120621 Super Junior In Dorm Interview for Sports Seoul [FULL/TRANS]

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120621 Super Junior In Dorm Interview for Sports Seoul [TRANS]

Visiting Super Junior’s dorm

Across the world KPOP is gaining fame. Within the industry, leading the pack is SM Entertainment’s Super Junior, which debuted in 2005 and has been active for 8 years and created songs and dances that everyone can follow. They have presented to fans all over the world a caring image. Their hard work has been acknowledged this January when Super Junior gained the daesang for the “21st High One Seoul Gayo Daesang” hosted by Sports Seoul.

June 22 marks the 27th year of publication of Sports Seoul, and in memorial of “KPOP TOP STAR”, Sports Seoul found Super Junior’s Seoul dorms, how will the living space of the top idol group be like?

Dorm life is not lonely at all, this is very good.

– A group of growing men living together should mean that there are lots of little incidents, right?

Siwon: After bathing, we don’t even have time to wipe ourselves dry, haha. The members used to hold very meaningful bathing contests, the record was Shindong’s 11 seconds.

– Who is the member with the worst sleeping habits?

Eeteuk: Shindong, but the only thing is that he sleeps without clothes. In the beginning, the housekeeper who helps with the housework went into the room to clean it and got a shock when she saw Shindong sleeping without clothes, haha.

– Who is the member most like a mother?

Donghae: Of course it’s Ryeowook, he is not bad at washing dishes, and when he sees food in the refrigerator he will think of making food for the members. He gives us a lot of care and is really nice to us.

– Who is the member who has a lot of ‘networks’? (T/N: probably personal connections)

Eeteuk: The members agree that it’s Eunhyuk. Eunhyuk’s house is in Seoul, and he goes back every week. Also, Eunhyuk is a devout Christian and every week, he goes for service. When he goes out too regularly (T/N: actual words translate into ‘when going out is too normal’) the members will ask him “Where are you going?” And Eunhyuk will reply like this. That’s why we can’t really believe him, haha.

Eunhyuk was also chosen as the member who tidies his room most neatly.

Contrary to Eunhyuk are the more “hidden” members Eeteuk and Donghae. These two people stay in the dorm more, when they look at each other gives off a rare mysterious aura. If they can’t see each other they will call and ask “where are you” “what are you doing”. The two of them laughingly say, “It’s as if we’re following our girlfriends.”

– Are there any places where the members are uncomfortable while staying together, and what are the good points?

Eeteuk: it’s inconvenient because there is no privacy, in truth (we) want to fall in love and have girlfriends, but if we talk on the phone in our rooms, there will be members who come in and keep asking “who are you talking to?” But there are many good things, one of them is that you don’t feel lonely, and when you’re tired and want somebody to talk to, there are friends all together.

Donghae: before I die, I really want to keep living like this. It’s really good, and next time when we’re married we can be neighbours, this way even if we are married we will still be living next to each other.

– Living in the dorms is comfortable, but there are times when you miss home?
During festivals when we don’t have the chance to go home, we will feel homesick, when there is a TV programme on family, or when there’s nothing to eat in the dorms, we miss home.

– Besides the 12th floor dorms’ dining chairs (T/N: mentioned in a question later), we hope to change….
There are no “We are starting to think of living independently”. “Dorm life has been too long” members, after discussion there are also no members who have indicated they want a break from living in the dorms.

– Do members living in one dorm still carry their own individual lifestyles’ mindset?

There are no such members, in the dorms, we have a housekeeper who helps us to cook and clean, and take care of us. If we were to leave here and start living independently, I don’t know what I will do. In actuality, this year I have been worrying over the military thing, I’m worried that my room will be snatched away.

– Any hopes of what the company will do to the dorms?

Eeteuk: The 12th floor dorms’ dining table and chairs could be changed, since we were trainees we’ve been using them and now they feel uncomfortable. Hopefully we can get chairs with backs. When using backless chairs while eating, the waist will feel very painful, haha.

Sungmin: It would be great if the 11th floor’s television could be changed to a bigger and grander one.

Ryeowook: On the 12th floor we are now pooling money to buy a new television, from a 20 inch one to a 50 inch one.

Source: Sports Seoul 
Chinese Translation by: Rachelmu
English Translation by: @snugmin for @raichanxd only


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  1. poor thing,poolin money to chge a tv.haha

    • come on sm, just buy them a new tv! they got to pool money for one?! can’t believe this is happening when they’ve made so much money for sm.

      • oh and chairs and dining tables too.

        • should they not be living in luxury by now with all the money they make for the company?

