Super Junior – Superman (5th Jib) photshoot behind the scenes[1P] Date unknown

June 27, 2012 at 4:16 pm | Posted in 5th Album, Pictures/Videos, Random/Other, Wonderboys | 26 Comments

Credits: ? via Super Junior Italia Fighting on Facebook
Reupload and Posted by: PhungELF (

I don’t know if its been posted before, but its FUNNY xD


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  1. LOL!!

  2. lmao!! xD

  3. OMG.. ryewook oppa donghae oppa?? >o<

    and Kyuhyun oppa what are you doing haa?? wakakkaka

  4. bwahahah when beetwen tall people =.=

  5. lol baby Wookie and Hae ! no wonder why Ryeowook said in Come to play that he was complexed by his height ^^ they must feel sad in these kind of moments TT

  6. LOL –“

  7. omaaaaak….LOL
    why they stand beside kyu and won?poor hae and wook…

    • Yeahhhh,,,,
      both of them must be so upset if they have to stand besides Wonnie and Kyuhyunnie,,,

      • oh… i thought the one in center is Eunhyuk.

  8. hahahahahahahahahahaha trolololol

  9. WHAT THE…!!?? hahaha

  10. WHAT THE….. !!!??? hahahahaha…

  11. OMG LMAO Oh god…that’s why they shouldn’t stand next to Siwon XDD

  12. lol my short babies ♥ I love it ^^ I think Hae’s given up on caring about his height. He’s resigned to it. I remember he used to wear shoe lifts. But nowadays, he’s just like, yep, I’m short. What do you wanna do about it? xD

  13. LOL XD

  14. Funny boys. love u.

  15. i fall in love wit unperfect man~ hahaha

  16. hahahahahahah
    its so funny…
    poor LDH and Ryeowook,,,,

  17. Day = made! Got to love those boys. ^^

  18. LMAO.

  19. i dont get it. wats the picture about? sorry im a bit slow

    • both Donghae and Wookie are really short…and since they’re standing next to Siwon & Kyu, who are really tall, they need that thing to make them looks tall..

  20. any video of it?

  21. LOOOOLLL dorky guys XD


  23. LOL HAHAHAH! Kyuhyun looked down because it can make him shorter since he’s the 2nd Tallest in SJ 😀

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