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  1. SO LUCKY!!!
    I want to see them too!!
    aawww…..hae must be so tired, he always wave to the fans
    i can’t wait for their comeback!

  2. kyuhyun so nice always wave and smile to the fans 🙂

  3. who’s car is that? kekeke… u should blur the plate number 🙂

  4. Thank you so much for sharing your experience. Seeing them all so close, you lucky girl! 😀 It’s sad and a bit rude of Yesung that he was concentrated only on his cellphone 😦

    • there are millions of times when he waved to fans .. it’s a bit sad that ppl focus on the very few times when he was busy with other things , i know the girl was waiting for a long time but still he could be excused at least for once

      • there is no way to edit my previous comment so i’ll just double comment , i didn’t mean u in particular i was speaking in general there are a lot of ppl on whom stalk fans 24\7 waiting for the moment when the idol doesn’t wave .. etc they capture it & upload it and then talk about how he/she has no manner or taking fans for granted and i found that a bit sad since they don’t remember all the other times he did wave .. hope u weren’t hurt by my words because that is not my intention i was speaking in general ^^

    • i think the term RUDE for yesung that time is to harsh…he definitely came out look at the fans and show his face.. i mean RUDE doing very nasty thing or saying nasty words..neither of that yesung did not do anything.. SJ is also human.. maybe his not in the mood to wave or smile.. but yesung is definitely not smiling always unlike other sj who are palyful..

    • Lol, don’t think too much, Yesung’s way to show that he cares about his fans is to stare at them..he said something like this during Happy Together..that’s why he’s chucky! Somemore this is his usual self even on variety shows. And I think he is feeling down, remember his tweet?

    • why in the world does people feel obliged that SJ have to wave to all fans? wtf…

      • Yesung’s been moody lately, and Im sure those who follow his twitter would understand. Besides, how can we forget all the times he intiiated waves and such? Like at SMTOWNLA 2012? He was the first to walk away from the SM crowd and BOWED to each side. Does that not say anything about how much he appreciates his fans? Each member has off days, and we should be worried about that instead of if he waves or not :/

      • i know, right. people has feelings, be it shy or lazy. from the entire story, Yesung wasn’t in the mood, not to mention perhaps he had some urgent business going on. and so it’s a legitimate reason to bash him and call him rude. yeah. /sarcasm. this girl was too much with her diction.

    • WHATAFUQ are u saying… you should read his twitter, he’s currently sad.. he might texting to his friend to relive his pressure… i can’t believe that there is still a stupid ELF like you, being delusional, thinking that a person can be sad and happy at the same time… come on, he’s sad and you’re expecting much he’ll be waving and smiling? its a bad time!! come on!!!

      • u could have clarified ur point without calling her stupid … let’s calm down ^^

        • C´mon ELF!
          there’s no point to fight 🙂 ~~ breath deeply and calm down.

    • @Sylwia I can see that you’re a cloud, next time please be careful with your comments; Yesung is unique in his way of expressing himself. This comment was pretty offending to long-time clouds who have been with him for a long time.

    • i was so sure this kind of comment about Yesung will show up when i read this fanacc. but you are too much to call him rude. so many elfs are always trying to find his mistake everywhere, i understand. you are no different.

      yesung is a very shy person, i know this and he’s kinda uncomfortable of attention offstage. onstage he never shy to be an attention whore (you name it) but irl he’s a shy boy and people say he’s awkward with girls unless he knows them for some moment. i notice he rarely waved to fans. he is shy and you can read it from his body language (slightly bowed head, sometimes his stare were fixed to the ground, his facial expression says everything to me). i think sometimes he looked like he wanna be vanished from earth to escape fangirls’ stare. that’s why he needs some distraction like his music (headset), his phone, or other member to walk together and talk with.

      he only concentrated on his phone perhaps because he was communicating with an important person. i’m sure he has some life outside of Suju and he has his individual activities too. it’s his everyday life too to see fans, do you HAVE to expect him waving everytime? do you ever notice when he waved to the fans? has it ever crossed your mind that he probably just not in the mood? he is really moody and all his feelings are always painted all over his face, and this fanacc writer already tell that Yesung wasn’t on the mood. you just know this time he didn’t wave and you call him RUDE. urgh. you are so, so shallow.

      perhaps you (and his bashers) need more time to understand him. i judge you hard because you judge Yesung as rude only because he’s focusing on his phone with some reason you won’t ever know. be careful with your words next time. calling someone RUDE can be considered as BASHING. you’re lucky not so many Clouds here were heated up by your comment to say some harsh things to you.

  5. oh I want to be there!

