120623 Shindong me2day updates: more hints!!

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120623 Shindong me2day Update: second hint

Shindong’s hint number four – Simeon Jean Antoine Fort


That is it for hints today !! ^^ It was fun ^^ For your information, the hints are in some kind of order, even though I can’t tell you what the order is.. And as I’m looking at the comments.. haha It was beyond my expectations !! There were some things that I have never thought of !! ^^ haha Anyways, you guys are doing well !! haha

Oh my!!! There were some that were really frsutrated !! The hint isn’t the word link but the link, so click on it ~~ ^^ kkk Ice rink was funny !!

some fans found out that Simeon Jean Antoine Fort is an French artist who painted a picture named something like “The Panorama of 1809 July 6th, 10AM, Second day of Battle of Wagram”. So, maybe it’s the day of their comeback maybe?

Also, the other prediction is, fort simeon (I don’t know how it would be spelt)and jean antoine (I don’t know how this would be spelled either), both mean strong, force etc. So, maybe hinting at Kangin’s comeback? Or just the fact that their comeback stage/song is very strong and manly.

Also, the other prediction of some fans are, there was an artist named Jean Antoine Watteau. One of his paintings depicted a man in clown (?) clothes, drunk, deepened with pain of love, but unable to express it. So, the fans are saying that maybe the song’s theme is about being heart broken.

(ELFs are so good at this!) They found similarities between Leeteuk’s teaser and one of Davinci’s paitings, Donghae’s teaser kind of looks like mona lisa (?), Ryeowook mentioned something about Fallen Angel (which is also a painting),, and Eunhyuk’s looks like a painting as well. The fans have concluded that one of the things that the artists have in common is that they have fallen in love with comedians.

Source: Shindong’s me2day
Translated by Jee (@jeee54)



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  1. July 6th 10am makes sense. Or maybe Panorama is a song title too. idk. All I got so far from the hints was the first one. The set of all point equidistant from a fixed point is a circle… but wth are we gonna do with a circle?! LOL

    • maybe, their dance formation?? LOL

  2. I seriously have NO idea at all…how did ELF came up with such a genius idea? You guys are making me feel dumb, but that’s good, now I dun hv to think ;P

  3. daebak,…….

  4. by the way about the 3rd hint, the common thing between TeenTop and 2NE1 is clapping right? but im not really sure about Leesang and Hyunsik..

    • you’re right! I think it too.. but still didn’t got anything -,-

  5. i found out there’s also “clap” in one of Leessang song lyric (Hard To Be Humble).’s too weak, huh? LOL. im lost.
    and from what i know, if Hyunsuk there means Yang Hyun Suk, he’s the songwriter of 2ne1 – Clap Your Hands.
    but yeah, it’s too hard to conclude.

  6. but looking at your post, seriously, if Shindong’s hints are really means that complicated, he’ such a genius. really. LOL

  7. As much as I want to explore these, I don’t think it isn’t that complicated. I mean, he said he was frustrated himself as some have gone too far with their predictions. It must be something simple.

    • maybe… cos y’know, they’re MrSimple… LOL sorry I just had to XD

  8. I think Lee sang what shindong means is Lee Sang Ho, he composed FT Island’s comeback song “Love Love Love (everybody clap, clap, clap)”

    like as @HEEpnotyzed stated earlier, There’s TEENTOP song called 박수 (Clap), and 2NE1’s Clap Your Hands, and Yang Hyunsuk composed it.

    so in my opinion shindong’s 3rd hint is clap, which is one of their new choreo

    • the Love Love Love…Everybody clap clap clap is by CNBLUE not FT Island. Ft Island has the same title song too^^

  9. didnt shindong said earlier that the hints show some kind of order?. I think the order what he meant was dance formation order.
    Like the 1st hint, they will make circle and the 3rd they will clap their hands maybe. idk, just saying 🙂

  10. srsly tho, the last interpretation is kind of overboard? searched davinci’s artworks and none of them seemed to be similar to teukie’s. while on the other hand, hae’s actuall looks like every other davinci’s painting, not just the monalisa. also, fort’s painting are all about entitled battles of something then there’s a date, so one can’t really say. but yea, july 6th is the closest (w/c makes sense cos it’s gonna be released july1 and there’s a chart show on july 6th but why 10am? it can’t be the mv) but yes, i think we’re on the right track about paintings. first thing that came into mind when the 2 teasers came up today was painitings (and if u look closeley at wookie’s, he has smudged oil paint in his jawline)

    and if shindong’s tweeting it in order, it may be the title of their songs in 6jib’s tracklist, not dance formations? lol just sayin’

    anyway, why am i analyzing this too much? i have thesis too do LOL XD

    goodluck ELFs!


    Siméon Jean Antoine Fort painted TWO pictures of Wagram and not one. ^^
    The first picture is dated to 5th of July 7PM.
    The seconde one yes, is dated to 6th July. 10AM.

    He painted another pictures which are dated in July too.

    • Maybe 5th of July is the day they release the MV and 6th of July is the day od their comeback…

  12. Omg I seriously need to stop reading haha my expectations has skyrocketed! XD

  13. Hmmmmm.. :S

  14. guys are so amazing! Keep going elf! 🙂

  15. BOW DOWN to all of YOU.. ELF are the best. 🙂 any hints that are given, i don’t get it, even a single one.. poor me. 😦

    • I know how you feel. Everyone is coming up with such amazing ideas and I’m just hear completely lost. ELFs are very amazing and really smart!

  16. In baseball, they generally play the “Centerfield” song by John Fogerty, wich has clapping hands in the beggining.

    Maybe the first hint is not about a circle, but a ball or sphere.
    Will the concept be sporty? Or will they just clap hands inside a big ball?

  17. ELFs,u guys are seriously genius, how do guys even come up with those predictions?? i’m impressed >o<
    well i guess i just have to let u guys try to solve it then, and wait for the truth to come by itself.. cz i really have no idea, like no clue at all !! *feel so dumb now 😦

  18. maybe the baseball game means their moves……the ball means the love of a girl that is thrown from a boy to another like a circle,i mean…..she can’t understand her feelings………..gaahh >< i'm just crazy…..i'll just wait *laughs*

  19. Ahh…Puedo escribir mejor en español, después lo traduciré. Creo que los teaser si son basados en pinturas, todas melancólicas y tristes…Y que el “Sexy, Free & Single” es como una declaración y que de ahí partirán todas las canciones, sobre estar libre, soltero y sexy…Algo así, no sé xD

    Ahh … I can write better in Spanish, so then I translate it.

    I think the teasers are based on paintings, all melancholy and sad … And the “Sexy, Free & Single” is a statement and that there will depart from all the songs, about being free, single and sexy … something like that, I don’t know xD

    i cant figure out shindong’s hints. most especially the bird thing? hahaha.

  21. ELFs are carbon copies of ALBERT EINSTEIN.

  22. i’m not sure but i think i found shindong’s panel !
    the name of the panel is BLUE HEAD (like shindong’s hair color!)
    and painted by Da Vinci !!
    like what you see shindong’s teaser focusing the head !
    the panel :
    description :
    old bald man have the same status of shindong’s in the teaser
    Da Vinci explained the scheme for the human head
    anyway ! the panel is so simple !
    so there is likelihood to be a wrong analysis ^^

    by : @im_WAFA ~> ARAB ELF

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