120622 6th Jib TEASER: Donghae [1P]

June 22, 2012 at 12:04 am | Posted in 6th Album, Donghae, Pictures/Videos, Wonderboys | 123 Comments

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  1. Eunhyuk’s bride

    • He really does look like he’s wearing a veil… Can’t say i like his outfit T__T
      But he is beautiful, which fits the concept i guess:>

    • LMAO!! He really does look like a shy bride! These teasers are getting more and more weird. I don’t even want to imagine Siwon’s.This has to be a false track. Please??? Please!!!!

      • Siwon will appear as Shisus ^^

    • yeah, first thought!!

    • Totally True, lmao

  2. where’s the pic???

    • i cant see it either..where’s the pic??

      • those who have instagram.. go to #superjunior to take a look at the pic. that was what i did. many have uploaded hae’s teaser image. hope this helps.

  3. where’s the pictureeee

  4. Haha fail…where’s the pic?? XD

  5. Where is the picture? Stop teasing!!! D:

  6. oh I see it…Donghae, why are you sad?? Because someone caught you? haha that looks like a net fish XD

    • seriously your comment is hilarious.. i laugh when i read ur i see the pic really looks like donghae (fish) had been caught..haha

      • OMG, LMAO. I love your comment! XDDDD

    • I hope the one who had caught our Fish is SJ jewel guy XD

    • bwahaha.. let me save him then~

    • LMAO. I still thought he wearing a kind of bride veil until I see your comment.
      Net fish! bohahaha

  7. It’s all over Tumblr if you go there and search the Donghae tag. It’s a beautiful picture- I put it as the wallpaper on my iPod right away! LOL

    • Never mind- it’s showing up now! I’m thankful toward whoever fished him out of the East Sea. 🙂 lol

  8. Eunhyuk bride…totally agree^^

  9. oppa neomu yeppeo….

  10. Donghae Oppa is so handsome..love333333

  11. GOD the concept is soooo shocking me!!

  12. can you tell me What they mean ? free?!!!
    like No price??
    or the other meaning?
    like Freedom?

    • well no one knows…but I think freedom is more like it! That makes more sense 😛

    • When you’re single you considered a free cos u have no attachment to any one female/guy…..Don’t think too deep…..

    • I think like free to date and love..

  13. love the picture! even if he looks like a bride xD

  14. OMO he looks like a girl!

    • my thought too ! but he/she is beautiful though ^^
      he seems so candid !
      sweet Lee Donghae 🙂

    • me too!! i am thinking, he’s looks like a girl!!! and a VERY BEAUTIFUL ONE!!

  15. Marriage with eunhyuk….

  16. flower boy~!!!
    omg , eunhyuk looks beautiful , donghae looks beautiful~

  17. Looks like a painting. Beautiful man.

    • i do agree with you… :p it really does look like a painting… love it sooo much… 🙂

  18. Im sorry i cant stop laughing,,he looks like the bride LOL but still
    handsome..its kinda a lil unfair, hyuk should covered his eyes even his teaser not shooted from the front side n there was a things like flower n bubble,.
    It’s really entertaining me ^^

  19. is this also a wig or his real hair?

    • it’s wig..his real hair is short^^

  20. My reaction was literally: WHOA! He looks so much like a bride in a painting!
    Hahah, Eunhyuk’s bride…even SME ships them! Can’t wait for the rest of the teasers! >w<

  21. the bride of eunhyuk

  22. LMFAO. WHAT IS THIS? I wish the photo was more focused though because HIS SHIRT IS TOTALLY SEE THROUGH.

    • They should just make them all topless tbh. What’s the use for clothes anyways?

  23. Am I the one who think that Hae looks like the Prince of Persian? Or Princess maybe (as the bride of Hyukie) ? Hehee.. Cuz he’s too beautiful to be true kyaaaaa (´▽`ʃƪ)

  24. Beautiful man

  25. wow, yeah reminds me the style of old paintings… 😮


  27. SM ships EUNHAE.

  28. i am quite convince someone in e senior mgt of sm is gay.first it was shinee now its sj turnin them all into girls.

