120626 6th Jib TEASER: Siwon and Kyuhyun [2P]

June 25, 2012 at 11:50 pm | Posted in 6th Album, Kyuhyun, Pictures/Videos, Shiwon, Wonderboys | 97 Comments

120621 6th Jib TEASER: Eunhyuk [1P] | 120622 6th Jib TEASER: Donghae [1P]

120623 6th Jib TEASER: Leeteuk and Ryeowook [2P] | 120624 6th Jib TEASER: Yesung and Shindong [2P]

120625 6th Jib TEASER: Kangin and Sungmin [2P]

Credit Sports Chosun
Reupload and Posted by: reneee (

Please credit ‘SUP3RJUNIOR.WORDPRESS.COM’ as well. Thank you.

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There’s like two different versions/colours of the teasers ;A; I like these two better than the ones above ㅠ These two are the ones uploaded at SJ Official Website^^
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  1. kyuhyun looks normal . hahhaa that’s good .

    • You can say that their new album “SEXY FREE AnD SiNgLe” is the best concept for Kyuhyun so simple but vey sexxxxxy….

      • I’m 100 percent AGREEE!! XD

      • hahahahhahaa you’re right XD~

        • Totally agreed 🙂 kyu is too prefect

  2. Oh my gosh mother of Shisus this is beautiful, Siwon why are you such a handsome and beautiful man~ DOMEXLJDSLNXLXNNXDNAKOXXNJSKS my feelings now that everyone’s teaser picture has been released :’D Now all that is left is the music video and the albummmmmmmm!!!!!! WOOOOOOO YAYAYYAYAYYAYAYAAYAAYAYAYYAYAYAAYAYAYYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY

  3. OMG .. Really Amazing .. As Expect ^^ .. Love The Hair Style Of Siwon Oppa 🙂
    Can’t Wait For The Album ^^

  4. OMG Kyuuuuu~~~ really *breathless* so Handsome…. my boy >.< Love you~~

    Siwon looks just as gorgeous as always! LOVE IT! ❤

  6. love kyuhyun’s picture!

  7. omo kyu… O.o you look cool
    omg…just don’t know what i want to say again

  8. kyu was so awesomee #speechless

  9. Oh my boy!
    Very handsome ❤ Good! ❤


  11. Siwon looks like the wicked witch of the west, but it’s not a bad thing…, lol
    Siwon looks good no matter what. He could have a toilet seat on his head and look sexy…,

    • you’re so right jajaja

    • LOL So true!

  12. Kyu looks really good. Even though he’s not my bias. I must to admit he looks really handsome.

    And…Is just me, or Siwon remains a little bit to Robin Hood

  13. I think the other version of Kyuhyun withut the lighting thing looks better? or looks more like a painting anyway! And so thankful Kyuhyun didn’t get some weird concept!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • where do you see the other version without the lighting thing?

  14. KYAAAAAAAAAA….. IT LOOKs SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I LOVE IT…..

  17. wowwwwwwwwwwwwww
    my siwon is the bestttt
    he is so so so so beautiful
    i want to die…

  18. 규 및 Siwon oppa 정말 잘 생기고 놀라운

    • 당신이 맛보기처럼 정말 일명, 규 oppa 미남 있도록, 정말 멋진 오파 Siwon, 정말 놀라운 oppa가있어
      ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

  19. Kyu! OMO! so handsome 🙂 ❤

  20. I thought kyu looked like henli. If you didnt tell me it was kyu, i’d thought he was henli.

  21. ❤ Kyu ❤ so cool .i love Kyu <3<3<3<3<3

  22. now that all the teaser photos are out, i have to say kyu’s picture is the best, because he looks most like himself!! and i say this, even though siwon is my bias ^^

    siwon looks awesome anyway, but the longer i stare at the photo, the weirder the picture looks. it looks like his right eye is not in focus or something. what is up with that?? but his picture reminds me of an elf prince ^^

    i guess the concept for the 6jib is something mythical and portrait-like (like a painting)?

    • oh even my bias is siwon but i think kyus pic is the best because they didnt do anything weird on him, while siwon looks like a gypsy

  23. Kyuhyun’s picture is simpler than the other but he definitely looks good ^^
    he looks autumnal !
    and Siwon… lol i don’t know why i thought about Jack Sparrow here ^^ he is handsome as always 🙂
    i’m so satisfied by these teasers and so far, i didn’t mean it i swear, Ryeowook and Kyuhyun are my favorites ! ok maybe because i’m a huge Kyuwook shipper i can’t be totally objective ^^
    Next : MV teaser ?

