120621 6JIB Tracklist [RUMOR]

June 21, 2012 at 5:54 am | Posted in News/Rumors, Wonderboys | 23 Comments

1. 키스 해줘 (Angel)

2. 섹시한 무료 및 싱글

3. Show Me Your 사랑

4. 여신의 손길 (TOUCH) (최시원solo)

5. Kiss&Tears

6. The Beauty Of Us

7. Crystal Heart

8. 카사블랑카

9. Magic In The Kiss (이혁재solo)

10. 섹시한 무료 및 싱글 [Instrumental]

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  1. mmmmm can not wait for the real CD 🙂 ..

  2. Lee Hyuk Jae and Choi Siwon solo? Omo !! Where’s Leeteuk solo? ><

    track number 3 like TVXQ song featuring Suju.. kkkk… I hope it isn't same..

  3. Sounds interesting.
    Where’s Leeteuks solo though? :/

  4. I hope this is true please I need a Siwon solo in my life! ^^

  5. Where is KRY song?

  6. although it’s just a RUMOR, but i’m anticipating eunhyuk’s solo.
    i hope it’s true 😀

  7. mmm i wanted donghae solo too…

  8. Is Eunhae’s Oh No song not included in the album??

  9. given 5jib’s rumored tracklist seemed to be quite true when released last year, this might just be as well. but where’s kry?!

  10. oh my god… Siwon’s solo? I hope this one isn’t just rumour!! gahhh

  11. Wait what? Just 10 songs? One of the 10 is an instrumental? No leeteuk solo? and a song named casa blanca? There is something wrong with this I swear. O.o

  12. CASABLANCA ? Seriously OO
    It’s a city in MOROCCO !! and i am moroccan so i am freaking out!!! although i don’t think that this is possible !! but still i am freaking out!! Oo

  13. Siwons’s solo could be true, it would be awesome. Some time ago he said he was preparing something to be closer to fans.
    I like imagining him alone in China or Taiwan practicing his solo.

  14. Siwon’s solo? Well thats good..he should show everyone his talent!! I’m getting annoyed by ppl saying he’s only good-looking and not talented or overrated.. I mean really? He could sing well so I hope by giving him solo, ppl would stop saying that ><

  15. magic in the kiss.. woohoo
    i can’t wait i can’t wait >.<

  16. show me your sarang??? o m g

  17. Oh myy Siwon’s solo track? I can hardly wait! O.O

    • Yey!!! Siwon solo? It’s about time! Can’t wait for 6th jib!!!

  18. Where did this list even come from in the first place?

    • i got the same question too..

  19. show me your sarang LOL. but HYUKJAE’S SOLOOO I CANT WAIT

  20. There should be the title song ‘Sexy, Free & Single’. If not then this rumor shouldn’t be trusted.

  21. Lee Hyuk Jae and Choi Siwon solo? Are certainly more different than the previous album. we wait… hehehehe

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