracks? i wanna download all.

        • sorry but I don’t know that much ^^
          full album and tracks download is for purchaser I guess 🙂

        • english soribada had full track.i download all 6jib song from this site 🙂

      • Hahaha! Yeah, I know that now! LOL. and i spelled “sight” wrong. I meant site. lol

        • lol ok if you know that now lol XD
          and the songs is great :’)

          • I KNOW RIGHT!!!! I’m in love with all of them!!! 😀

            • YES! THEY’RE LOVELY OMKYU~ X33

              • kekeke Kyu ❤


  15. do we need to sign up/log in? if we listen to it if we dont have any account will it count? if not.. pls provide us tutorials how to reg on those sites ^^ pls?

  16. omg Gulliver… Hyukjae’s hot, smooth rapping voice dayum ❤ "gull-leever gull-leever" ;D 6th album! <33333

  17. can you help me to purchase soribada? i have an acc there but dont have a paypal or credit card or somethin like tat 😦 can you?

  18. you need korean accounts in these sites plus pay with credit we can only do it in mnet and soribada which require accounts (may not be korean)

  19. Guys, keep streaming…the digital sales are soo low TT__TT We can do this, for Leeteuk ❤

  20. Hey Admins i think that a lot of ELF’s really want to stream and download but just don’t know how to do it :/ because every single word is in korean.. and i want to ask you guys something does it costs? i already pre-ordered the album but still don’t know how to stream to support suju more T-T

    • i think for int-ELF soribada english is the site that we can download digital album. i don’t know about mnet. it should have download for digital album for global fans

  21. when I told her ‘woww’ …
    daebak ..
    This is COOL.
    and,, I prefer 6JIB of the 5JIB.
    Teaser MV was awesome …
    .. WOWWWWWW..

  22. Admin, please reply to the inquiries on how to register or log-in for foreign ELFs. We really want to help increase their rankings but we cannot understand hangul. Thanks.

  23. “From U” —- the best!!! a good song for ELF’s……..

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