120624 100 idols answer survey & pick K-pop’s top idols of 2012

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thought I’d include the whole survey

To celebrate its 27th anniversary, Sports Korea recently conducted a survey to find the top dogs of K-pop this year, interviewing those that would know best — the idols themselves! Inviting 100 idols to participate in the event, the team was able to discern interesting facts about these performers’ lives as well as who they think are at the top of the industry.

The participants of this survey included 2PM, 4minute, B2ST, SISTAR, SECRET, FT Island, CNBLUE,f(x), B.A.P, EXO-K, Jewelry, JJ Project, Z:EA, Dal Shabet, A Pink, Nine Muses, Dalmatian,Boyfriend, BTOB and Bigs.

While the survey included over 30 questions, we’ve included a few of the most interesting inquiries & answers below!



  • Oldest Participant: 30
  • Youngest Participant: 16
  • Average (58 males, 42 females): 21.7 years old


  1. Seoul (50)
  2. Busan (10)
  3. Gwangju (4)

Length of training period?

  1. 2-4 years (38)
  2. 1-2 years (21)
  3. 4+ years (17)

What’s difficult about the idol life?

  1. Little free time & private life (31)
  2. Lack of sleep (22)
  3. Difficulties of group life (5)
  4. Dieting & taking care of my body (4)
  5. Irregular lifestyle (3)
  6. Public image (3)

Average Hours of Sleep

  1. 5-6 hours (39)
  2. 3-4 hours (31)
  3. 1-2 hours (9)
  4. 7-8 hours (5)

If you were born again, would you want to be an idol?

  1. Yes (55)
  2. No (24)
  3. Singer not idol (3)

Have you undergone plastic surgery?

Male (58):

  1. No (50)
  2. Yes (2)
  3. No comment (6)

Female (42):

  1. No (19)
  2. Yes (12)
  3. No comment (11)

Where would you want to get plastic surgery?

  1. Nose, chin or cheekbones (15)
  2. Liposuction (12)
  3. Eyes (8)
  4. Breasts (4)

‘If I make money, then…’

  1. I’ll buy my parents a gift or house (42)
  2. I’ll buy myself a house (22)
  3. I’ll buy a car (6)

Where do you want to be in 20 years?

  1. Good parent (22)
  2. Top vocalist (11)
  3. Top singer-songwriter (9)
  4. Composer/producer (7)
  5. Actor/actress (3)
  6. Entertainment agency owner (3)


The Idol with the Best Body

  1. 2PM’s Taecyeon (33)
  2. Super Junior’s Siwon (9)
  3. MBLAQ’s Lee Joon (8)
  4. 2PM’s Nickhun (7)
  5. Big Bang’s Taeyang (6)

  1. G.NA (23)
  2. 4minute’s HyunA (16)
  3. After School’s UEE (10)
  4. f(x)’s Krystal (7)

The  idol whose looks you envy the most?

  1. Big Bang’s T.O.P (21)
  2. 2PM’s Nichkhun (20)
  3. Super Junior’s Siwon (10)
  4. ZE:A’s Siwan (5)

  1. Girls’ Generation’s YoonA (24)
  2. miss A’s Suzy (13)
  3. Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon (9)
  4. Wonder Girls’ Sohee & KARA’s Hara (6)

Best Singer

  1. JYJ’s Junsu (26)
  2. SHINee’s Jonghyun (12)
  3. Big Bang’s Taeyang (10)
  4. B2ST’s Yoseob (9)
  5. 4men’s Yongjae, 2AM’s Changmin & FT Island’s Hongki (5)

  1. SISTAR’s Hyorin (44)
  2. Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon (23)
  3. Ailee (14)

Best Idol Actor/Actress

  1. JYJ’s Yoochun & Big Bang’s T.O.P (26)
  2. ZE:A’s Siwan (20)
  3. CNBLUE’s Yonghwa (9)
  4. Super Junior’s Siwon (6)

  1. miss A’s Suzy (35)
  2. Girls’ Generation’s YoonA (21)
  3. T-ara’s Jiyeon (12)
  4. After School’s UEE (11)

