120618 MBC ‘Radio Star’ Official Update – Kyuhyun [2P]

June 18, 2012 at 2:02 am | Posted in Drama/Film/TV/CFs, Kyuhyun, MBC, Pictures/Videos, Updates, Wonderboys | 26 Comments

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  1. kyu’s new hairstyle!

    • Yes! I love it!!!

      • WAAAA….i like his new hairstyle
        its like in bonamana time….
        love it very much

  2. brown-yellow kyu???
    short hair… I like it…
    you are still handsomeKYU^^

  3. Wow, I must say RS records very near rpthe real date. He just cut his hair few days ago….:-) But I don’t quite like the color…. like his short hair though

  4. His new hairstyle, no offence guys but it look strange on him.

    • I love it so much!!! Best hair he’s ever had! I hope he has that hair for 6th album mv! I love it so so much! SO cute!!!!

    • agree with you, hope his hairstyle in mv is different than this =_=

  5. Hmm…. I don’t really know what to think about the new hairstyle… I’ll be honest though… I’m not much of a fan of the orange. LOL. I still think Kyu is super super handsome though! Kekeke! ^^ Saranghae Kyu :))

  6. why is this disappointing ? :p kyuuu come on…. this makes him look like a child.. oh noo 😦 meh.

  7. and who chose that shirt xD aaah!

  8. omona.. kyuuuu… T-T
    you are still handsome but.. i love ur previos hair style

  9. well, ok …. I still love you Kyu, no matter what hairstyle you have.

  10. I’m gonna wait to pass judgment on it until we see more pictures. It’s not really fair to say you don’t like it when you’ve seen literally two or three pictures of it =/

    • right!, maybe it’s the angle of the camera O:

  11. It honestly looks weird on him…even his mushroom hair was better TT__TT
    Whatever, still love you Kyu..

  12. I love his hair so much! Don’t be mean guys :'(. I really love it! It’s super cute! I just love it so much! Please have that hair for the 6th album mv! I love Sungmin’s new hair too! And they are my biases! I am lucky! My biases have the best hair ❤ ❤ <3!!!

  13. Too… much… orange!! Bring back black, please! 😦

  14. Is Kyu Wesley !!!!

  15. kyu’s new hairstyle~~
    i love his hair~ so KYUte~

  16. so kyute 🙂 i like kyu new hairstyle

  17. Bad hair color kyu >.<
    his hair style is nice enough
    But i hope he change it again

  18. hmmm….disappointing 😦 sory kyu

  19. Looks like a Kyu version of Chucky!

  20. He looked a lot better in the I AM press con photos… lol… think whoever did they styling for this RS ep was missing the mark a bit… but still love ya Kyu :p

  21. kyu’s face look fresh i like it maybe cause now is summer in korea so he choose bright colour for his hair anyway kyu you still handsome. really i miss you

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