120611 Star King Recording – BLONDE Leeteuk [1P]

June 11, 2012 at 2:57 pm | Posted in Leeteuk, Pictures/Videos, Wonderboys | 36 Comments

Credit: @jks0730
Reupload & Posted by: Destinyhae (



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  1. aaahhhh!!! is it for 6 jib?? is it? is it? is it? so excited!!!!!

  2. Shindong and Teuk are blonde. Don’t say they would go all blonde for 6th jib.

    • oh god no, please just don’t even think about it

      • I don’t think they will, as stingy as they are, SM will not choose that kind of concept.

    • Yesung is red haired now so not all of them will be blonde 😀
      BAP 2.0 wont happen XD

      • BAP 2.0!! xDDDDD I was thinking about them when i saw the picture! xDD

      • Well, who knows, Teuk was brunette back in SMTown Taiwan, now he’s blonde. But i don’t think they will be all blonde anyway, it’s too silly.

    • Even Sungmin’s thinking of going blonde. xD

      • Minnie is blonde already!!!! COOOL!!!!

  3. OMONA he fits him the most i wanna see mani mani mani pix kyaa >,< !!

  4. I like blonde teukie so much. It’s look like bonamana days ^^

  5. OMG YES !!!!! O____O
    few of his best hairstyles were during Don’t Don & Bonamana, both blonde :3

  6. Wow, just like somebody already mentioned: Hangeng, Sungmin (is thinking about it), and now Teukie have all gone blond, now Kyu remains and it will be Don’t Don all over again LOL But it’s fine if Kyu doesn’t, I prefer him darker 🙂 Ahh, if only Siwon would go back to those looks, his present hairstyle really irritates and bores me already :(((

    • agree ^^.. i want to see siwon changes his hair too.. it’s been quite long since he had his present hairstyle now..
      and i also prefer kyu in dark colours.. 🙂

      • i would LOVVE it if they kept their hair longer. Siwon from Super Girl era was amazing. but Teuk looks great, a nice change after the bronze

  7. Wow, as someone already said: First Hangeng, Sungmin (wants to), and now Teukie have gone blonde, only Kyu remains and it will be Don’t Don all over again LOL But it’s fine if Kyu doesn’t, I prefer him darker 🙂 Ahh, if only Siwon would go back to that style, his current hairstyle really irritates and bores me already :(((

    • Oops, so sorry for the repeat post, had browser problems. I s there any way to delete this one?

  8. Oh! I can’t believe it!!! Oppa ~ you’ re blonde!! *o*

  9. yesung’s red, teukie’s blonde,shindong’s blonde too (??), ming already think to be blonde too (which i prefer he does,cz he looks hot on the pics ^^).. i think hyuk wont go blonde again since he’s already had it for mr.simple,and i prefer him in darker colours.. well lets just see how about the others..
    aaarrghh..i can’t wait for 6th jib !!! >o<

  10. Leeteuk,Shindong and Sungmin for BLONDE… Yesung for RED… OMG give me back my Hyukkie with the HOT RED hair as well!

    warming up my wallet and card for 6thJIB 😀

    • hell yeah red hot hyukjae 😀

    • yeah yeah I agree ..

  11. ^^ Looks Nice!

  12. how come that person look like Key of Shinee to me 0.0

  13. i hope Ryeowook will cut his hair like during Sorry Sorry, a net and fresh cut !
    and for God sake : Cho Kyuhyun just cut your hair !! please TT

  14. OMG Almost all of the boys are going blond O.o Maybe they see how fans love Hyuk’s blond soo much, and now they’re doing it too XD..I just hope Kyu cut his hair cuz its becoming like Taemin’s mushroom hair which looks weird -_-

  15. He looks so angelic!!! 🙂

  16. that’s leeteuk? i saw the picture before but i dind’t recognize him xD i only saw jaebum and someone from a boyband xD

  17. I actually just screamed when I saw that picture~! OMFG, I need a better picture to decide whether I like it or not.

  18. My brain can’t even process this…6jib hurry hurry come to us (in August I mean) 😀

  19. really teukie? kyaaaaa~ i love him more >.<

  20. I want a close-up. 😀 Also, I’d like Sungmin to try out being blonde again, I want Hyukkie’s red hair (if not, his current hair looks nice too) and I want Donghae’s orange hair from the Skip Beat days! xD Also, Kyu should really cut his hair. He looks good with shorter hair such as in 4jib and the Perfection era.

  21. teukkie looks good in blonde. sungmin should go for blonde and that hairstyles ( i waited long enough to see him like don’t don hair colour. yeah eunhyuk should go for red. cannot wait for 6th album.

  22. Omfg!! Along with the new hair color, Shindong lost so much weight and Yesung even moved back to the dorms! Now Leeteuk’s new hair! Their comeback and 6th album are probably not too far from now! So excited, too excited!!!! And I agree with everyone on Eunhyuk’s red hair… so damn sexy!

    • why did Yesung left the dorm?

  23. teukie oppa your hair so good i like it….
    but nae saeng really like you

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