Best Variety Show Idol

  1. ZE:A’s Kwanghee (30)
  2. 2AM’s Jo Kwon (21)
  3. Super Junior’s Shindong (15)
  4. Super Junior’s Leeteuk (14)
  5. MBLAQ’s Lee Joon (4)

  1. Jewelry’s Yewon (16)
  2. SECRET’s Sunhwa (14)
  3. Girls’ Generation’s Sunny (9)
  4. After School’s Lizzy (7)
  5. SISTAR’s Bora (4)

The Next ‘Rain’

  1. Big Bang’s Taeyang (28)
  2. MBLAQ’s Lee Joon (19)
  3. Jay Park & B2ST’s Kikwang (8)
  4. There is no next ‘Rain’ (6)

The Next ‘Lee Hyori’

  1. 4minute’s HyunA (52)
  2. G.NA (20)
  3. SISTAR’s Hyorin (5)


The Group with the Best Harmony

  1. 2AM (47)

  1. Davichi (29)
  2. Girls’ Generation (18)
  3. Brown Eyed Girls (13)
  4. SPICA (10)

The Best Performers

  1. 2PM (21)
  2. Big Bang (17)
  3. B.A.P (13)

  1. Girls’ Generation (22)

Top Idol Group of K-Pop

  1. TVXQ (34)
  2. Big Bang (29)
  3. Super Junior (21)
  4. B2ST (6)
  5. JYJ & 2PM (4)

  1. Girls’ Generation (75)
  2. KARA (7)
  3. Wonder Girls (6)
  4. 2NE1 (4)

Credit: allkpop
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  1. Hm, can’t say I’m happy with the results: Siwon should’ve gotten more votes for his looks, how come none of the KRY deserve a mention when they have some of the best voices in the industry and have beaten all of the above mentioned on IS, and what’s the big deal with this HyunA girl?? 0_0 I don’t like neither her song nor her appearance… Seems like idols really DO see things differently from the general public…

    • Took the words right outta my mouth…

      • :))

  2. And one more thing, when did Junsu become such a “big” lead singer? Don’t get me wrong, I love him and HyukSu, but isn’t Jaejoong supposed to be the main vocal? Forgive me if I’m wrong, but I’m new to Kpop and unfortunately wasn’t here during the DBSK5 days, and by watching old videos it seemed to be so 🙂

    • Junsu is a good singer I believe, but I believe KRY should be included 😦

    • yupz, jaejoong was the main vocal, but people appreciate junsu vocal more, including me. for me junsu vocal is far away better than jae’s technically. n i love his voice tone too.

    • erm Junsu is like flawless live…. and is generally recognised as the best idol male vocalist by industry etc… though Jaejoong should have at least been on the list as well! both Junsu and Jaejoong were main vocals…

      • I think sm brain washed ppl by putting out tht kind of news, same thing with yoona’s looks(she is beautiful but there r others too). I really cant see how junsu and jaejong are the Best. Even snsd taeyeon, they r good but not mind blowing epic. Sorry if i offend any sones here, but her voice is not very recognizble. : ( like her ost, i wouldnt know its her unless i see the name. Sorry, dun misunderstand, i do like snsd, jus feel the other girls are overshadowed undeservingly. KRY voices, on the other hand, r highly recognizable.

        • i agree !
          i don’t get it : Yoona is pretty but there is a lot of pretty girls in kpop, but she seems to have a cool personality so i guess that’s maybe what attracts people the most.
          for Junsu on the other hand… i’m sorry but i really don’t get it. For me he sings well but he is not outstanding like everybody say.
          actually once i was curious about his voice in solo (since i didn’t know DBSK well) so i checked his singing in the drama Scent of a woman where he made a cameo, and i was like “what the hell ?”, his performance was very average and weird. I didn’t like his voice at all…sounded like a mosquito, no offense i’m sure he is a great guy otherwhise. I guess it’s a matter of taste.
          But i don’t take this survey too seriously, it seems more like they voted for their “friends”
          but yeah it’s Korea and we all know that Super Junior are not well recognized there… TT but it’s ok they have us ^^

          • Maybe you should check out junsu’s other solos, they’re pretty good too 🙂 like for example ” I don’t like love ” which was rooftop prince’s ost. Maybe that’ll change your opinion!

