SUP3RJUNIOR Open for donations – Sexy, Free & Single – 6th Jib

June 21, 2012 at 8:01 pm | Posted in 6th Album, Albums, Mod Post/Compilation Posts, Wonderboys | 24 Comments

Just like last year (see here–> ☆ Sup3rjunior 5th jib giveaways  where we managed to purchase an OUSTANDING  number of 35 Mr Simple Version A 5th Albums… [thanks to all the donators!!! Without you none of it would have been possible!] and give majority of them away to deserving ELF)…

Sup3rjunior is now accepting donations.

All the donations will be used to purchase Super Junior CD’s in this case, SEXY, FREE & SINGLE .. Super Junior’s SIXTH album! Subsequently competitions will follow, so Sup3rjunior readers who would have been unable to purchase the SIXTH album (reasons such as, unable to use credit/debit cards due to parents being wary, or simply cannot afford the album).. will all be within a chance to WIN… same with loyal readers of Sup3rjunior ~~!

The money you donate will be going straight to SUPER JUNIOR, as in their success will show you ~~! Hey we ELF achieved 500K last year ‘!  So .. that just goes to show, if you put your mind to it.. you can achieve it… anything is possible ~!

Some of us are more fortunate than others, & I think it’d be great for those who are able to donate money to do so.

This course of action is simply to support , and to provide an opportunity for ELF who are unable to purchase the brand new album, to win the album! 😀

So PLEASE donate ~~! Even though we received enough donations to purchase 35 5th Jibs last year, our target this year is 10 ~~! For participating Super Junior members ;D

We are accepting donations through paypal.. 🙂 Click to donate ~



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  1. how is the way donate our money, please give me more detail about it.

    • Just click on the donate icon to donate, (through paypal)

  2. Will definitely send my donations in again this year^^ So proud of our record for 5JIB, let’s aim even higher this year!^^

    • Thank you very much for your optimism ~~!

  3. not so relevet,but every one vote 4 our boys for mnet 20s choice on this site: in 3 categories: global star(suju), variety star (leetuk) & social artist (siwon) the 1st category super junior is falling behind in the second place, lets all vote and give them this award as a preset prior to their 6JIB this year 🙂 spread the love elf 😀

  4. i would really like to donate but i’ll bearly manage to get my cd u.u
    hope some good elf wins the cd xD

  5. i think tat amount is a bit 2 little? our group manage 2 buy 200++ 5jb by donation….anyway lets strive hard this year ^^

  6. i hope that this year u re able to exceed last year’s amount…our page manage 2 buy 200++ 5jb by donation last year anyway lets strive hard this year!!

  7. how much would be the cost for each album? (in USD)

    • I’m not sure yet :O considering the album has not been released yet ~

      • thinking of donating but not sure how much should i donate.. maybe u want to suggest any amount? ^^

        • suggested~~ ;D as in if you click you will see ;D

  8. please tell me more info to use paypall!!!
    i cant use tht… TT

  9. when I click the tab ‘Donate’, paypal error message appeared.

    • Fixing now ;D

  10. Are you all doing mass purchasing again?

  11. I can’t use Paypal in Myanmar.. But.. don’t worry.. I will definitely buy 6th Jib. Already saved enough money in my hands.

  12. Like last year, I’ll be donating my hard earned money because it’s worth it. I am glad to help those who can’t afford an album and at the same time, help SJ as well.

  13. I’ll definitely donate 😀

    Just let me get payed this week and I’ll help

  14. his style is also cool cool soongg…,,
    like this 🙂

  15. my korean friend going to buy a lot because she’s trying to get fan meet ticket. instead of giving donation via money mode, can i donate with the albums instead?

  16. sadly I don’t have paypal yet T^T i wanna donate

  17. I can’t donate a lot, but I want to help anyway.

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