120621 Super Junior In Dorm Interview for Sports Seoul [21P]

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Credit: Sports Seoul
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  1. they don’t have that couch before right? and not all of them staying at the dorms right. but its so nice to see them like this…its been a while we could see their dorm.

    • where is kyu?

  2. their dorm! looks like the 11th floor since hyuk’s room is in a few pics.

    • I actually think there are few photos of kyumin room. Eunhyuk lies on min’s bed and min wants to kick him out. Wookie even said before kyumin’s room is like heaven, got wine,book and anything else. So i guess that bookshelf is also at their room. Comic books belong to eunhyuk though they are at a different bookshelf. I dont know that siwon also lives there. 0.0

      • the book shelf & the comics are eunhyuks room + the mirror & siwon is only therefor the interview

        • even the cloths are eunhyuk’s (the red cap ^^) so yeah 99% it was in the 11th floor

        • No, i think the huge bookshelf is not eunhyuk’s. That one looks a bit untidy compared to eunhyuk’s. If u look closely, there is no part of that bookshelf got eunhyuk’s comics.but actually, these bookshelves and clothes rack do not necessarily in their room but at the living room.:-) ah, i wish they do a documentary at suju’s dorm.^^

          • i think the bookshelf is eunhyuk’s. the clothes rack is located in eunhyuk’s room as most of the clothes are also his. the bed eunhyuk laid down is definitely his. i guess he is the only one who always open up her room to public. 🙂

            • typo = always open up **his room to the public LOL

          • the bookself is eunhyuk’s you can see it here–sa_QSSU0
            The mirror is his too..

          • they do have a documentary and that shelf, bed, dresser are all eunhyuks.

          • btw, more proof that the bookshelf is definitely eunhyuks: look closely, there are cds stacked on top of each other. on the show where they went into sj’s dorm, eunhyuk showed his cds that he had stacked on his shelf

      • No, that room is really Eunhyuk’s room. I don’t know why they seem to keep Kyumin’s room privately.

  3. This interview must be taken even before ss4 encore cos their hairstyle doesnt change… so sad kyu is not there, he must have his own musical show… anyway, i’m curious about their dorm life. , i’m so ready to the magazine cover and shows about Sj. It’s their comeback, mind you. Cant wait KTR, SSTP, strong heart and more show with Sj on it!!!!!!!!I think i,m exploding here LOL

  4. finally some pictures of their apartment !
    i’m relieved they have a couch even several couches lol
    it’s more spacious than i expected… i want to see Ryeowook’s bedroom TT

    • me too… I saw his bedroom when he still share his room with Yesung I want to see his new bedroom.

  5. the eunhyuk sungmin pic is so cute ^^

  6. i wonder what are those small packets in the refrigerator. energy drink? kimchi? there are tons!

    • Healthy drink from fans. Elf is awesome!!

  7. Yaaayyy cute hyukmin n minwook ♥
    Its eunhyuk’s room i think, i never think kyumin will let their room to be exposed..yap wookie said kyumin’s room like heaven even there is photos, their photos..

  8. omooo omo omo omo
    i really want to be a reporter now >.<

  9. OMG , this is hyuk rooms , clothes and one piece miniature prove it !!

  10. This is 11th floor alright..eunhyuk’s comic books, dressing table (the one he got from his mom right?) then sungmin’s mug (the one that he drew and posted on his blog), and sungmin’s presents from sj world..
    But i wonder whose bookshelves is that? Not hyuk’s for sure…

    • What present is that?

      • Seems like Hyuk got a new dressing table… not the one from his mom anymore. His old dressing table does not have a slanted mirror, it’s just a regular arch.

      • Those colourful things in can check it out @sjworld timeline as they confirmed it a while ago 🙂

        • Oops wrong post..i meant for fairytale 🙂

        • So those present for sungmin???
          Thank u 4 answer

    • Seems like Hyuk got a new dressing table… not the one from his mom anymore. His old dressing table does not have a slanted mirror, it’s just a regular arch.

      • No it’s the exact same mirror. It’s just the way the picture was taken that makes it look slanted.

        • You’re right. It’s just the angle.

    • The bookshelf is definitely Eunhyuk’s. I’m not talking about the 2 pictures where they only showed a section of the shelf (I’m not sure about those ones, although I wouldn’t be surprised if they were his as well), I’m talking about the picture where the whole shelf is shown, along with the chair at the front. That chair is also Eunhyuk’s. Used to be in the other corner of the room.

  11. I wan’t to see Sungmin oppa’s room where is’t ??

  12. almost 80% of the bedroom pics are from my myeolchi…. kkkk..clean freak got to advertise his lair….kkkkkk ♥♥♥…

    but where is kyuhyun and kangin???

  13. Slam Dunk, Dragon Ball, and One Piece. my fav Japanese manga series. ^^

    • yeah me too ^^

  14. Will this interview be broadcast? Or do we only get the pictures and writings?

  15. yaaaaa where is Kyu?? unusually Kyu not join for SuJu’s activity.. Is kyu a busy man?

    • Catch kyu if u can schedule, maybe. 🙂

      • lol

  16. sure it is 11th dorm, i recognized some of hyukkie’s clothes, vest, and even his shoes kkk~

  17. Wowwww..
    I Think it’s verry great..
    But,, Where’s my evil kyu???

  18. kyuuuuuuuuu… where r u..??

  19. I want to see siwon oppa bedroom. .*-*

    • siwon didn’t live with members…i have seen in a show that the members said he live with his parents…

    • me too, i want to see and he stay with member or not ? or he stay in his house ?

  20. Mostly are 11th floor dorm. LOL, One Piece’s and Dragon Ball’s figurines.

  21. where’s their wonder girls poster? hahaa

  22. OMG!! siwon’s sexy with his pink jeans $__$

  23. OMO~~~ MinWook’s so cute ^o^

  24. Where is my Kyu,,,???
    why he not there with the member??

  25. Eunhyuk’s room hasn’t changed a bit!! ^_^ That’s adorable! 😀

  26. Nice to see them together in a dorm..haven’t seen that in a long time 🙂

  27. Without kyu??? 😦

  28. I want SJ in running man and strong heart!!! It would be epic to see them against running man!!!!

    • me too.. im a huge fans of RM.. although some members have been there before but i want they have some special episode like what Bigbang had..

  29. I’m guessing they mostly showed Hyuk’s room coz it’s the only one that’s tidy enough in floor 11 dorm to be shown to the public! LOL… Bet Kyumin’s room (esp Kyu’s side of it) was kind of a mess! We super need a video tour!!!

  30. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
    is not there any video for this interview???
    waaaw how much wonderful to see them like this…..i looooove you suju


  32. OMG I want super junior dorm special coverage and discusses the activities of super junior in dorm !!! i\’m sure is very fun, right? ヽ(〃^▽^〃)ノ

  33. Where you are Kyuhyun oppa……????-____-“”

  34. cute ^^ cute FIGHTING SUPER JUNIOR ^^

  35. i want look siwon room …
    why siwon not live in dorm ?

  36. wanna see kyumin’s room…

    • But the don’t want to show it. I thought I could see their room in this tv show finally, but I was wrong.

  37. i’m curious about Yesung. i heard he lives in his own apartment with his family, and i have seen some pictures of his room in his house. but apparently the members only mentioned Siwon as the one who doesn’t live in the dorm… does he still went to the dorm frequently, or even still stay there and only went home frequently? *confused*

  38. I would like Kyu’s bedroom, Kisses!!!!

  39. please show us the other dorm. wanna see LeeTeuk & Donghae room..

  40. red cap. for sure it’s Eunhyuk. he used it on Immortal songs 2.

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