    • i think donghae in this pic isn’t that bad , but if u look at taemin i think from the start they were promoting him as girly even with the last album i remember when they went to sukira both ryeowook & sungmin got a shock because they though he was one of the writer noona’s , same with amber it feels like they promote her as manly i mean if u look at I AM premier in Korea back in April 30 they made her were a man’s suit i mean i know she is not the style that wears skirt but there are more cloths suitable to girls even one of the comments was on how they though she was an sj member (since sj were sitting in front of f(x) + wearing suits … so there is definatly something messed up

      • but the concept overall looks like paintings & something more like mediterranean remind u of the beach , sand .. so it’s great ^^

    • Finally someone is talking sense. There’s always a hint of gayism in a lot of their activities, art or not!

  29. donghae? amber? donghae? AMBER????
    he looks nice…kissssss….. :*

  30. Woow…. that so sweeeet :3
    I can see the sea at background, so.. donghae is fish in west sea (donghae)?? LOL

    • I mean, East Sea (donghae) XD

  31. he kinda look likes Jang Geun Suk here.. and as predicted, his teaser was revealed after hyuk’s.. SM definitely ship eunhae/

  32. You know ? I thought the concept is like, bondage. With eunhyuk blindfolded by flowers on his eyes and with donghae’s head covered by fishnets. I’m afraid that the MV may come out like DB5K’s MIROTIC. It’s good though.
    Just a thought.

  33. NOOOO! What the heck did they do to Donghae? ;_;
    Thank god he’s handsome but the top? Dnw ><

  34. this is so pretty

  35. His face is perfection. i don’t even care about the concept, just seeing his gorgeous face is all that matters ^^

    • Yup, seriously ppl LOOK AT HIS FACE. PERFECT FACE is Perfect ^^

      • you changed the username, and reply to your own comment.

    XD XD…

  37. his eyes…….
    i love it the most….

  38. Maybe they’re going with each member’s characteristic concept? Eunhyuk with his eyes covered and prominent jawline, Donghae with a veil or a FISHnet, who knows we can even see SIwon as a centaur 😀

    • Well, for Donghae, he’s most known for his soft eyes, so it makes sense why the image is so focused on his face.

    • LOL . . . Siwon as a centaur… :p

  39. Beautiful man is beautiful.

  40. Am I the only one who don`t like this pic?
    eunhyuk teaser pic was much better.

    • me too….

    • i was hoping something more too!! but he does looks so gorgeous here

    • No. Eunhyuk’s looked like cheap photoshop with a crappy lens flare doubling as a bubble. and I hate that they still covered his eyes.

      • I agree.

    • Yeah, Eunhyuk’s was worse, it was pretty bad like … when I saw it I was dreading Hae’s. The photoshopping on both images is pretty bad, but Eunhyuk’s looked even worse. I thought he was Kyu at first.

  41. astagfirullah ampun deh oppa TT__TT

  42. okay, honestly, i was imagine something more
    but this is so beautiful can’t denied it
    it’s looks like a paint!!
    and donghae looking so gorgeous
    and his eyes, oh my god, why does he looks so sad??? his eyes is really pretty
    he’s so beautiful
    i love it!!

    • more i look at it, more i love it
      and now i can’t stop looking at it. esp his eyes…
      anyone have the bigger size?

  43. Que puedo decir me cautivaron sus ojos mmmmm no se porque no les gusta es diferente realmente cada uno de los teaser hasta el momento trasmiten sentimientos diferentes O.o

  44. Donghae you are so beautiful, handsome and mysterious in this image!i liked EUNHYUK AND DONGHAE’S TEASERS,i made Eunhyuks picture as a walpaper both for my computer and phone.And also i think this pictures shows hidden emotions,sth that we cannot find through looking it.We must wait for their comeback,it would be different from all suju’s comeback,i’m sure.SUJU FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. What a sad melancholic bride.

