SMTownTW Super Junior Introduction Transcript – From 120609

June 10, 2012 at 1:15 pm | Posted in English Subbed, Events/Concerts/Perfs., Wonderboys | 12 Comments

120608-10 SMTOWN Taiwan with SJ – Compilation

Thanks to Moon (siohappy)  
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  1. the oldest 2 are the craziest “have u done plastic surgery?” and ur chinese is good to Mimi somebody stop yesung .. i’m laughing so hard thanks for the translation… and this is just another prove that ryeowook is turning evil gradually ^^ thought it’s better than the old silent ryeowook ^^

  2. There’s nothing there when I look at it.

    • there is a pic with the transcript on it

    • Can’t see anything either~when clicking the blank square, access denied ToT

      • weird it’s appearing to me .. ok do u see thanks to Moon at the top click on it to go to her twitter then look for the transcript in her tweets u’ll find 2 pics

  3. O.o..i can’t see the text..or its my lappy..><

  4. can’t see anything? what happen to me.

  5. Thank you! Good to know that SJ-M members haven’t forgotten their catch phrases:
    Eunhyuk: Chinese is as easy as eating rice!
    Donghae: Lovely babies!
    Kyu: You’re now watching Kyuhyun!
    LOOOL I miss SJ-M! I hope they’ll be back soon :))

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