          • sm eat food

          • It’s easier and more economical for idols to live in dorms. They could certainly afford their own apartments, but would have to pay for those themselves, whereas the company provides the dorms as part of thier contracts. When Kangin had his own place, he would have paid extra for than hinmself – his choice, but an expensive choice. Most choose to live in dorms or with parents because they don’t have much free time anyway, due to schedules, so why pay out for a flashy apartment you never get to see? Most prefer to save or give money to their parents and enjoy the benefits of a nice place to when their idol careers are over. They still enjoy nice cars and clothes, but property in Korea is so expensive, most don’t see the point of spending money on it when they are so busy.

            Oh, and Suju’s apartments are actually in a very, very exclusive and expensive building. Korean homes are very small, especially in Seoul. Their apartments are actually pretty huge compared to a normal apartment in Seoul.

  2. Ah! HyukJae and his “church service” (read: girlfriends) attendance!

  3. these kids, worrying about the furniture and appliances hahaha

  4. lol of course the reclusive members are Leeteuk and Donghae bb ^^ These two are the closest, knowing each other for so long, of course Teukie and Hae look after each other the most.

    awww Wookie so sweet. and Hae bb’s comment about living next to each other as neighbors even after marriage had me lolling.

    I love how Wookie lives on the 12th floor with the hyungs ala Heechul, Hae, Teukie. But why are they pooling money, just ask Hae for money, he’ll drop his 5 million won immediately xD lol j/k of course, but I love that they’re pooling money to get bigger tv. Honestly, 20 inch is too tiny.

  5. oh gosh i can’t believe that they have worries on furniture and appliances all this 8 years of success…

  6. Aww you will never expect this to a group like Super Junior^^ Even if we think that they are already kings, they are still natural and ordinary persons off cam 🙂 Very humble and hard working! Super Junior Fighting! 🙂

  7. Rookie is such a sweet guy ^^
    Is this the latest or quite awhile already bec the picture show that their hair colour is not the latest lol!!

  8. thanks for the transcript

  9. LOL Donghae sounds like my mom. She always says “I didn’t have so many kids just so you could all grow up and move away. We were all supposed to buy houses on the same street and live together forever.” *shakes head*

  10. Reading Donghae’s comment, it’s obvious that he’s still living in the dorm, right? Coz, I’ve read and heard some ELF saying that he moved out, and Teukie has the room to himself 🙂

    • he might have moved out as in he has two places? sometimes maybe due to schedules or what not, they can’t always go back to the dorms? this is just conjecture of course. Hae bb obviously rather stay in the dorms with his suju family. I love that he and Teukie call each other if they can’t see each other. These two are like peas in a pod. Their brotherhood is awesome.

      • by moving out they meant that he took a room to him self in the 12th floor and teuk has a room (they used to share the room ) now each one has a separate room i think it is hankyung’s old room that donghae uses now

        • hankyung’s old room is used by Wook now as i know.

          • may i know, are they still live together in the same dorm? you know about it?

            • Some still, some live with family.

    • Can’t imagine Hae live away from members. i think hae just switched room.. Coz in MBC dreaming of a kpop legend Teuk has his own room.. Curious who’s his roommate now 😛

    • yeah, been reading about that too…
      but i hardly believe it, since we know that donghae get lonely easily, i don’t think he’ll live alone
      and i think there’s a lot room in that dorm, not just the one they show in a tv show back then
      last time in 2009, they only showed us
      leeteuk & hae ‘s room equal to yesung & ryeowook’s
      hangeng’s equal to eunhyuk’s
      and a little bit sungmin & kyu’s room
      they didn’t show us heechul’s, kangin’s room back then
      so who knows about the other room,
      beside it’s kinda disturb me when people say donghae moved out and live in his appartement without knowing for sure >__<
      plusssss just like donghae's comment, he even want to live like that before he die :))

      • actually, kangin didn’t live in the dorm

        • where is Kangin?

  11. … They sound poor if they can’t afford chairs with backs D:

    • or they’re just dudes and are too lazy to buy new furniture. idk, sometimes if it ain’t broke, just keep bearing on with it until it finally breaks lol

      they’re prollie joking tho, I see chairs with backs in some of the pics ^^

      • Maybe that pics are from the 11th floor? And Teukie was referring to the chairs on the 12th floor? Haha, here we are, talking about Suju’s furnitures 😀

        • yeah all the pics from 11th floor i think they didn’t want to disturb heenim whom is in the 12th floor and he is not allowed to appear in interviews , tv.. etc due to military

          • poor heenim how i hope that he can appear in this interview :((
            “we miss u!!” ❤ ❤ ❤ !!