  46. donghae is always beautiful, although i can`t say i love this concept ..but i can`t wait till their comeback 🙂 !!!! another issue : every one vote 4 our boys for mnet 20s choice on this site: in 3 categories: global star(suju), variety star (leetuk) & social artist (siwon) the 1st category super junior is falling behind in the second place, lets all vote and give them this award as a preset prior to their 6JIB this year 🙂 spread the love elf 🙂 !

  47. It’ll be hilarious once everyone else’s teasers come out to see the fans flip out. I mean seriously, the ones that are tripping over the fact that Donghae looks so pretty that he could pass for a girl, are missing the point.

    Donghae’s teaser image is like a painting that belongs in the Renaissance era. And HIS PERFECT FACE is beautiful, which fits the beautiful men theme they’re going for. He looks soft, yet masculine.

    If y’all thinks this is strange, it’s probably most likely going to get weirder. Usually by Suju standards, Donghae’s teaser images are pretty tame and his are usually the “good” ones.

    Once everyone’s comes out, then let’s all go collectively WTF or OMG. For now, take a deep breathe, keep calm and stop ragging on poor Hae bby.

    There’s no denying even with the fishnet veil and the see through shirt (minus a lot of fashion points), he’s a handsome namja (makes up for fashion faux paus).

    It’s all in the eyes people, look at HIS EYES. They’re like staring in my soul, I can’t help but keep staring back lol

    • well wt ur saying is Mr simple concept donghae`s pic was pretty normal among all the members pics & the rest were kind of yeah i think from now & on it will only get weirder ! but i think it would be a lot better if donghae was topless 🙂

    • yeah, donghae usually more normal than the other….
      i can’t wait to see the rest!!
      and oh god!! HIS EYES!! i don’t even have word for it

  48. People it’s not a veil, it’s a fishing net. Veils are made out of lace, silk or tulle. That’s a fishing net. You know for catching fish? in the ocean? If you look closely, It has the spaces that comes when knitting a thin thread and that’s how you make a net. A veil on the other hand would have very minimal spaces if they’re made out of tulle or none if they’re made out of silk.

    • lol I think most fans know it’s a fishing net (or at least most of the rational fans do) but I guess they’re just pointing out that the positioning of the fishing net on his head is similar to a veil.

  49. my way of interpret this picture :

    donghae is a fish… well his name is east sea… so he’s a handsome fish prince from the east sea here…. caught by the fishing net ( maybe by ELF ) ^_^
    his hair almost look like it’s wet… and his clothes probably made of seaweeds or algae.

  50. whoaaa! what could really been the concept huh?! if Eunhyukkie appears like a…ahmm. how should I put it, Ireally can’t describe, a Romeo Fairy? and if Hae looks like a bride out of paintings then could siwon be a pastor?! XD whoaaa!! seriously! this is just so a teaser.

  51. I love the pic, but I think he could’ve gone without the veil haha….I sometimes wonder how their stylists think…

    • are they going for the roman romantic theme – long hair buffed body? Those type of guys I see on tv on bachelor and bachelorette shows haha

      • spamming my own comment haha. PLEEASSEE don’t gay them up!! I seriously doubt their concept stylists at times, let me see their degree 😛 Like the mr simple concept photos. I almost had a heartattack 😛 and not in the good way haha. And just look at Shinee’s concept photos O_o Still hate them for what they did to taemin haha.

  52. He is so beautiful and the stare asdjkfasdjkfasdjkf …

  53. PS: now he looks more like a fish caught in net. kekeke

  54. It’s kinda Mr. Simple teasers all over again. Hyukkie: covered eyes for both concepts. Donghar: see-through shirt, net. Maybe Wookie with feathers again? Or Teukie with ropes? I hope Siwon doesn’t forget his pants this time :p

    • Siwon doesnt forget his pants LOL. You re right, I really hope so :))

    • you`re right the only difference is the colors.