            • i will check it ! thank you 🙂

              • You’re welcome! Maybe you can check out DBSK’sbolero too. I think that song broughtout his vocals quite well. -spreading some DBSJ love- meanwhile I’m glad KRY are now more recognized thanks to IS2 🙂

    • Junsu’s really good i feel. Jae comes second i guess? But according to a vocal expert junsu is rank first too, in terms of skills and all that 🙂

    • There’s not such thing as main vocal in DB5K – they are all vocals. Well, it’s considered that Jaejoong, Junsu and Changmin are the best and they are the main vocals, but all of them are, including Yoochun and Yunho, too. But Xiah is considered as the best, which I agree, because he has all the features that a singer needs, he is truly the best.

      • WOW Thank you all for answering! I am so surprised right now! I have to admit that I never took Junsu that seriously vocal-vise, probably because of his character – he’s too much like our Hyukie 🙂 I always thought of him as more of a mood maker, dancer maybe and then singer LOL I guess it’s because his voice is kinda a bit husky, quiet and not what is generally considered as powerful and screaming vocals which can hit you in the face from the very first note… I’ll have find his solos and listen 😀

  3. I can’t believe Ye Sung wasn’t mentioned on Best Singer…

    • Me too

  4. K-R-Y are the best singers, without a doubt.

    • KRY are not the best singers, without a doubt. I am pure ELF, moreover, I am Kyuhyun-biased but I still can see how things actually are. Junsu is the best vocal for real, this guy has pretty big range, amazingly beautiful voice, he’s flawless at life performances and if that’s not enough, he expresses the song’s feelings really well. He deserves the first place. But it’s not about Junsu only. Truth to be told, KRY are not that good. I mean, yes, they are awesome vocals but when you compare them to people like Yoseob, Jaejoong, Changmin, even Jonghyun (I exclude Taeyang, he’s not that good at all), we have to say that they are a little bit worse than them. The range of the four above is quite bigger than KRY’s, maybe Kyuhyun is closer to them but still. Their timbre is different so they can sing different kind of songs, unlike Yesung for example, he said himself that he should work on the catchy pieces in order not to add sad feeling to the song. As much as I want my Kyuhyunnie to be the best, I try not to be biased. Don’t get me wrong, KRY are good vocals, just not the best.

      • come oooon at least they would have mentioned one fro kry , even in the bottom but how come u say best singer and dont mention anyone of kry ??? ok yeseob ??? like for real ?? yeseob gets mentioned and not kry ???? i think that they r just jealous of suju bcoz they r the best but they wouldnt just admit it ><

        • I wouldn’t say that having a different range and different voice is all that contributes to being a good singer. And I DEFINITELY wouldn’t say that Yoseob, Changmin, Jonghyun (Taeyang shouldn’t even be mentioned here :D) are better than Yesung or Kyu. If Immortal Song 2 hasn’t existed we could’ve said smth like: we can’t compare, he’s singing here, he’s singing there, we’ll never know. But the fact is IS2 happened, it was a competition, they all participated and went all out to win, all the above mentioned were there: Yoseob, Changmin, Jonghyun, even Hyorin, and Yesung absolutely killed them all, every single one of them! Not because of his range and high notes (which were awesome, BTW), but because he performed the song, sang it that good! And it was not just the fans’ or audience’s opinion, there were high-profile producers commenting and they admitted that he was the best 🙂

          • Yesung killed them all? Seriously? He won once. He was good, of course. But each of IS2’s performance had his great stage for which he won. What is more, even the songs sang in IS2 are not the same style so we still can’t judge by that. What I judge by is not only range and voice, and definitely not by singing in a certain genre; I judge by live performances, technique, flexibility in styles, range, expressing emotions, etc, etc. And I am quite confident claiming that Yoseob, Changmin and even Jonghyun are better than Yesung and Ryeowook (okay, I may be a little biased here but Kyuhyun seems to be the same level as the three mentioned above). And I have no idea why most of you, guys, think that Yoseob doesn’t deserve that title. He does. He may not be as good as Junsu, for example, but he has amazing voice, good technique, range and expressions. Maybe most of you aren’t really familiar with his abilities but he is quite good. I know it’s kinda hard admitting that your idols aren’t the best, I also hate admitting that Kyuhyun is not the best singer because what I adore in him the most is his voice, but it is a fact. KRY are really good, just not good enough for the title ‘best’. And it’s completely fine for me. I love them this way. Do you need them to be ‘the best’ in everything to love them?

