120701 6JIB Booklet Messages – Super Junior [22P/TRANS]

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Updated with Kangin’s message ~~!

Download Digital Booklet [22P] HERE (40.19MB)
Source: iTunes | Converted and reuploaded by: reneee


Thank you for giving so much love to the album that I was waiting and looking forward to as fans! I will repay everyone’s love with even better music in the future!! Stay healthy always!


Donghae’s thanks to;

Hello~ I am Super Junior’s Donghae!
Please give our 6th album(,) Sexy free and Single lots of love~!
Buying the full songs like this(,) you will not regret.
It contains lots of good songs so please listen to it a lot~!


You(,) who sincerely love (our?) music!!
Once again(,) I express infinite thanks!!
Listen to Super Junior’s 6th album(‘s) songs and make precious memories!!
With everyone’s precious clicks(,) we are able to run even harder(,) thank you for giving us so much energy!! Thank you!! I love you~!!


I am Super Junior’s Sungmin^-^
Firstly(,) thank you loving our Super Junior’s album! We will also make everyone pleased through good music in the future~
Listening together with the performance shown on the stage(,) it is more handsome and exciting^-^!
Please also look forward to Super Junior’s activities in the future~!


I want to express my thanks to everyone that receive a lot from and I will show a even better side to everyone~ lets do it together ^-^


Hello! I am Super Junior’s Ryeowook =) Thank you for giving so much love to Suju’s 6th album Sexy Free & Single


Thank you~ I am Eunhyuk~ for buying the song officially(,) you’ve worked hard!! listen to it well^^


oh~!! every~one^^ such cuties~ ㅎㅎ thank you~ be happy always!!

Translation by:@teukables


Hello~~~ I’m ShinDong!!! Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to see U. Please visit to Korea!!!! Shall I be there? Oh, I’m hungry…. OMG!


I hope that our music can become good memories for everyone. Remember this moment now.

Source: @101holic
Translation by:@heequeenTing
Shared at sup3rjunior.wordpress.com by Destinyhae 


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  1. “We will also make everyone pleased through good music in the future”
    “Please also look forward to Super Junior’s activities in the future~!”
    You said it Min, you are the most honest and kindhearted member in SJ, you better not lie.

    • yup! He better not lie, this isn’t the last album!!

      • hahaha well said!


  3. is this different than the album thanks to or the same ?

  4. ahhh……kyumin appear together what is a wonderful day, Thank you. Sungmin is so beautiful and kyuahyun is so handsome, nice matching

  5. Kyuhyun’s message is so short. haha. xD

  6. Oh! Yesung’s message is so cute! 🙂

  7. ❤ Kyu ❤ i always support you ,Kyu Fighting!!!!!!!!!!! i love you so much <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  8. Daebak .. 6JIB is really Daebak !!!
    Always support Super Junior ^^

  9. AAAAH FINALLY! eventhough the concept is a bit awkward but the album is great!

  10. is shindong butt-naked?! :O

  11. OMG… Kyuhyun second pict *.*…… #speechless

  12. shindong english so cute ❤

  13. kangin’s?

  14. I love Teuk’s “peace” sign xDD

  15. where kangin booklet message??

  16. were is kangin? 😦

  17. I think I’m gonna die when I get this photo book…


  19. where is kangIn?

  20. ..just when i thought i couldn’t love you any harder..
    ..this album is the best thus far..
    ..seriously, DAEBAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. LOL. yesung, as always,the weirdest comment. if only heenim is here, his would surely be at the same length with yesung’s. kkkkkkk


    Kyaaa!!! Kyu. My Prince~~ You’r so Handsome..

    SUJU!! I will always Love and Support U!!!!! >,<

  23. Kangin ??? :[ I can’t choice who’s the best *-* omfg

  24. Eunhyuk… so handsome…

  25. where is kangin’s one ??? =\

  26. where is kangin’s thanks to? :”O

  27. No Kangin?

  28. So proud of them ❤

  29. Kangin eodisseo??? T_T

  30. i can’t imagine how pretty heenim would look like if he were to join this album too.. pretty boys concept.. 😀

  31. where is the message of Kangin?

  32. I will enjoy the songs on this album 6th

  33. Was wondering where’s kangin message o_o haha hyuk thanks for buying the songs officially you’ve worked hard LOL.

  34. I love Kyuhyun’s teaser photos! He looks sooo good!! :O

  35. yesung’s thanks to always the shortest……..cute…

  36. Shindong’s message is sooooooo cute!!!!
    I miss these dorks!!!!!

  37. I wish I could visit Korea someday and meet u my favorite star SUPER JUNIOR ! FIGHTIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING!!

  38. im mesmerized…daebak…

  39. amazing… im still dumbfounded ’bout this 6jib…omg…they are so gorgeous..

  40. Kyuhyun’s message is so short (though nice and sincere). Both of his photos look extremely handsome! ♥ Yesung’s message is so cute~! (*^.^*)

  41. Beautiful ♥ ♥

  42. Haha their messages in here are shorter than 5JIB’s one XD

  43. oh my sungmin ><

  44. oh thrilled to see you say like that .. 😉 Equally oppa .. it is supposed to support our oppa super junior all .. We will always be on the side of super junior .. we will not leave you .. I will always love you .. fight ..! ^ ^

    • please give my message is this to them .. I beg you ..!

  45. Kyu’s photos r extremely cool…. Let’s giv them many many supports!!!

  46. sungmin is so prettyO.o
    Yesung soooooo kyeoooptaaaaaaa

  47. Wow… Eunhyuk oppa… >.<

  48. I like Yesung’s and Shindong’s messages best ^__^

  49. yeah! yesung’s close-up!
    btw, kangin is the first one. why are there so many people asking him???

  50. thankyou for this!! this is what i looking for ❤
    thanks so much for your hardworking dear admin n moderator :3

  51. ey but i can’t see the whole photo?? T___T

  52. Donghae. He’s cute

  53. hahaha cute ^^

  54. iluv SUJU forever!! iluv their songs!!

  55. we’re so proud of you, Super Junior has always been the best!
    sungminniie, i’m sooo in love with your pureness :’3 future SJ’s activities! MUST
    yesung and shindong’s messages are so cute! LOL

  56. do very beautiful as always ……. ah I love cute ^ ^ and sending messages to the ELF………….^^

  57. “I hope that our music can become good memories for everyone. Remember this moment now” -> like siwon oppa message..

    SuJun daebak.. I already hear all of the song.. I like someday song and from u..

    “This song is dedicated to the world biggest fans club, THE ELF, my girls, my angles…”

    Love SuJu so much.. Love siwon oppa..

  58. Shindong Oppa wrote it in English! Kyaaaaa~~~~~

  59. Shindong Oppa wrote it in english!! kyaaaaa~~~~~~

  60. LOL shindong’s message is so funny… and i greatly appreciate that since he wrote it in English… thanks Shin Dong Hee ♥

  61. kyaaa! >//< donghae its so cute!

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