  24. Oh my SHISUS!!!! I think I had a mini heart attack!!!! Siwon looks so.. So….. I dont have words!!! Wow just wow G.O.R.G.E.U.S

  25. Hmm, I feel a little bit dissapointed. I thought siwon’s teaser picture would be manly as always. Yeah, but he still looks georgeus anyway ^^

    And I really love it when siwon and kyu’s picture released together, such a perfect couple kkkk. Love wonkyu ❤

    • I know, gorgeous WonKyu 😀

  26. I love how powerful yet serene their facial expressions are. I can’t wait to teaser GIFs come out of all the members now~ Ahhh, so happy!

  27. yay…
    save the best for the last 😀

    • yes!!!
      i agree with u… and kyu is the best! hehe 😀

  28. The concept is like A glamour and rich man VS An ordinary handsome man..

  29. wonkyu at last , siwon loooks like some wizard or rather witch ha ha never tht he can look on the faminine side anyways he is always gorgeous bt i have to say i like lyus pic the best cuz they didnt do anything weird to him

  30. kyuuuuu….. you look so cool…^^

  31. Kyuhyun is very handsome, masculine. My favorite.

  32. Is this what they call ‘polar opposites’? LOL…. They make Siwon look a little ‘evil’ and Kyu a little ‘angelic’?

    Totally love all the teasers, if only they put out a closer shot of Yesung, it would have been more perfect.

    Now, how about a perfect ‘beautiful men’ group shot before the MV teasers??

  33. kyuhyun looks very very handsome >.<

  34. Siwon.oppa u my.everything my.favorite ^^

  35. I love how Kyuhyun looks the most like his handsome self! LOVE his teaser photo! I like how they didn’t make him look girly in any way or form like they did to most of the other members. Regular Kyu! Is there some sort of (white) design on his cheek?

    I actually like how the extra “nature” theme make-up is not as emphasized as the others (for example, no extra props, flowers, bubbles, thorns, color, over-done visible make-up, etc).
    It’s ironic how Kyuhyun has the least amount of props and extra “nature” make-up effects on him and he looks most “natural” or “nature-like” compared to others.

    Did they really have to add long hair to Siwon? He looks better without the extra hair; gorgeous anyhow! ♥ I’m still staring at the beautiful teaser of Kyuhyun. This is by far the best teaser shoot of him yet!

    @cjerz, it’s true: save the best for last! Kyuhyun’s awesome and handsome! XD

    • yupsss the best for last, i agree with it… and kyuhyun is the best i think…

  36. Woww…I love Kyuhyun’s teaser the most followed by Leeteuk, and Yesung… i dont like the rest cause they’re really weird… Kyuhyun’s so stunning… everything on him just so perfect, his jawline, his lips, his nose, his eyes, his eyebrows, his haircut… simple but perfect… he’s really really really handsome…

  37. did you all realize that kyu face was covered with white paint?? near his jawline??

    • yepss, i realized it too since first time i saw his photo teaser …

  38. KYUHYUN <333333333333333333

  39. I hate to say it, but I honestly do not like Siwonnie’s picture. It just looks… I don’t know how to describe it… just weird I guess. I like all the others, except his… 😦

    • You were maybe expecting a hot, full body shot? Me too!

  40. KYUHYUN!!! His hair!! Well, everything about him! He looks sooooo good! And his teaser is closest to normal! Oh how I love you my bias. 🙂 Thank you SM for saving the best for last!

  41. I think Kyuhyun looks good in that hairstyle. He has a fine forehead and such a long neck. I’ve been staring at this pic so much.

  42. kyuhyun is jjang 😀

  43. WOW!!! Kyuhyun actually looks normal!!! Ahjsidklfjklhslkfhodsfhlahfjkhajklshfiohaiofcnlaskl!! Ahh!! So happy!!!!! 😀

  44. Soo
    It’s all.. O.O

    In 1 june, it’s just the audio of 6jib or with the mv?

    • july 1… :p

  45. Kyu looks so goodddddddddd!!as i expect they didnt put any thing weird on him and make him looks more handsome more natural (he looks the most manly among of the members)
    his looks at this teaser has the angelic feel too!!Kyu pic is the best!!
    Save the best for that last right?;D

  46. estan bellos!!!!

  47. es mi favorito, kyuhyun!!!!