            • Forgive me, but I will stick to my opinion 🙂 I’m not saying that they are the BEST, but not worse than the above mentioned, at least not Kyu and Yesung 0_0 And yes, I sincerely believe that he was so much better when he won at IS2, because every time I watch that performance I find myself teary eyed at the end, and I don’t even understand the lyrics. That has never happened to me… For me, personally, touching people’s hearts is the art of a true singer. I also think that it’s a bit early for Yoseob to be considered the best, and as for Jonghyun, yes, he is very good and his high notes are unbelievable (a bit TOO uncontrolled and unleashed for my taste, but objectively he is amazing) 😀 This is my humble opinion and how I feel. I hope you won’t get angry just because we have different views on the subject 🙂

              • I don’t get angry for such things, don’t worry XD Well, I think you have to admit that you were being biased while watching Yesung’s IS2 and having teary eyes. Kyuhyun can always make me cry with some performances because I love him and he touches my heart in a special way while I wouldn’t be really moved by the same song sung by somebody else even if it’s thousand times better. And yes, I agree for Jonghyun here, he needs more practice but I’m sure he’ll improve. Yoseob has a long way until he reaches the best, I agree about this one too, but I started feeling like he is really underrated by international fans. But this survey didn’t even deserve us to be arguing even a little about it as it’s just ridiculous, I think that the idols weren’t completely honest. And by the way, I am really surprised that IU wasn’t even listed as best female vocal, I got the impression that she was really adored by Korean fans and even idols.

        • It’s actually kinda stupid of you saying that other idols are jealous. They may be jealous of certain things but about this exactly most likely not. And why only mention when there were way better singers listed.

  5. Really… Why wasn’t KRY metioned in Best Singers….!!??? Or at least Kyuhun… or Yesung… or Ryeowook… >..<

  6. Ok this is really entertaining..since when taeyang being one of the best singer? Can somebody tell me the truth?this is obviously joking me,, even i think KRY have more beautiful voices than taeyang n yoseob..
    As for hyuna this is hillarious!

    • The same feeling here!
      … WT….???

      • Its brainwash. Where is 2am?? They r the ballad-dols.

    • Taeyang is not that good at all, keep calm. If there is somebody from Big Bang who could at least fight for the title Best Vocal, that’s Daesung but he is far from winning. Same for KRY, they are good, a little above Daesung’s level probably, but still not the best. And I am completely not-biased.

  7. idol who they conducted this are usually not popular and no brains..
    b2st??? they are not in the level of sj,bb dbsk kinda agree a little bit of 2pm bcoz only of their sensational issue between jay park
    shinee much more deserved it..

    they are speaking in behalf of their attraction to them…

    kry definitely deserve to be there.. specially in best harmony..

    who is spica/davichi??? BAP

    eunhyuk is not there??? variety is his league

    ze’a who is that???

    • popularity in korea n international is different. in korea, beast n 2pm >> shinee. even many said 2pm > TVXQ n SJ.

      davichi is female duo group. n spica is a rookie girlgroup (best rookie for me), u should check them out, they’re great 🙂

    • i totally agree with you. dont know why leeteuk isnt top in variety because i havent even heard of zea’ till now and i came across suju through leeteuk’s variety shows. the results dont seem that accurate

  8. K.R.Y is always underated bcoz of Suju image. people know them as entertainer not singer. n many SJ’s title track didnt show their real vocal. n ofc non-fans dont listen other tracks in album, so they dont know how awesome K.R.Y are..

    • agree!!

