Compilation Recent dramas and variety shows – English Subs

June 17, 2012 at 8:11 pm | Posted in Mod Post/Compilation Posts, Wonderboys | 89 Comments

tvN ‘I Love Lee Taeri’ with Kibum  16/16 English Subbed
We Got Married with Dimple Couple 29/30 English Subbed
We Got Married Chopper Couple Special
Poseidon (Sexy)  & Hello Baby (Cute) & Extravagant Challenge  & Deep Rooted Tree
SJM Celebrity Tour Guides – English Subbed
Episode 1 | Episode 2 | Episode 3 | Episode 4 | Episode 5 | Episode 6

Channel A ‘Miss Panda and Hedgehog – Donghae – English Subbed
120821 Channel A ‘Miss Panda and Hedgehog’ Episode 1 and 2
120828 Channel A ‘Miss Panda and Hedgehog’ Episode 3 and 4

Yet to be subbed –> ‘When Love Walked In‘ with Zhou Mi

 ‘When Love Walked In’ Episode 1 & 2 [HD] – Zhou Mi | From 120827

120829 ‘When Love Walked In’ Episode 3 – 6 with Zhou Mi

120830 ‘When Love Walked In’ Episode 7-8 with Zhou Mi

120831-0901 ‘When Love Walked In’ Episode 9-10-11-12 with Zhou Mi


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  1. YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH \^w^/ This summer will be hot and perfect >w<

  2. OMGGGG!!!!SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY!! Best summer EVER! ❤ Suju!! I can't wait!!!

  3. Awesome! ahhh… i can’t wait! 😀

  4. OMg this is the best idea<3 Can't wait for everything flkfjapoihf

  5. waiting for SuJu..

  6. is it only me or siwon is really not on this gif? 😦

    • yeah.. there is no siwon.. why?

      • really. why? >.<

  7. Oh! Sati’s gif!!!! =D
    Yeah im also cant wait for this 6jib \(^o^)/

  8. 6th Jib! We are sooo ready!!

  9. Are you ready to crazy???????????no we are so ready now >*<

  10. Where is Siwon? He isn’t there.

  11. Where is siwon? XD
    I really can’t wait

  12. where is Siwon?. 😦

  13. This is what to do for 6jib guys


    • Hey Sid… think would be good to include the instructions in the links above on this page too (like what you did last year?) Btw, those World ELF notices are super awesome!!! Thanks for all your hardwork!

      • if you think I’m Sid then I’m not.
        here is her twitter if you wanna say something to her @1004FlyAway
        unless if you wrote this to Sid through replying to me? ^^

    • here is the list updated

  14. Can Singapore ELFs (SG-ELF) read this on getting ready for 6th Jib?

    • Hey tweet this to 13elieveSG on twitter!! 🙂

  15. there isn’t full examples of translations т.т
    where are Russian and Polish т.т
    there is full examples of trans.

  16. can i noe when can we start to order?

    • Soon as the album is released… or available for pre-order!

      • oo.. bcs i scared i will be too late like the japanese opera single album

  17. where’s Siwon is he not part of 6jib? Oh it’s sad:-(

  18. Where Siwon is he not part of 6jib just like the acha promotion? ohhh it’s so sad 😦

  19. Why you do not put the Arabic version?!
    Do you know how many Arab elfs in the Middle East?!
    There are millions of them!!
    Just go to mr simple’s viewing statistics ,and you will know how many they are

    Anyway , thans sweety
    and soory for my bad english

    • Can you translate it if you are Arabic? May be Sid does not know any arabic elf

  20. si puo’ avere la versione Italiana …. ^^ grazie

  21. AGH I love how Super Junior always filled my summer vacation..they did that with Mr.Simple last year, and now 6JIB!!! :D♥


  23. Well, I think Yesasia is way to expensive. There are so many Kpop shops out there which ill count into the charts like and other eBay-Shops. Watching MVs on the SM Town chancel is quiet a chellange in Germany, because the MVs get banned here, so we just can’t watch them on their chanel -.-

  24. There are a few spelling mistakes in Polish version. Anyway, thank you for putting the inctruction in our language. Many Polish Elf will be happy about that.

  25. The amazing thing is that they will be back soon. I can’t wait. I was wondering why doesn’t everyone try to work with the korean base like on the 5th gib .. with the buying thing .. so they win more times on music shows. Plus they need to sell more than 5th jib … And i’d wish for them to do a lot better in digital sails too .. i wanna see an all kill for them. I want too much, I know but I know ELFs can do it …they are so happy when they win, when they see how much we love them and support them.
    They have tough competition this year and we have to show everyone that SJ is the Best, even when there is such competition.

    • Agree! the C-elfs are starting to organise album subs already, I think they will put in the orders in the 3rd week. I wonder why there isn’t a i-elf subscription project?? What will happen if all the i-elfs order in the first week and there is no sales for the 2nd/3rd week?? Please encourage organized buying through fanclubs and not yesasia please!!