  6. Hae oppa fighting!! You must be really tired T___T
    Super Junior…fighting!!! Can’t wait for 6jib!

  7. “no engrishie understandie”

    • yeah that was hilarious ^^

      • Hahahahaha! yes!! xDD
        i read the same part like 3 times.. LOL

    • yeah..haha reading those words made me remember one of the episode of the cartoon Adventure Time when they found someone who don’t know how to talk..i remember “her” saying something like that too kekeke

    • yeah, not so funny. It’s not the world’s job to speak english for her convenience

  8. Waaah !! You really2 lucky, so envy with you *.*

  9. Thank you so much for sharing!

  10. Hyukjae and Choco…asdfuhasdiuhfusahdiughadfiuhguadh
    ALL THE CUTENESS. T________________T
    I WANT TO SEE HYUKIE PLAYING WITH CHOCO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    *crazy fangirl getting crazy here*

  11. HYUKJAE AND CHOCO i love them like forever!!! glad to know hyuk bring along choco nowadays~~ ^^
    omgggg hyukjae, choco.. cant get enough of them!!!!!

  12. Did you literally just go to Korea to hang out at SM, or are you there for a holiday or something???

  13. Omg!!!how lucky you are???
    i want to see them too,esp yesung oppa..kiss,hug him
    You make me envy><

  14. OMG I’m gonna cry, you’re so lucky!! To see them all without even planning! And the fact that Kangin is working with the others already *sniff* Thank you for taking time and writing this for us! :))

  15. my dream : to be able to see SUJU once especially Ryeowook and Kyuhyun (Kyuwook^^) ! this girl is so lucky !!!

  16. Can’t wait for the Raccoon’s come back. I hope they will do Strong Heart special Super Junior EP again and KangIn will talk about his experience of those 2 years being apart, then his incident and probably he will tease Hyukjae again, just like the old times.
    And Yesung is kinda moody lately, so yeah …

    Looks like Yesung and esp Donghae are really tired..they usually wave to fans! And guess Kyuhyun are really in a good mood..Leeteuk waving to fans are like an everyday thing X) He’s the sweetest ever 3<

  18. Eunhyuk and Leeteuk were chasing Choco. I could just imagine that. xD

  19. So lucky of you that once in your life you saw SJ…and aside from that huh, Kyuhyun (if i didn’t misunderstood it) went to apologize to you personally….haha…and yeah..if i’m in your position that time..haha i would just dumbly look at the way..are you a PH ELF? Me too. hope to meeet you there in s.korea if i’m God wills me to continue my studies there ^^

  20. Yes so lucky! I never have the guts to just sit around and wait (aka stake out) SJ. :p Like in LA and NY…I was down the street to their hotel but huhu was too shy to go. I did get pics of them at NY tho ^^

    • haha agree! i feel i’m going to be like that too if that happens to me…just Donghae’s big picture at the Bench mom said “go and have a picture with him”…I was too shy to do the shot even though it’s only his poster…so i think i’ll be shy more if he’s the real deal..haha >.<

  21. I must going to SMTown building too someday !!
    Leeteuk the best leader in the world, he’s so kind to fans..
    I also shipper HyukCho ! Choco very lucky have owner like Hyukjae~
    He treat choco very very nice >,<
    Sadly Siwon no there, it will be perfect if he also there with others.
    Kyuhyun chubby cheek sosososososososo cute !!
    his pale skin make me eny~

  22. The OL.OP.DEM made my day.. LOOOOOOOOOOOLLL

  23. This is the best Fan Account ever, i couldn’t stop laughing.
    made my day.

  24. i love the way you report this. Dunno why, but it’s keep filming in my head…Nice report v(^_^)

  25. 66hoho… nice experience….thank you for sharing…. a lucky fans…and about yesung oppa…i can understand^^…super junior members so kind to ELF,…

  26. i want to sm building too….or kona beans….. anybody want to kick me to there? ?

  27. ommg! “al op dem no shi won” xD
    you’r too stick to the rule laaa should take some pics ><
    damnn envy you, i hope i saw them tooo someone giv an airplane to seoul xD

  28. If I were you, i’ll let myself hit by Kyuhyun’s car.. kkkkkkkk

    • hahah,this really made my day xD

    • After u got hit,kyu sees ur leg got hurt and cover it w/ his scarf.then he will take u quickly to the hospital. There u both exchange ur business card.and the next few days,u go to the dorm to return the scarf,and luckily he is home… #^_^#. (Keep playing ur imagination !)

  29. How do you get to the SMtown building? Is there a detailed map somewhere? Link?

  30. I want to bite and probably nibble on Kyubb too 😀 XD
    You’re really lucky to have seen them all (well except for Siwon) 🙂

  31. asdfghjkl what a lucky fan 😦
    not like me, live in other country with sj, make me envy with korean elf. fufufufufu poor meee T.T

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