    • super agree

    • Agree too

    • agree with you completely…it’s kinda sad, really..I hope the title track in 6th album could show off their talent 😥

  9. Yeah no 😐

  10. Greetings from Canada! My boyfriend is Korean and he’s only lived here in Canada for a year and a half. These results are surprising to me, but only slightly because who is popular internationally versus who is popular in Korea is very different. My boyfriend is surprised by who my friends think are the best idols, and we are surprised by his.

    Many idols and groups that are popular among international fans are not popular in Korea, for example. Different cultures come with different ideals, thus this list.

    Even saying so, I’m surprised to see no one from KRY on the list, because all the Koreans I know think highly of that trio and their voices.

    • Really? I wonder what is actually popular in Korea? o.o

    • You can’t leave us like that LOL We, international ELFs, always hear these, um, rumors that there are not a lot of K-ELFs, that SJ is considered the best only internationally and so on, so please, can you at last tell us exactly WHAT is the situation in Korea? Is SJ really not that popular in Korea? Even though they’re in almost every show? If so, than how does the public view them? And, finally, who are considered best idols in Korea (apart from obvious – DBSK and BB)? Sorry for all the questions, but I’m really interested 🙂

      • Just wanna share something about our idols, I was in Korea last month and was really surprised that SuJu is not that popular. Our tour guide mentioned that SuJu is not that famous there but she was surprised that they are well known and loved outside Korea. It seems that they are not famous as a group but are recognized and known individually coz she knows leetuek , eunhyuk and shindong.. I felt bad about it, but what the hey (Korea is just one country compared to the millions/billions of fans all over the world who loves them) They might not be famous in Korea but the whole world still recognize them as the leader and kings of K-Pop… nuff said …SuJu Fighting …

        • So it’s true then.. that’s too sad 😦 If I were Korean, I would be especially proud of a group who is, as they themselves call Hallyu, “exporting Korea” lol

          • I can’t speak for every Korean or Korea as a whole, but I was told that Super Junior is well known in Korea, though the way I understand it is that newer and better things come along. It’s like here, Christina Aguilera is still well known but hardly the most loved celebrity or the most acknowledged. If she does something new, she gets press coverage. It’s the same way in Korea with their music. And Super Junior is getting kind of old.

            Hurt me to say that ):

  11. THis is very interesting, but I did notice that the participants were all “newer” idols. That makes me question the credibility of the survey. I think the data group should have been bigger.

  12. LOL, 4men, idol? This is a joke.

  13. lol, I was kinda disappointed. Well, no wonder at all, this is just another commercial survey as far as I can see.

  14. They shouldn’t do surveys over Idols. :))))) Lamest thing ever. They should do surveys to those who are already professionals. Producers, Song writers, Composers, etc.

  15. Hm, this shows that SuJu don’t really rank that high in new “idol”s eyes… Pretty sad… They should show some more respect for one of the front runners of Hallyu, who are working their a**es off and opening new world markets for them 😦 This is just IMHO, the impression that I got from this, because if you look at the number of their votes it seems that only EXO-K voted for them lol, while there were so many groups in the survey…

  16. lol this is the worst voting ever.

  17. Just wanna share something about our idols, I was in Korea last month and was really surprised that SuJu is not that popular. Our tour guide mentioned that SuJu is not that famous there but she was surprised that they are well known and loved outside Korea. It seems that they are not famous as a group but are recognized and known individually coz she knows leetuek , eunhyuk and shindong.. I felt bad about it, but what the hey (Korea is just one country compared to the millions/billions of fans all over the world who loves them) They might not be famous in Korea but the whole world still recognize them as the leader and kings of K-Pop… nuff said …SuJu Fighting …

    • Well, it’s not nuff said, being popular in their own country is most popular because many things depend on K-ELF and they mainly promote in Korea. I know lots of international fans support them as much as they can, but… It makes me sad that they’re not that popular in Korea…

  18. I honestly feel that Yesung has a unique voice D: He should’ve been at least voted by some ! Kyuhyun and Ryeowook too ! Maybe they didn’t get enough votes ? Oh wait , they would’ve put it up here too , right ? Why !? Maybe the idols that voted listen to other singers more ? I realise GG has been voted a lot too . I don’t HATE them , but ..

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