120629 Super Junior’s Leeteuk Wishes for Sungmin’s Musical to Fail

June 29, 2012 at 8:31 am | Posted in Leeteuk, News/Rumors, Sungmin, Wonderboys | 29 Comments

Otherwise known for their strong relationships and teamwork, Super Junior’s leader Leeteuk wished for fellow member Sungmin’s musical to fail.

It all started with another episode of MBC’s We Got Married when Leeteuk and Kang Sora went on their trip together to Nami Island.

There, Kang Sora confessed that she actually met with another man in secret.
When asked who the man was, Kang Sora revealed that it was none other than Sung Min.

Shocked and feeling betrayed of Sung Min’s actions, Leeteuk immediately called up Sung Min to explain why he would meet with his ‘sister-in-law’ without him.

In the midst of the phone call, Leeteuk blurted out, “I hope your musical fails!” out of pure jealousy, shocking both Sung Min and Kang Sora.

To find out if he was serious or just joking, viewers can watch the June 30 broadcast of We Got Married to get the full story.

Meanwhile, Sungmin is currently acting in the musical, Jack the Ripper as the character, Daniel. The musical began on June 20.

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  1. it’s a bit harsh doesn’t it?

    • he’s only joking!

      • or the news is exaggerating the situation since the ep didn’t air yet .. anyway when did sugnmin met sora he didn’t appear in any variety show lately nor she came to the radio ?

        • They met in a restaurant just a coincidence sora saw sungmin there and greet him. btw lol at teuk….. ^^

  2. teukie let his fellow dongsaeng have more screen time~

    • suddenly i remember during early teukso couple when leeteuk called shindong for advice, then shindong told him to stop using other members for the show…ke3

  3. OMO! O_O! I hope he’s joking , but im pretty sure he was joking xDDD
    who doesn’t know him 😀

  4. He’s just joking ._.

  5. Gosh,,is that for real teukie?? Dont say it, its a bit scary.

  6. LOL guys!!
    You do not know our leader?
    He’s joking!

  7. People. WGM is scripted up the ass with so much product placement. Leeteuk would never say that intentionally -.- And Ming and Sora went along with it XD

    • the problem is that a lot of ppl do believe that it is not scripted though it is 100% scripted , and as much as WGM team is trying to make the show natural and realistic i could honestly sense that it is scripted wish if ppl just treat those variety shows as if they were movies or tv series and not to react to much because of them

      • it’s impossible for a variety show to be 100% scripted. If it is, then there would be more idols casted in dramas or movies.

        They also can’t control their reactions and of course, they have some things they want to say on their own too.

        They are only told what to do, what they will be doing for the day, the questions they will be asked or they will ask, etc.

        • i mean the percentage that involve a script is high i know some reactions and stuff are natural but i hate how they are trying to promote shows as if they follow no script when there is a script not 100% but there is a script

  8. I believe he’s joking… and the news make it become worse -_-

  9. Lol a friend of mine said that they met by coincidence… she said that sungmin was eating so sora approached him to greet him iirc. and of course teuk is just joking. i think this news is just exaggerating ><

  10. I believe WGM was scripted, no wonder! i also believe that ” i hope ur musical fails” really comes out from teukie for those words..but i tend to believe that he’s joking.. Eventhough its a lil scary for me!
    The problem isnt scripted or not, but i think its more like that the news make it look worse,.

  11. he’s too much .
    i hope it just a joke ._.

  12. Whaattt!!! I knew Leeteuk is jealous Sungmin, although it`s a joke, even we ELF is listen to it hard, joke for your members is so Hard!!! Are you leader or what!!!!!!!!

  13. LOL! Why do they have to put the evil daniel ming pic there?

    • because it’s the musical pic

  14. The problem isnt scripted or not and joking or not!
    To be honest, he’s too much controversy! Its been 3yrs i follows suju, n im not a hardcore elf so im just to be honest of what i wonder there was a lot of ppl want him to enlist quickly..saying hope ur musical fails, its like a curse!

  15. Our leader will never say that out of his own will. It’s for the show. Calm down everyone. Angel Leader sees the team as his life… he wouldn’t want his life to fail.

  16. I believe he’s joking and this news is exaggerating it -,- I mean think, Sungmin is part of Super Junior, and so is Leeteuk..why would he wish his member to fail when clearly Sungmin is presenting Super Junior in his musical? If he fail, that’s like Super Junior’s failure too!

  17. Sungmin is sensitive person. i think it’s planned . there would be a big fight if it’s not planned~

  18. lol guys. Leeteuk did not say that for the show or anything.
    They’re friends come on.

    Even I can say that to my friend casually without thinking about his/her feelings because I know that he/she would know that I am joking -_-

  19. shush people why is everyone so serious =.=
    its crystal clear that its a joke, and the same whining and smart ass comments that wgm is scripted like they know something.. why? scared that oppa is someone besides the members? i sooo cannot wait for the day all members to get a girlfriend and soon marry.
    yes its a show and yes they have a script because no show would go right without it and when they say script its more like a guide for them what to do or they were given a situation and the Pd would make something so that they would be closer but every damn effort of the PD would go to waste if the couple doesnt have chemistry well have you heard about the hae-eunseo pairing? as much as im dying how perfect hae is as a guy the other one doesnt feel the same..

    • when i said a script i didn’t mean the part where the couple are acting real or not because i don’t care about that , but teuk reaction here because if he did say this without a script then it mean that he is acting childishly this is the part were we were talking about the script and not the couple part

  20. Sora and Sungmin met a looonnng time ago. I think this is just exaggeration for the fans to watch the episode. Leeteuk was most likely joking.

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