  12. LOL. 8 years of debut, millions on their bank account and the only thing they want are news chairs ahahah

    • i suspect they would probably see some TVs, dining table and chair sets arriving at their dorms soon. after the giraffe, what’s a few TVs and furniture to Elfs.

  13. awww bb hae is so cute 🙂

  14. i cant believe their dorm is like this when snsd has such a HUGE dorm and very luxurious too 😦

    • lol at the gullibility
      ask Yesung Sungmin Teukie why they open Kona Beans if they can’t afford to buy a freaking chair then…
      These guys are just joking…. I thought you’re a fan, you should know by now…. they are just being humble…. and I love them all for it 🙂

      • I LOVE THEM TOO!!!!

    • snsd’s dorm isn’t “luxurious” lol…all of them have to share bedrooms, and most SJ member have their OWN bedrooms.

  15. i wonder why kyuhyun wasn’t there 😦

    • musical , this interview was done 1.5 to 2 months ago during CMIUC

      • either that or Radio Star recording?

  16. kyaaa..i love SUJU so much..this interview just make it obvious that uri oppa is a humble’s not that they don’t have money to just buy anything they want now..but with pooling money for get buy some goods will make them brotherhood get stronger day by day..this is why they keep unity and long lasting…

  17. After this aired they will have some packages in front of their dorm. Bunch of chairs with back and 100 inch tv. And those are from ELFs, not SM. ㅋㅋㅋ kd

    • my thoughts exactly. they have to be careful what they wish for…

  18. So…where does Kibum stay? :/

    • basically siwon , kangin & kibum all lived in thei own homes & never in the dorm and i think shindong used to live in the 12th floor but he moved out after the engagement if i’m not mistaken

  19. they kept mentioning about marriage and girlfriends ! hahahaa omg not sexy free and single anymre….

  20. LOL Reading Hae’s comment about him wanting to be neighbours after marriage made me loling..I’m not even surprised he’s saying that! Just like what Hyuk said “Donghae cant do anything w/o the members” XD

  21. i guess by now, ELF’s are already sending chair with back, table and 50″ grander TV to SJ dorm.

  22. They’re like worldwide stars… and they’re still waiting for bigger TVs and chairs with backs… lol… our boys are just too cute :p

  23. This translation is not complete. There is actually a first part to this interview, where the boys actually explain their whole living arrangement. To put it simply:

    11th Floor: Eunhyuk, Sungmin, Kyuhyun, Yesung
    12th Floor: Leeteuk, Donghae, Heechul, Ryeowook

    Each of them have their own rooms. Siwon and Shindong live at home with their family, as do Kangin and Kibum.

    The current dorm is actually their 3rd dorm. As you all know, when they were still trainees they lived with DBSK and their managers at the 1st dorm (freaking small place). In 2006, they moved to their 2nd dorm while DBSK moved out (to a better place since their debut was very successful). It was in 2009 that they moved to the current dorm, because at the previous dorm, the fans kept visiting resulting in complaints from the neighbours (apparently the neighbours resorted to splashing water at the fans to get them to leave).

    Their current dorm has very good security, and all dorm expenses are paid for by SM Entertainment. They have an ahjumma who cooks and cleans for them. In other words, they do not have to fork out a single cent while living at the dorm. Therefore, I personally do not think that it is very outrageous that they have to fork out their own money to buy a better TV.

    The end.

    • Yesung also moved out, he live with his family since Ming and Hyuk joined SJM, bcause he will be all alone if SJM has their long stay in China..

      • wow i never know it’s the reason… where did you get this info?
        all i ever know is that Yesung moved out with his family in their very own apartment because he already moved them to Seoul from Cheonan. he wants to be with his family as much as he can.

    • Thank you for this^^

    • Yes,yes that’s what I’m saying. god bless you .

    • Donghae already moved to his new apartment right??

  24. Are people taking the fact that they are talking about furniture and appliances seriously like they have no money? oh lolz you fans, they’re SUPER JUNIOR xD (but i guess we forget cause they act like humble kids hahaha <3)

  25. When Donghae oppa said ‘when we’re married we can be neighbours…’ it’s just…… Married? Huh. I finally realize that they will get married someday 😦

  26. they just joking i think…
    plus by pooling money like that makes what they want to be more valuable…
    they just being humble and dorky…

  27. for TV 50 inch they are ambassador for LG electronic they can get free from LG…. HEHEHE

    • Yes, why?

    • right LG should give them Flat sceen LED TV with wifi ready lol.. but seriously LG electronics should provide them TV for each room/member .:D

  28. they can get separated, ha ha

  29. omg, they are living like this………..

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