  55. Hmm? Sexy, free and single? Maybe:
    Hyukkie is a hippie – free to love peace and harmony.
    Donghae is fisherman – free to explore the sea.

  56. It looks kinda like the picture Mona Lisa. So creative! :3

    • I thought the EXACT same thing!

      When I first saw the picture on the official SM website, I was shocked; first I questioned who it was … 😐 I didn’t recognize him at first!
      The entire atmosphere is extremely similar to that of “Mona Lisa”, the colors, the way Donghae looks into the camera, the background and especially the tone of his skin! These teasers are getting more and more odd, artistic and edited. He looks so much prettier than his handsome self … very girl-like. >.>

    and HIS EYES!!!!
    what can i do?? just waiting for the album… 🙂

  58. Why does it feel like the rumors about F(x) coming back as mermaids was actually suju’s concept for this album… XD

  59. thanks god sm teasers has nothing to do with the real song
    sm loves troll like buffalo
    from shinee`s p**n like concept to animal head for f(x)

  60. donghae oppa, why are you staring at me like that??? :p
    it feels like i want to cry from your expression…
    (tears from sadness? or from happiness?)
    well i really don’t know… 😦 i just really Love your eyes… 🙂

    sooo pure and innocent that needs something in return…

  61. he looks really beautiful, but i think it’s kind a weird concept for their new album, just my opinion.

  62. i love the teaser concept, beautiful, unique, and make u shock haha. BUt really its so creative and like a piece of art. Maybe if the teaser just them in suit, will be so boring. (sory bad english)

  63. He is “Beautiful man”

  64. wow i waited this pic i love him he looks like a pride wow my shiningstar donghae its amazing pic i love it

  65. i wait teaser leeteuk oppa……

  66. Donghae looks very pretty in this – but the net curtain on his head and the oversized blouse makes him look like a 5 year old playing dress up with stuff he found at his granny’s house. Still, I suppose it’s got people talking. I’m rather looking forward to seeing how they interpret this theme for Kangin and Shindong.

  67. Wow, it really DOES look like a painting. 😯 So gorgeous…

  68. This picture reminded me of Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa! :S
    But then i saw the “bride” comment hahaha, then the “net fish” comment, so i’m all mixed up now hahah
    He looks beautiful anyways!

  69. for anyone who want the bigger size :
    cr : showsu twitpic

  70. This looks like a painting, his face is the only thing not blurred. Like a victorian painting, kind of a romantic style. Same with Eunhyuk, his lower body is blurred.
    Honestly i was kind of worried about the appeal of these picture for someone not ELF, but now I think it’s nice.

  71. Oh God what did they do to my Hae?? Eewww

  72. i don`t like (or more precisely don`t get) the reminds me of shinee concept pics 4 sherlok, i hated it ! & i`m afraid they are trying to do something similar for super junior 0_o !

  73. oh elf what can we do about this sixy human i look at him i cant make my eyes away from him and go deep with my thought and bamb again look at him ahhh what aperfect man

  74. well.. this is not donghae but lee soon hae…lolz…i can imagine siwon’s concept might b either shisus or he is riding a horse like a dark prince..

  75. Okay guys, I’m taking bets: Siwon with or without a shirt? 😀
    Anyway, I must say the concept is quite weird and Donghae really looks like a lost teenage bride wrapped in a fishnet and what scares me the most is that I actually like it a lot. Kind of artistic and sentimental and I can just pray they wouldn’t leave our boys half-naked, obscene, begging from the photo to be raped. That mysterious aura around two first pictures sounds better.

  76. SEXYHAE HAE HAEUTIFUL >//////< ❤

  77. omo !!!
    oppa you like a bride 🙂

  78. oppa i love the way you look at me…
    why is it that i can’t take my eyes out of you??
    sarangHae DongHae oppa.. :p
    your eyes is your best asset..
    and the character your portraying.. (shy and innocent)
    i just love the way you are… ❤ ❤ ❤

  79. did they edit his adams apple out???

  80. I don’t knpw why, but hae’s picture reminds me of Virgin Mary

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