120609 Donghae at Incheon Airport (to Taiwan) | Part 5 [7P]

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120608-10 SMTOWN Taiwan with SJ – Compilation

转载请注明:海世代  www.onlyhae.com


Reupload & Posted by: Destinyhae  (www.sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)


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  1. Cute sleepy hae ^^

  2. my super cute love you baby love youuuu

  3. ya kye klmt 7gah gleeela alyk~<3

  4. hello babe will you marry me i love you hae

  5. 5 year old precious baby is sleepy xD

  6. kyakyakya so adorable so eatable i wanna eat him kyakya >< *spazz*

  7. I didn’t particulary liked Hae..im in love with my Kyu..but gotta say after what his words on the show about lending the money..such a sweet man actually exist..and how cute he looks here..<3 ❤

    – we arrived..
    Hae: (sleepy)..huh??…ok

    end up looking totally cool and handsome..don't know how he does it..hehe

    • omg! same with me. i don’t really like donghae compared to other members but after watched the prank call, i am totally in love because of his sincere words. 🙂

    • If you’re a Kyu fan, you should totally watch this video of Kyu and Hae. Kyu really loves his Hae hyung, he always has something nice to say about Hae:

      in SJ Foresight, Kyu chose Hae as his most loyal Suju member. He said Hae was the member that genuinely cries for Suju members and that his tears are beautiful ^^:

      • hehehe i already watched them but thank!..Kyu is always saying Hae is like a perfect manga boy character 😛

  8. Donghae oppa, maybe ur tired and need some rest, take care always coz i’m worrying about you always. : )

  9. OMG He is sooo adorable..and all he did was being sleepy XD<3

  10. Vote for Super Junior here

    *click vote again till you cannot vote/have no points anymore

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