  48. So only Siwon and Donghae look directly into the camera and at the viewer. Interesting ….

  49. Siwon looks like a prince in medieval europe. really elegant n handsome plus beauty


  51. I think with Siwon they were going like: “Ha! You think he’ll be totally naked now, right? Well, you won’t be seeing ANYTHING below his face. Not even his neck!” lol He reminds me of a beautiful gipsy 😀

  52. A Midsummer Night’s Dream

  53. when i saw the title,”okay,control yourself”.but i couldn’t control and i screamed right after i saw kyuhyun pic.*he’s my bias*
    so,completed 10 members,and now waiting for video teaser ^^

  54. Kyuhyun picture is so great he remind me of Leeteuk I don’t know why !!! but for Siwon I don’t know what to say he looks like Robin Hood 🙂 …

  55. I can rant for hours to just describe how perfect kyuhyun is. Like seriously. I love his long neck. Its so damn sexy. His perfect side profile. His straight nose, long eyelashes and plump lips, sharp jawline. Its so simple yet so dreamlike! The light that sorts of glow just accentuates his soft features. Lol, i’m like writing a fanfic xD or analysing an artwork! Kyuhyun is a masterpiece anyway. Fav teaser! I like Shindong’s one as well. It’s dramatic. And of course Yesung’s one. He’s like the god of spring or something. So handsome. Lol told you i can rant for hours. I can type longer than this!

  56. why SM always make siwon with weird concept ?
    but siwon still looks handsome and beautiful~
    Kyu looks soooo ;;AAAAAAAAAAAAAA;;

  57. finally completed^^
    all awesome teaser n can’t hardly wait for 5 days

  58. i love KYUHYUN’s picture!!!perfectly to describe how handsome he is~~~

  59. is it just me or does kyuhyun looks a bit like Henry? probably because of the hair?

  60. Gorgeous Siwon!!!
    Look! His eyes look so mysterious, exotic, magical and mystical..etc.
    Definitely killing me XD

  61. Can you please re-upload the last two pics? Because the pics cannot be viewed. Thanks 🙂

  62. I dont like it, I think they could have look better. I think they did well with Yesung,leeteuk and Sungmin but Siwon and Kyuhyun really could have look better. I dun understand why kyuhyun’s cheek is so shiny, it looks like his face is squashed flat against a window.

  63. Siwonnnn,, you are the best

  64. We see simple and beautiful Siwon everyday so this time a sophisticated look is better. The rumored green-black hair isn’t true, but for his eyebrows :).

    Very powerful teaser, Siwon’s captivating stare is so attractive…

  65. All 10 teasers released~ And i really love them! My favourite will be Siwon’s, followed by yesung <333 :D! What's next? Oh i am excitedd!! The teasers are really making me so happy and excited, i got a really good feeling about this album! Hope it wont be disappointing!!! ~~ :DDDD

  66. guys please reply me. im a new elf and this is the first time im buying an album. if the rumor about 6 jib having individual cover, is there and korean/international site that let us choose the cover? because yesasia give us randomly. so where? 😦 plpease please help me T.T

    • Yes don’t worry, I will keep you informed… ;D

      • thanks admin 🙂

      • please inform me as well…new ELF here..i really want to buy their album but I’m kinda lost…T_T

  67. ::falls over laughing:: WHAT have they done with Siwon? At least Kyu got to look cool.

  68. All 10 teaser are out. Wow.. they look so sexy and handsome. Super Junior hwaiting. I am so excited. Look forward for album and MV.

  69. Siwon looks like Severus Snape to me.. heehe..
    Handsome version..

  70. finally, kyuhyun looks cool and handsome, yay i can see forehead-kyu again, but i think he’s too simple coz i expected more..
    wow..siwon looks amazingly diffrent..


  72. Kyuhyun so handsome!!!!!!!!!!! I love kyu !!!! 🙂

  73. Ohh, Kyuhyun looks so beautiful and natural here! >/////<
    And I agree with Elfelfelf, Siwon does look like a handsome, blonde version of Severus Snape XD

  74. Kyuhyun’s pic should have been for last year because he is Mr. Simple 😀 Everyone knows you’re handsome bb but this could have been any other regular photoshoot lol. Was kinda expecting something weirder but I guess I should be grateful they didn’t make you wear something questionable XD

    First thought that came to mind when I saw Siwon’s photo was some kind of chicken? Maybe king of birds? XD I don’t get the concept but well, he could pull off anything anyway with that kind of good-looking face 😉

  75. very cute look and Siwon Kyuhyun oppa also 🙂 🙂 ^_^

  76. from the pic kyu’s ear not really big :p

  77. Kyu…….. I really have fallen from you
    Again n again,,,, n always…
    the picture is simple but so sexxxyyyyyy……… the jaw line, ear, neck………’s make me really can’t breath…..

  78. SM: “Our concept is beautiful men. We’ll put you guys weird stuff on your hair and make it girly”
    SJ: “OK”
    Kyuhyun: NO 😡
    Thats what happen!

  79. I love Kyuhyun’s teaser photo. His hair, his face..everything about him is perfect! Love it!

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