120525 ‘I AM’ Movie with Super Junior [FULL/ENG SUB]

May 25, 2012 at 7:24 am | Posted in Drama/Film/TV/CFs, English Subbed, Pictures/Videos, Wonderboys | 15 Comments

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120523 ‘I AM’ Movie – Super Junior Cuts [ENG SUB]

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  1. for some reason i don’t want to see this movie via fancam cause i wish to watch this in the big screen. so i am hardly restraining myself from click the start button. 🙂

  2. it won’t be screened in my country so i’ve watched and i have to say that the rumor about sj having so little cuts is not entirely true i mean kangta and Boa had the least cuts as far as i’ve seen

    • because they are solo!

  3. aah..the first sulky sungmin scene is not included here..its so funny..this is not full or is it different from my country? i wonder why…

    • HUH?! Really? Wah, I want to see the full version 😦

      • Yes..i remember it clearly..just like the director said, the very first scene is sulky sungmin when being kinda scolded by the trainer noona because he didn’t wanna be recorded..then throughout the movie, 2 or 3 continuation clips are inserted with the noona kept persuading him..then in the end, during the credit, you can see him dancing with the same outfit as in the sulky scenes it means he finally did what the noona said 😀

        And i remember i watched it for about 2 hours 20’s only 1 hour and 56 minutes the person missed recording it or this country’s version is cut short..ji ust watched the 23 first minutes of the vid, i dunno what else is missing.. :)) i hope they don’t cut it short like that..

        • Thank you for explaining! 🙂 Now I’ll be on a lookout for a longer version 🙂
          Now that you mention Sungmin, I remembered the director’s words from the showcase about how he thought that Sungmin was kind of like the main character of the movie and how his story develops towards the happy end.

          P.S. I was really disappointed in SM by the DBSK segment. They went out of their way to omit any shot of JYJ, they didn’t even show their debut performance because of that (they showed every other group’s). But I’m still grateful that we got like a half-second shot of Hangeng, I was afraid we wouldn’t even be getting that 😉

  4. SM training facility left a bit of a scary impression on me. It looked like one of those facilities in the movies, with iron walls and cold-blooded teachers…

  5. this movie will show in HK and hope DVD will be issued afterwards. Then, we can keep on watching.


  7. ok..since this movie might not be premiered in my country….THANK YOU SOOO MUCH TO WHOEVER UPLOADED THE FANCAM!!! ^_^ 🙂

  8. damn it it got removed 😦
    anyone got another link where i can watch it?

  9. omaigat,,it got removed 😦
    i’m late,,anyone get another link??please give me another link 🙂

  10. how could you remove it……TT.TT

  11. someone give us another link :/

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