SBS ‘Strong Heart’ – Leeteuk & Eunhyuk Cuts [ENG SUB] – From 120605

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with Infinite’s Sungkyu ~~

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  1. So it really Eunhyuk and Leeteuk who fights? I’m glad it’s over already and didn’t last longer… They are a group with so many members so it’s no surprise if they fight occasionally. But don’t fight too much, it is quite hurtful. But I notice it’s always EunTeuk who fights, wondering why?

    • Maybe because they were so close to each other that they can just say anything without regrets..

    • I know Donghae has fought with Heechul, Kangin, etc. They’ve all told stories of quarreling with each other and things like that. I agree it’s not a surprise. It’s a group of 9 to 13 guys (depending when) and there’s no way everyday they get along lol but from Leeteuk and Eunhyuk’s recount of that day, it seems like it was Leeteuk scolding the Suju members, which involved Eunhyuk and possible Donghae, Shindong … Yesung maybe?

      seriously though, they are pros, watching that episode, you really couldn’t tell at all they had quarreled. but rewatching it now in hindsight, everything makes sense now.

      So the boys do fight over popularity. Even though they smile about it and put a brave face forward, when talkshow hosts overlook them for another member that’s more popular, it does create unintentional conflict and does hurt the boys. But it’s good they do fight and forgive. Makes a team stronger. Hopefully they won’t fight over the popularity thing too much.

      • Yeah, I just rewatched the Dream Team again and it all became crystal clear to me, they really did have a fight. I hope they didn’t involve in any huge fights in the future anymore, maybe a small fight can’t be avoid. And makes their bond tighter than before.

        • what episode is that?

        • i just rewatched and.. hmm i didn’t feel any crystal clear thing? they looked so well smile-ing laughing playing tgt~ they’re really “pro” artistsss <33

          • Maybe because I found out the truth I can see some awkwardness between Hyuk and other members. But they are so professionals you know! 😀

            • yaya really professional x) hope they don’t fight agn ><

  2. LOL~~ Aren’t they just the best team in the world??! Gosh, I love them. They quarrel in Inki and everything got resolved by night time at dream team… I love my childish SJ. Hahahha…

    Conflicts is inevitable, especially when SJ is such a big group. I mean I even quarrel with my parents and fight with my siblings but obviously everything will somehow be resolved. It’s obvious SJ members love & care for one another, so there’s nothing to worry about.

    And the flipping table is about another incident. Hope they will talk about that another time.. LOL~ I’m curious.

    • Oh Oh.. and I must definitely add.. Never go much into Infinite but after watching this, I think Sungkyu’s really funny!!!


  3. so when the dream team rcording they still not good in terms!! oh my..i did not that at all!

  4. They are very close!!! I only fight with my closest friends, people I do not care about I never get into fights with. To be able to express yourself and fight with someone means you have trust that they will still be your friend afterwards! Only very close friends have that confidence!

    • agree with you.
      same as with family, because it’s your family so you can easily fight each other but other wise you can get more closer and know each other..
      fight sometimes not always a bad things, there will be a good things after that..
      but don’t do it often or too much hehehehe..
      I just really love and admire SJ’s relationship 🙂

    • I agree too, I can’t really be my real self except with close people to me, I fight with my sisters and best friends but after sometime we forget about these fights and we get closer.
      I’m glad to know they are not holding it in, if they are then they’d be awkward with each other.
      Shinhwa said that they fought before and look at them now, they are still together.

      • Yes, it is very good they do not hold it in 😀 SJ will be around as long as Shinhwa :D!!!

  5. Eunhyuk and Leeteuk are overrated.

    • and u have a lot of empty time in ur hand to be honest

    • do you mean exaggerated or overrated?

      • just ignore her there are few ppl whom get into different topics in this site and comment this member (his name) is overrated more than once to start a fan war totally ppl whom have a plenty time in hand

    • You came to the wrong neighborhood.

    • the fuck..haters love SuJu so much that they even come to SJ’s fansite?? -_-

  6. hey~ brothers or sisters always fight :3

  7. maybe eunteuk quarrels more bc they are together a lot. btu there are many stories of each boy getting into it with each other. :p arguments, shouting matches, and even actual fights (esp with boys) are common. the biggest concern is the emotional toll but def looks like SJ has found the method of resolution for them. Longevity isnt easy 🙂 Love these boys and how open they can be. Now just wondering what Teuk scolded them abt…the world may never know lol

    • Yeah, EunTeuk probably quarrel more since they film together so much, it’s bound to happen. And especially during a comeback, they’re all stressed out so anything minor can become a big issue.