  26. Hi Please don’t encourage Yesasia, we need organized buying like last year to ensure suju’s triple crown!! If everyone order in the first week, the 2nd and 3rd week will be very ugly. We’re heading against very tough competition this year!!

  27. Guys, this is the first time im buying an album. So does kpoptown is counted for hanteo and gaon chart? cause i heard someone who bought it from there said they can choose the cover since sj makes individual cover again. and if i buy from yesasia, does it count for the charts? cause some elfs told me to not buy from there cause before this it is not counted for the charts. is it true? quite confused here ><

    • since last november yesasia sales has been countig toward hanteo so you can buy from yesasia,dvdheaven or kpoptown…

  28. tell me the procedure to buy it from please..

    • what do you mean by procedure???

    • it’s simple, you just need to register/sign up as a member and pay through paypal or credit card. but i’m not sure wheather it is count for hanteo or gaon chart. kpoptown and dvdheaven count fohanteo chart but the price is a bit higher compared to yesasia. i’ve bought cds and dvds from those three sites, yesasia is the cheapest. but if you want to buy certain member album cover you can buy from kpoptown. hope i help you XD

  29. please help me guys =.= I need sb to explain sth to me T.T
    if I somehow can ask my teacher, who is in Korea now, to buy suju album for me, and he probably will buy it at some cd-store, will it be counted in chart???? so wondering here??? and if not, can you suggest me any stores that sell albums and it can be counted in chart later???

    (sr for my bad english)

    • make the teacher buy from KYOBO bookstore…

      • umh, as I know, my teacher lives in Suwon, Gyeonggi-do and study at Kyung hee University~ do you know any place near there to buy???

  30. this album is just so special , with the fact that sj is leading hallyu wave and really gettin more popular worldwide . i hope their comeback will be shown in grammy website and got 1st on oricon nor itunes . ELF , lets work hard together just like what sj oppadeul do in this album by download it at itunes , watchin the mv at smtown official acc , and spread the news worldwide .
    i hope they will hold ss5 in indonesia again and i really really hope i could watch it this time 🙂

  31. admin i hop you see this quickly i checked mnet at 3: 46 est time at added up the votes THEY DONT ADD UP TO 2 MILLION 8 THOUSAND THERE IS ABOUT 30,000 DIFFRANCE meaning about 30000+ people dot exist i checked twice! what is going on!? my # was 2,853,306 not 2,855,532

  32. To Admins: Super Junior ELF is currently in competition with other fans called “FAN ARMY FTW” (For the Win). It is hosed by MTV. A few ELF have already participated in the interview session. Here’s the link:
    Can you guys inform other ELF about this competition? <3~~~ 😀

  33. can u please ask ELF to vote for teuk??!! i know this is mean to kyu, but teuk is getting a lot closer to no1, and many ELF have been focusing on voting for tuek..we dont want to lose the votes..thanks:)

  34. the arabic version

    3 خطوات لتستعدي لـ البوم سوبر جونير 6 :
    1- من اين يجب ان اشتري البوم سوبر جونير 6 , اذا اردت الحصول عليه مباشرة؟

    برامج الموسيقى الكورية (مثال : ميوزك بانك ) و جوائز الموسيقى تحسب عدد المبيعات كما تعلمون هناك مخططان موسيقيان مهمان يجب ان تعرفهما :

    1- مخطط هانتيو ” و الذي ينعكس على البرامج الموسيقية “

    2- مخطط غايون ” و الذي ينعكس على جوائز نهاية السنة “

    من اجل ان تضيف بيعك الى هذه المخططات عليك ان تشتري الالبوم من هذا الموقع

    ترخيص الالبوم انه ايضا جيد

    لكن اذا حصلت على الالبوم مستورد مباشرة من كوريا , بهاذا يمكنك دعم سوبر جونير اكثر
    2- من اين احمل البوم سوبر جونير ؟

    – اولا , التحميل itunes

    هذه الايام في كوريا ,تسجيلات نجوم الكيبوب في itunes اصبحت موضوعا ساخنا

    اذا اردت ان ترى سوبر جونير يحصلون على اعلى رقم قياسي في itunes من بين المغنيين الكورين

    اذا حملوا البومهم 6 من itunes
    3- اين يجب ان اشاهد MV سوبر جونير ؟

    – ارجوكم شاهدوا الام في من قناة smtown الرسمية على اليوتيوب ؟

    من اجل تحقيق مشاهدات عالية

    اذا شاركتى في قناة سوبر جونير الرسمية هذا سوف يكون افضل

  35. Also vote for SJ here:

  36. Don’t forget Hottest Star of 20s Choice. It’s different from Mnet’s 20s Choice:

  37. what!!! suju is in 2nd place ans snsd in 1rst?! i cant believe this.. please ELF vote

  38. I think we need to come up with a tutorial on how to help with digital sales. Majority of the ELF do not know. 2NE1 is coming back as well and they have very good digital sales. Digital sales is so important for awards on Music Shows so we have to buy them on the various korean music sites!

