120624 Shindong me2day Update: hints

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120623 Shindong me2day Update: second hint

120623 Shindong me2day updates: more hints!!

Shindong’s actual hint number five – “photo is the hint”

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Shindong’s actual hint number six – Camille Roqueplan

카미유 로크플랑 (Im trying to figure this name out, an paint artist, I think its Camille sth)

Source: Shindong’s me2day
Translated at by: reneee




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  1. I think that the 5th hint might have something do with shootingZ (e.g- you shoot a cannon and you shoot a basketball into a hoop)

    • Yes that is what i think it should related to summer time ~ so basketball shoot ☆ dance .MV.story…excited:-)

  2. Shindong usually browsing the hints with the keywords he wants to look for. So i think its related to SBS StarKing, anybody knows when the show was that?

    Maybe they’ll promote at StarKing, idk or their concept is related to ‘bird man’ (the word is written on photo). i have no idea for th 6th hint, he keeps mentioning french painters from yesterdays, maybe their concept again. aishhh shindong-ah i dont know anything

  3. white one is eeteuk and red one is ryeowook.

  4. eh, wait among the most known and famous artworks of Camille Roqueplan is “The return of Don Quixote” fyi Don Quixote is famous Spanish knight, suju is superman, superman is knight right? haha idk. So maybe what shindong means is “The Return of Superman” well i just share my opinion guys

    • oh, isn’t Quixote the one featured in Acha?

  5. Oh, I know! They’re going to dance with parrots on their shoulders! Hahaha 😀

  6. Maybe the next one on the teaser will look like a parrot

  7. So far the concept of the teasers portray the members to be like mythical creatures isn’t it-I can’t link it to parrot, clapping, paintings or magic?? Ahhhh…I give up :p

    • All the elements of fairytale movie, kinda like Pirates of the Carribean :p

  8. i just think about weapon and knight. Maybe the concept of the mv is about that. Simeon Jean Antoine Fort’s paint is about a battle war, and than the parrot that shoot with cannon, and the last paint hint is about spanish knight..
    Eh, wait.. On the first hint, he said “single as in one, not lonely”.. Knights’re never alone, right?
    but.. it’s just my opinion.. 🙂

    • ‘Single as in one, not lonely’ – The musketeers ‘All for one, one for all’? Shindong’s hints are giving me headaches, hehe :p


  10. bird?? Hmmm…I dont know, nature??

  11. Hyuk – Flowers
    Donghae- Sea/Ocean
    Wook – Birds
    Yesung – Trees
    Shindong – Ice
    Not sure about Teukie. Maybe bushes/shrubs.
    Everything is related to nature/landscapes.

    – Maybe it’s true that their song title is called (or has something to do with) Panorama – from the hint of Simeon Jean Antoine Fort (a French artist who painted a picture named something like “The Panorama of 1809 July 6th, 10AM, Second day of Battle of Wagram”.

  12. Wookie’s teaser pic kinda looks like this picture:

    • hmm..the link doesn’t work 😦

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