      It’s not shocking at all, agreed that boys fight, shout, argue etc. Just like girls, we all have our moments, but I like that they’re able to forgive quickly. They’ve been through a lot and it’d be silly if they couldn’t get over a fight and forgive.

      I’m wondering what Teuk scolded them for too. I’m gonna guess that maybe he felt some members weren’t working hard enough or complaining too much or taking things for granted? Seems like the only reasons he would scold them after an Inkigayo win, usually that should be something to celebrate about, but he must have been unhappy about their reactions or something. Maybe he felt some of the members weren’t appreciative of the win enough, like it was something of the norm now, so no need to thank the fans or smile for the cameras. I’m only conjecturing, but I’m guessing those could be the reasons he scolded them.

  8. They might get jealous over eunhyuk and leeteuk’s constant appearances on shows. The other members might feel left out and they eventually sometimes fight.

    • dont you read the above ? hyuk and teuk was fight because teuk scold the members or something. it’s not that others members jealous because they felt left out whatsover…dont make any prediction that wasnt exist.

  9. hmm.. i wonder is it cos of this episode of Inkigayo.. where hyuk was seen down even though they won 1st place:

    Does the date coincide with that particular episode of dream team? anyone knows?

    • Yep, it’s that week of Inkigayo. Most of the fans thought it was a quarrel between Hyuk and Kyu, we didn’t notice that it was between Hyuk and Teuk. Anyways, as long as it’s all resolved now 🙂

      • don’t think it was between Teuk and Hyuk, I think Teuk just scolded the members for doing something wrong and Hyuk was probably shocked. ^^

  10. kkk yeah.. i remember hyukkie’s face, almost cried in the interview talking about members after he succeed making the record and teukie hugged him praising him.
    🙂 one of the reason i love Super Junior, because of them and also their struggles, i became close again with my brother.

    • that’s a good thing u get out of ppl u never met ^^ .. yesterday i was rewatching sukira final broadcast and there was a segment where the listeners recorded messages for eunteuk telling them how the broadcast give them strenght for the past 5 years u could see how happy they were to be the energy source for ppl they didn’t met .. this is what life is all about ^^

  11. Now that they explained the Dream Team episode it does have a real-life Drama moment 🙂 First they were doing real bad, with apparently bad teamwork, losing (turns out because of a fight), than everything gets this dramatic turn-about with Hyukie’s happy ending win and emotional teamwork speech 🙂 At that time I even thought that they must’ve planned to do this, like a Rocky movie script or smth LOL but it turns out everything was more than real!
    WOW If they show so much of their real life situations in the shows and award speeches, than I must watch everything more carefully, maybe I’ll catch something else 🙂

    • u know with sj there is always something like this .. in SS4 Taiwan the last day for u & I they picked 2 girls from the audience one was kyu fan& the other wook fan but later on siwon said he want to pick a girl from the audience also she was holding a siwon board but teuk notice that on the other face of the board there was hyuk face (she is fan of both ) so in a second the whole thing change into a battle between hyuk and won .. if this was a tv show i would’ve said that it is 100% scripted but since it’s sj & during a live concert i could just tell u how much they actually get into crazy situations and in the end the girl choose hyuk btw .. but the whole situation was fun especially yesung whom couldn’t stop laughing ^^

      • ok.. your story makes me wanna see it..esp the laughing yesung..

        • how come u didn’t see that fancam it was so hilariuos here is the link i mean at first they told the girl to hug whom she likes more but u know sj they are trolls so both yesung hug siwon and sungmin hug eunhyuk (eunhyuk was so happy he thought the girl choose him ) then again they told the girl this time toback hug her favorite and she hugged hyuk and they were all laughing at siwon especially yesung whom couldn’t stop u could also see that siwon pushed him and he nearly fell down (lol) this was a precious event so much fun ^^

          • THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH FOR THE LINK.. really appreciate it..
            i didnt expect you would replay me..
            thank you thank you..
            from the title of the vid, i think i skip the fancam coz i thought they would just talking (i dont understand chinese nor korean)

            • u’r welcome even without knowing both languages u could get what happened^^

              • I enjoy reading comments from fans because you guys bring more interesting videos to my attention! I can translate the Chinese part if you are interested in what they are saying… I can’t understand Korean though.

  12. Leeteuk said, he scolded the members and Hyukjae got involved. Maybe Hyukjae was just trying to defend or explain himself or the members then they got into argument and Hyukjae, being Hyukjae, he might be overthinking the argument.

  13. OMG! I forgot too…wasn’t this the dream team ep where like Ye, Ming, and Ye got hurt??! maybe bc they just couldn’t concentrate clearly 😦

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