    • soribada allows foreigners to buy mp3.. so we should make an account on soribada..for 1 month we pay 7 dollars and we can download 40 songs I guess.

  39. hey, i just got a news. it said that sone hacked mnet’s website so that the vote to sj will be count as snsd’s. open this too :
    ottoke ? ><

    • but i still dont know if it’s true or not ><

      • i also read this…. and i want to know if its possible?

    • O.M.G. !!

      • pleasee…. this is beyond stupidity… do not trust trolls….

  40. Guys.,why the rate is decreasing,?!!
    It was 29% and NOW 27%
    Please vote moooooooore 👍

  41. How the ffffff did xxxx surpass suju? >_< Suju was leading BIG just 2 days ago -.-"

  42. I think we should have TWO MASS VOTING PERIOD. Having a mass voting at 2PM KST is too late and more than half a day is already gone. We shouldn’t waste time before that. And if we mass vote at 2pm, there might be some ELF who cannot finish voting all the accounts created by 11:59pm KST. So shall we change it to 2 mass voting period?

    First one: 12:30AM KST
    Second one: 2PM KST

    We’ll vote all our accounts then create more after that!

  43. Thank you so much! This was very helpful. ;D

    On the other hand, I went to mnet to vote and Suju’s second? I am absolutely positive their percentage was around 30% and their gap was huge.

    ELF, fighting! 😀

    • The gap is huge indeed, but not to our advantage =/ I just checked 😦 33.3% to xxxx and 28% for suju.

      • I know. 😦 But we gotta stay positive. 🙂 Vote as much as we can. Everyone in that category deserves it, but not as much as Super Junior.
        ELF Fighting! 😀

  44. Why there is no Malay version of this guide… I know a lots of us understand English…but Malay version would be better since SJ is our world star…

    Anyway, can’t wait for their 6th album..<3<3<3

  45. Keep VOTE Super Junior on 2012 Mnet 20’s Choice!!!!
    The rating is always changed. And now Girls Generation on the top of 20’s Global Star!!!

  46. Hi! Are there any fansites doing a mass order this time round? I know sjworld and SPL did one last year for 5 Jib. How about 6Jib??

  47. Soribada english counts for digital scores right?

  48. Is’nt there any way to make suju win in mnet ??!!

  49. Are we positive Yesasia is still counting toward sales this year?

  50. Sujuuuu ❤

  51. every one vote 4 our boys for mnet 20s choice on this site: in 3 categories: global star(suju), variety star (leetuk) & social artist (siwon) the 1st category super junior is falling behind in the second place, lets all vote and give them this award as a preset prior to their 6JIB this year 🙂 spread the love elf 🙂 ..can`t wait till their comeback !!!

  52. Saw this, HAD to share. sExy

  53. This should really be organised as it was with the 5jib .. when K-elfs got the 1st week and so on. I wouldn’t buy from Yesasia, we should get the album from places that count on chatrs. Plus this album is special: Kangin is back, from what i know the album will come out on JULY 1st – Leeteuk’s birthday.
    Let’s make this album sell more that 5jib!!

  54. Do you know how to buy their digital from mnet, i already had soribada account, for itunes i think Japan is the only asia country that able to buy digital, i’m from malaysia btw. if you know. help me please …

  55. If we download digitally from iTunes, it won’t count towards the digital sales on the music shows (like Music Bank), right? How about encouraging people to buy from Korean music sites like Melon or Soribada so that we can help with digital sales also?

    Here’s a link to a tutorial for Soribada site:

    I know you guys had detailed tutorials before too. Maybe just re-post them or link them again so they’re at the top of your site.

    • I already got soribada membership plan since last year but just wanna make sure that soribada english site do count in Korea music charts? I quite worried cos mostly people use naver melon etc etc but it’s in Korean which I do not understand and are u guys sure that 1st July new 6th jib songs will be available at soribada??? I really need an answer? Thanks

    please vote for superjunior, leeteuk/kyuhyun, and siwon.. Superjunior n Kyuteuk are number2 . .
    I feel useless coz i cant do anything.. 100.000 votes by myself is imposible.. I dont have any internet connection @home.. I feel like crying.. Its d-3 already.. N they’re still 2nd.. T-T
    I’m excited 4 their comeback too, but it’ll b great if they can win it through their comeback..


  58. I have a question. Is this the only way to help Super junior in Digital?

  59. [E.L.F. MUST READ&SPREAD] Where and how to buy Super Junior CDs? (latest updated June 24th)

    This website tells you everything you need to know on purchase of 6JIB so that your album will count towards Hanteo and Gaon!

    SJWORLD will be doing a mass order as well (they just replied me) so let’s all buy our albums from these sites! GDA 2012! 😀

    Admins, please do a post on where to get the albums that will count towards Hanteo and Gaon~

    1. M COUNTDOWN :
    JUDGE 10
    SMS VOTE 10

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